The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 559

Chapter 559: Long Lost Parents

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The crowd could not help laughing at the plates that gradually accumulated as high as a hill in front of those two. These two people were even stronger at eating that their usual fighting capacity!
“All of you are truly capable of eating! My shop’s inventories have all been eaten by the lot of you.” The shopkeeper had been dumbstruck since they began eating.
It had been a few years since they last met, and Tang Wulin had grown a lot. However, this young man was still recognizable through his appetite.
“Hmm, I’m eighty percent full now!” Tang Wulin exclaimed satisfactorily.
Xu Lizhi raised his head as Ye Xinglan picked up a tissue and wiped his mouth. “I’m actually already full, but I wanted to try and see how far apart our appetites are.”
Tang Wulin spoke unpleasantly, “Then aren’t you wasting food there? You might as well leave it for me.”
“Settle the bill then. The total is sixteen thousand four hundred and thirty federation coins. I’ll only charge you sixteen thousand,” the shopkeeper walked to Wu Zhangkong and spoke.
There was only one adult amongst this group of ten people. Elder Cai appeared old while the rest were children.
Wu Zhangkong looked towards Tang Wulin but he was currently looking to the sky. It was as if he could see through the ceiling to tell that the weather was good.
“I’ll pay the bill.” Wu Zhangkong settled the bill.
Tang Wulin leaped up immediately. “Long live Teacher Wu! Why did you settle the bill, I’ve already said that I’d be treating them to a meal! I’m still considered half a host after all.”
“Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, do you understand that?” Wu Zhangkong darted him a cold gaze carrying a dash of hidden bitterness.
“Let’s go.” Elder Cai stood up. They had just arrived at the Skysea City earlier just in time for a meal before they were guided to this place by Tang Wulin. The meal was truly costly but money was nothing to a Title Douluo like her.
The federation announced the assembly point this time around to be at the Grand Skysea Hotel.
The Star Luo Continent diplomatic corps would be gathering here before they depart from Skysea Port by boat. There was a ship which they used to travel here. This time around, the Douluo Continent would be sending a ship to tag along on the trip. This was for the convenience of receiving Tang Wulin’s group that represented the Douluo Continent in the exchange program after a year.
The Grand Skysea Hotel was the most luxurious hotel in Skysea City.
The group of people traveled by car and soon arrived at their destination. Not every city was as large as Douluo Continent after all.
Wu Zhangkong was in charge of handling the procedures. Shrek Academy received first-class service wherever they went so the check-in process was completed rather quickly. Wu Zhangkong and Elder Cai had their own single rooms, while the students were paired up and each shared a room. Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, Xu Lizhi, and Yue Zhengyu were each paired in their respective rooms while Yuanen Yehui, Ye Xinglan, Gu Yue, and Xu Xiaoyan were assigned to their rooms as well.
“Everyone get some rest. Later, you’ll be free to explore the place but you must return before it gets dark,” Wu Zhangkong urged them repeatedly.
Tang Wulin was still worried about Elder Cai targetting them but she seemed to be rather easy going right now. She did not speak much during the entire journey, and everything related to the trip was arranged by Wu Zhangkong. This made Wu Zhangkong heave a sigh of relief. She was a Title Douluo after all. They were all be safe and sound under her leadership as long as her fury was not directed at them.
“What are we having for dinner?” Tang Wulin asked his companions before he returned to his room.
Elder Cai who was walking at the front clearly turned rigid for a moment before she sped up. She could not help laughing in spite of himself. ‘Didn’t he just have his meal? This young man is truly a foodie.’
The Grand Skysea Hotel’s room was impressive. A standard twin room was at least sixty to seventy square meters, and the room directly faced the great sea when the curtains were opened.
One could not help feel their horizons broaden when they saw the ocean right outside the windows.
Tang Wulin had been growing up in a city by the ocean ever since he was a child, and he had formed an invisible yet intimate relationship with the great sea.
However, when he looked at the ocean at this moment, the sight of his father and mother bringing him and Na’er to play at the seaside when he was younger came to him in his mind.
‘Father, mother, where are you? Why haven’t you contacted me after such a long time.’
Tang Wulin’s heart was suddenly filled with impulsiveness when he thought of this. He fished out his soul communicator and dialed a number.
The call was connected but it rang for a long while before a low voice echoed from the other end.
“Teacher Mang Tian,” Tang Wulin called out.
“Wulin, it’s you! How’s everything? Is everything fine at the academy?” Mang Tian’s voice sounded much gentler compared to when he was still teaching Tang Wulin in the past.
Tang Wulin answered, “Everything is going pretty smoothly. Teacher, how’re you doing?”
Mang Tian replied, “Not that different from the past, I’m alright.”
Ever since Tang Wulin formally acknowledged Mang Tian as his teacher, he had not guided him much any longer. In reality, Tang Wulin had even already exceeded him in his blacksmithing skills. However, he who taught a student for one day was his father for life. Tang Wulin had never stopped respecting him even for a moment.
“Teacher…” Tang Wulin paused for a moment. He was feeling slightly terrified in his heart for some unknown reason. He was especially hoping that he could receive some news about his parents but he was afraid that it would be bad news.
“They haven’t contacted me as usual.” It was apparent that Mang Tian was aware of what he was about to ask.
Tang Wulin’s expression dulled as he heaved a gentle sigh. “It has been so long and I still don’t know where father and mother are at. Teacher Mang Tian, they’re going to be fine, right?”
Mang Tian assured with certainty, “They’re definitely going to be fine. Your father’s message back then was already very clear. They’re very valuable to the people who captured them. They won’t be in too much danger since they’re useful. You needn’t worry too much either. You’re already doing a good job right now. Just continue walking down the path according to your father’s words. I believe it’s possible that you’ll be able to find him when you can successfully graduate from Shrek Academy.”
“Okay,” Tang Wulin responded.
Yes, he could look for his father and mother only after he ensured that he was sufficiently strong and powerful to return to their side.
His heart had always been with them no matter where they were.
He hung up the call. Tang Wulin’s slightly fatigued heart was reenergized. He knew he had to work hard so he could look for his father and mother. His father once said that the only person he could completely depend on and trust in this world was himself. As long as he was strong enough, he could definitely find them. He would contribute more to the Tang Sect so he could lend from the sect’s strength at that time. Did the Branchmaster not mention that? The Tang Sect was similarly influential despite being continents apart.
“Still no news about your parents, huh?” Xie Xie’s voice echoed from his back.
Tang Wulin shook his head gently. “Still nothing. We’re going to leave for a year. I hope there’s good news waiting for me when we return.”
Xie Xie replied, “Definitely. Perhaps at that time, your father and mother are already waiting for you at home.”
“Thank you for your kind words.” Tang Wulim smiled before returning to his bed. He sat on his bed and started meditating.
Tang Wulin spent most of the following few days cultivating in the hotel. He would need to exceed rank-40 regardless. He would certainly be able to thoroughly remold himself when he achieved rank-40.
He was not too concerned about the Golden Dragon King’s seals. He had already broken through the fourth seal. According to Old Tang’s words, he would not be in any danger as long as his body remained trouble-free for the next two years. Of course, there were certain things that he could still prepare beforehand.
Tang Wulin once asked Old Tang if his strength and endurance would become stronger if he were to own battle armor?
Old Tang could not confirm since he did not understand battle armor that well.
Tang Wulin received news that everyone had already arrived after three full days. The Star Luo Continent’s delegation was about to embark on the return journey to Star Luo Continent.
The Grand Skysea Hotel was overcrowded with people.