The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 560

Chapter 560: Meeting Lin Yuhan Again

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The number of people in Star Luo Continent’s delegation exceeded the sum of the others who came to Douluo Continent earlier by a thousand people. These were elites from different professions. However, there were also others who were merely returning to Douluo Continent to visit and although the Grand Skysea Hotel’s lobby was rather spacious, it was currently filled with people.
The group from Shrek Academy stood in a corner as they waited quietly. The person-in-charge from the federation who made the arrangements had already paid a visit to Elder Cai.
Elder Cai regained her usual cold and indifferent attitude and did not communicate much, except for informing the other party that Shrek Academy was fully prepared and could depart at any moment.
Tang Wulin stood in the corner as his gaze swept toward the direction of the Star Luo Continent’s delegation.
The people from Star Luo Continent seemed quite similar to people from Douluo Continent. Only their attires differed as the former was simpler and less sophisticated. However, they were equally powerful.
All of a sudden, Tang Wulin’s eyes brightened as he saw a familiar figure. Perhaps, that person sensed his gaze or maybe, it was just luck as the person turned around to conveniently meet his gaze.
Lin Yuhan was obviously stunned when she saw Tang Wulin. Her gaze revealed her astonishment before she waved her hand in Tang Wulin’s direction.
Tang Wulin smiled at her and nodded in greeting.
A proud voice echoed from the side of his ears, “Look! Look at the little beauty over there, quickly! She’s waving at me huh… This is a world that relies on beauty after all! Can’t help it when one is this attractive.”
Yue Zhengyu flicked his long golden hair he shot her an attractive smile with his handsome face.
Xie Xie pouted his lips. “Would it kill you to not brag for a day?”
Yue Zhengyu spoke calmly, “Ordinary people like you will never understand the world we handsome people live in. Look, she’s coming over now. How is she? She looks rather pretty, right? She looks like she’s from Star Luo Empire… I’m feeling a sudden interest in the exchange program now. It’d be great to experience an exotic taste.”
He straightened his body as he spoke before smoothing out his clothes as he walked up to her with his head raised.
Yu Zhengyu was already over sixteen years old and was the oldest in the group along with Yuanen Yehui. Perhaps, he was this handsome due to the influence of his Holy Angel martial soul that filled his entire body with the splendor of sunlight.
Only Tang Wulin could match up to his looks in their group.
“Nice to meet you.” Yue Zhengyu walked over as he smiled gently toward Lin Yuhan, revealing a mouthful of pearly whites.
Lin Yuhan took a suspicious glance at him. “I don’t know you.”
Lin Yuhan had already walked past Yue Zhengyu while he stared blankly at her and arrived before Tang Wulin as her charming face blushed scarlet. “I didn’t expect to see you here. Is this considered a coincidence?”
Tang Wulin laughed and spoke, “I thought I might meet you here, so this isn’t a coincidence. We’re representing the Douluo Continent to head to Star Luo Continent for the exchange program.”
Yue Zhengyu stared at bewilderment as he witnessed the scene before his eyes. It was only then that he realized that she was not waving to her earlier!
Xie Xie walked to his side and wrapped his arm around Yue Zhengyu’s shoulder before speaking in all seriousness, “This is a world that relies on beauty after all! You’ll never understand the world handsome people live in”
The muscles on Yue Zhengyu’s face twitched before he turned sideways to look toward Xie Xie. His gaze suddenly turned warm and gentle as he wrapped his arm around Xie Xie’s waist and whispered, “It’s okay. Actually, I’m not that interested in girls.”
“F*ck…” Xie Xie darted away as if he was electrocuted.
Xu Xiaoyan and Xu Lizhi were laughing so hard that they fell over sideways. Yuanen Yehui, on the other hand, could not help smiling while Ye Xinglan shook her head out of frustration. Gu Yue was looking at Tang Wulin and Lin Yuhan’s direction.
Lin Yuhan asked Tang Wulin curiously, “Are you going to promote blacksmithing in the exchange program? Have you had any new products?”
Tang Wulin shook his head. “Nothing much. I still haven’t achieved a breakthrough.”
Lin Yuhan spoke, “When we eventually arrive at my home turf, I’ll make it a point to fight you again! I’ll put in great effort to exceed you!”
Tang Wulin smiled. “Very well! Stress is a form of motivation. I’m anticipating the next fight with you as well.”
Lin Yuhan gazed at him deeply before she turned around to leave.
“Captain, you truly have a wide circle of acquaintances!” Yue Zhengyu peered at Tang Wulin playfully.
Tang Wulin answered, “I do.”
Yue Zhengyu looked towards Gu Yue. “Do you know that he’s constantly flirting girls on the outside?”
Gu Yue darted him a look. “He doesn’t. It’s the girls who are actively flirting with him.”
Tang Wulin declared justly, “I’ll pass through crowds of girls and yet remained untainted by any of them. Oh no…”
Before he could finish his sentence, Wu Zhangkong had already slapped the back of his head, “Just how old do you think you are?” His icy cold voice silenced the students at once.
“Cough! Cough. Just pretend that I never said those words.” Tang Wulin took a glance at Wu Zhangkong in frustration.
Wu Zhangkong was dressed in a suit of white clothes as he stood just a stone’s throw behind them. It was clear that he had witnessed everything that had just happened.
Yue Zhengyu retorted, “Teacher Wu, you’re wrong there. We are young… In fact, we’re peerlessly young, so we’re at the most imaginative point of our lives. If we don’t think about these matters now, will we have enough emotional intelligence when we’re older?”
Wu Zhangkong was stunned for a moment but he held his tongue.
Xu Xiaoyan chuckled. “That’s right, you’re the only one that has high emotional intelligence. You’ll purchase the entire bar without a moment’s hesitation just to pick up a girl and get her number.”
Yue Zhengyu’s expression stiffened. “What is wrong with buying over a bar? My bar is earning a lot of money, every day, even right now!”
He secretly peered at Yuanen Yehui’s direction as he was saying that.
Yuanen Yehui was looking at him coldly, while Yue Zhengyu coughed. “Uh, I’ll be compensating your salary later.”
“Hmph!” Yuanen Yehui was furious when she recalled the way she lost her job for him. However, so many days had passed already and they had managed to resolve the misunderstanding.
Xie Xie looked at Yue Zhengyu in disdain and spoke, “One look at a greasy-looking asshole like you, and I can tell that you’re no good.”
“Why don’t you take me on one-on-one if you’re not convinced?” Yue Zhengyu raised his eyebrows.
“One-on-one it is then. It’s just that I’m afraid you won’t be able to.” Xie Xie sounded more confident now.
“Alright. Don’t let others see us as a joke.” They were speaking rather loudly and attracted the attention of many others so Tang Wulin hastily stopped them from continuing their quarrel.
More and more people were gathering in the hotel lobby but everything was still in order under the organizer’s management.
Then, a loud and clear voice echoed through the entire lobby through the soul loudspeaker at that moment.
“Hello everyone, I’m the federation secretary, Zhang Panwen. I’ll be leading the exchange program that’ll be heading to the Star Luo Continent. The Star Luo Continent exchange group, please get a full headcount before you depart momentarily. Board the soul buses numbered 1 to 25, and we’ll board the buses numbered 26 to 25 on our side. Please begin a headcount for each department, now.”
It was always slightly troublesome when it came to organizing a large number of people so they could only depend on the organizer’s capability. They had no choice but to acknowledge that the federation had impeccable organizing ability to be able to arrange two diplomatic corps with over two thousand people and exit the Grand Skysea Hotel orderly before they boarded the buses.
The soul buses slowly exited the hotel under the guidance of specialized mecha escorts and headed straight to the port.
Tang Wulin sat at the back of the bus and was sitting by the aisle while Gu Yue took the window seat. Generally, everyone would consciously give up the seat beside Tang Wulin to Gu Yue during the trip aside from their lodging. This seemed to have already become an established practice.
Gu Yue shut her eyes as she leaned on the seat. Ever since the day she got into a quarrel with Tang Wulin, she seemed to have returned to her usual self. She spoke sparingly but the mutual understanding she had with him remained as strong as before.
The distance from the hotel to the port was not far, and two large ships appeared within the horizon when the sea came to view.
Every large ship had at least five stories above deck that were visible. The alloy that the large ships were made up of were gleaming and there were clearly openings built in to install soul weapons.
The sea was not a peaceful place. According to the federation’s calculation, the number of soul beasts in the sea was at least fifty times compare to the ones on land. However, this was in the past.
Ever since the soul beasts on land began facing extinction, humankind stretched their hands toward the sea, resulting in a significant reduction in the population of soul beasts in the ocean. However, although this was happening, soul beasts in the ocean still greatly outnumbered the soul beasts presently living on the Douluo Continent.
Only large ships like these that had powerful offensive and defensive capabilities were capable of traveling long distances on the sea. Naturally, a large ship like this would cost a fortune.
Tang Wulin overheard that the Star Luo Continent sent their people out on a diplomatic mission this time around with the intention of showing off their large ships. Of course, it would still take a very long time in order for them to catch up to the federation’s speed in developing new technology.
They got off the bus in succession and boarded the ship. Tang Wulin was slightly surprised at how the two large ships were not separately taking on the diplomatic corps from the Star Luo Continent and Douluo Continent. Instead, both parties were transported simultaneously in both large ships and it seemed as if it had already been prearranged.
This arrangement was allegedly for the benefit of the exchange program/
The students from Shrek Academy were not easily noticeable in such a vast expanse of people in the diplomatic corps until they were asked to board the ships.