The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 566

Chapter 566: A Dance

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He clearly felt that Tang Wulin was younger than him. However, this boy who was smiling from the beginning till the end had displayed an extreme assertiveness. There was no scuffle. He simply employed the most domineering method to break through their formation. This was a banquet so the other party wagered that they would not dare get into a fight here.
On occasions like this, whoever made the first move would lose.
The four female students of Star Luo Royal Academy gazed at Tang Wulin with different looks in their eyes. There was a look that seemed to be lost in thought, one that rippled with splendor, and one filled with curiosity. Without a doubt, the handsome Tang Wulin had attracted all their attention.
“How long do I have to eat until I can actually be full?” Tang Wulin frowned as he looked at the tall cocktail table in front of him with distress.
A plate of snacks was served on the table. The snacks were delicate looking cakes that had been served on spoons. For an appetite like Tang Wulin’s, he would need to eat until his Nth life before he would actually be full.
Xu Lizhi chuckled, “I’ve already eaten off three tables but I think that if you want to eat until you’re full, it’ll be difficult. Very difficult.”
Tang Wulin scratched his head. “Being unable to eat your fill isn’t something that makes you happy.” Eating was closely linked to his cultivation. Sufficient nutrients could increase his blood essence and strengthen his bloodline’s power. A powerful bloodline would naturally condense his soul power.
Tang Wulin had never been worried about the strength of his soul power and his endurance in battle. In truth, he understood that he could not break through rank-40 up until now partially because his soul power was condensed.
Tang Wulin had once asked Wu Zhangkong if this situation was beneficial or detrimental to him. Wu Zhangkong’s explanation was simple. Generally speaking, after breaking through a cultivation base of five rings, everyone must condense their soul power. The sooner they condensed their soul power, the more refined and pure their soul power would be. It would be difficult to cultivate at first but it would be advantageous in the long run. It was not something bad. If worse came to worst, it would only delay his becoming a battle armor master.
After Teacher Wu’s explanation, Tang Wulin let go of his worries. As he worked hard to cultivate every day, he continued to increase his bloodline power and his body’s abilities.
Actually, he also felt that with the breaking of the fourth Golden Dragon King seal and after acclimatizing to the Golden Dragon King’s essence, he would always instinctively resort to the simplest, most direct, and perhaps even crudest methods when he engaged in battle. He would dominate his opponent through sheer brute strength. Battles like these would make his blood boil. They were exhilarating, and whenever he fought like this he would practically be adding to his imposing manner.
Tang Wulin understood that these must have been the effects of the changes in his bloodline. For the time being, they had no negative effect on him. On the contrary, his face-to-face combat ability had been growing stronger.
“What do we do, captain?” Xu Lizhi asked.
Tang Wulin sighed, “Flies are meat as well. Let’s eat. Just eat as much as we can. I don’t think this will be the case for every meal. If we really can’t stand it, we’ll think of some way to catch some fish from the ocean to eat.”
Xu Lizhi was startled. “But there are oceanic soul beasts inside the ocean! I don’t think it’s a good idea to catch fish directly from the ocean.”
“Haha, I’m just joking.” Tang Wulin laughed.
“Catching fish is a good idea,” just then, a deep voice suddenly came from beside Tang Wulin’s ear. This voice was clearly familiar. Tang Wulin turned around instinctively and he was immediately dumbfounded.
A middle-aged man in a white chef jacket stood behind him. He held a tray in his hand which he placed onto the cocktail table in front of him.
Tang Wulin stared with his mouth agape and said, “Uncle…Uncle Chef? What are you…”
Was this person in chef’s attire before him not the Body Sect’s sect master, the same one who possessed a divine mecha, Mu Ye?
What was he doing here? Even if he was here as a representative of the diplomatic corps, he should not have come as a chef! After all, he was…
“Hehe, I’m a qualified chef after all. I have a dozen restaurants on the continent, and this time I’m here as the representative chef of the exchange team. Tell me your room number,” Mu Ye said with a smile.
Tang Wulin quickly gave it to him.
“Well, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t full here. I’ll look for you later,” Mu Ye said drily. He sized Tang Wulin up and nodded. “Nice shirt.” With that, he left them.
Tang Wulin’s eyes were incredulous. This was the Body Sect’s master, an expert with the rank of Title Douluo, and a divine-level mecha master. He could possibly have even been a four-word battle armor master. However, he had participated in this exchange as a chef. What did he come here for?
He could not help but recall the request Mu Ye made to him when they last met. ‘Could it be that Mu Ye came for me?’
In truth, Mu Ye did come for him. After Tang Wulin had left that time, Mu Ye thought about it over and over again. In the end, he could not deny the truth.
A genius like Tang Wulin suited to the Body Sect’s cultivation was all too rare. He could wait no longer, nor was he willing to let the Body Sect die off without a fight.
Lineage was important, but the priority was passing the sect down to the next generation!
The Body Sect had a glorious history. If even this history disappeared, of what use was one’s ancestry?
Zhen Hua had once told him that as long as Tang Wulin could grow steadily, he would definitely become someone great in the future. He had a confidence level of more than eighty percent that Tang Wulin could become a Divine Craftsman in the future.
With an heir like this, other matters aside, if Tang Wulin became a Divine Craftsman in the future then at least the Body Sect need not worry about having enough rare metals when crafting high-end battle armor.
What’s more, Tang Wulin’s moral character was one that could endure trials. His actions during his encounter with the evil soul master were proof enough. Besides, what kind of place was Shrek Academy? That he had passed Shrek Academy’s assessment and became the class monitor was very telling.
In reality, Mu Ye had been keeping an eye on Tang Wulin, and he had also kept tabs on his activities. Mu Ye knew everything, including their victory over third grade class one.
During that time, he finally made up his mind. He would make Tang Wulin a member of the Body Sect no matter what, even if he was already a member of the Tang Sect. That was why he came. With his abilities, it was a simple matter for him to get into the diplomatic corps.
As he watched Mu Ye go, Tang Wulin frowned slightly. Still, this would not be a problem. There was one more familiar face on the ship with them now, and he was an extremely powerful being who was well disposed toward them. This would only be beneficial for the group and there was no harm.
This was the first banquet, hence the members of the diplomatic corps from both sides were quite conservative. There were not many who stepped onto the dance floor.
People mainly talked, and everyone appeared to be at ease.
Very quickly, dedicated staff began distributing numbers for all of them to stick on their chests. This was for the little game of selecting the few “bests” later.
“The way which we’ll be voting is simple. The two diplomatic corps will select five members of noble character and great prestige to take part in the primary selection. After the primary selection, there will be ten shortlisted participants for the categories of the best-dressed gentleman and lady, the most handsome gentleman and prettiest lady, and the best dance partners. Then we’ll have another vote by all the participants to decide on our final victor. I’m not worried about the other matters, but the number of people on the dance floor right now is far too few. The majority of our two diplomatic corps are young people. Young people should be filled with vigor. Don’t suppress the passion in your hearts. Come on, let’s dance!”
Sima Lanxiao’s voice was enchanting. After he had voiced out his suggestion, the floor started to fill with dancers.
“Do you know how to dance?” A clear and crisp voice came from beside Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin turned his head to look. He was greeted by the sight of Lin Yuhan wearing a light blue dress. She had been standing beside him without him noticing.
At this moment, Xu Xiaoyan, Ye Xinglan, and Yuanen Yehui were not far from him. They were eating and chatting and there was only Xu Lizhi beside Tang Wulin.