The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 567

Chapter 567: Follow My Lead

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“Huh? I don’t…” Tang Wulin tried to wave her off quickly. From his childhood till now, he never once had the opportunity to learn how to dance!
“It’s not that hard. Why don’t I teach you?” With a graceful movement, Lin Yuhan reached out her hand and pulled a stunned Tang Wulin by his arm, directing him toward the dance floor.
“Woah. Tang Wulin’s being pulled away. It’s that girl from the Star Luo Empire,” Xu Xiaoyan exclaimed softly as she nudged Gu Yue beside her.
Gu Yue turned to look. As soon as she saw Tang Wulin being pulled toward the dance floor by Lin Yuhan, she instantly furrowed her brows.
“What do we do? Sister Yue?” Xu Xiaoyan said softly.
Gu Yue smiled dryly. “Nothing.”
Xu Xiaoyan said with a smile, “Our captain is really popular! You must keep both eyes on him.”
Gu Yue replied, “If one’s man is seduced by another woman, it only means that one’s own charm is insufficient.”
Ye Xinglan lifted her head to look at Gu Yue and gave her a thumbs-up. Yuanen Yehui could not help but break into laughter.
“I’m the only one who’s unswerving in my loyalty. No girl can seduce me, no matter how pretty she is.” Xie Xie had turned up out of nowhere. He stood beside Yuanen Yehui and spoke as if he was an upright person.
“Get away from me,” Yuanen Yehui said with a soft voice. The other three girls tried to suppress their smiles.
Lin Yuhan was a blacksmith through and through. The strength of her hand was extraordinary. She was pulling Tang Wulin toward the dance floor, so it would be unbecoming of him to forcefully break free of her grip. To be honest, his impression of Lin Yuhan was not bad.
It was difficult enough for a man to learn how to forge, let alone a girl. Blacksmithing was the hardest to master among all the other sub-professions, and also the most difficult to produce results. For Lin Yuhan to become a rank 5 blacksmith at around his own age, she must have put in a tremendous amount of effort.
Tang Wulin knew all too well just how much hardship he had to endure to achieve his current level. Even if there was a gap between Lin Yuhan’s abilities and his, it would not be much of a difference. For a girl to be able to reach this point, her determination must have been unimaginable.
They were both of the same profession, so there was a natural closeness between them. That was why he followed Lin Yuhan to the dance floor without much resistance.
Lin Yuhan spun around to face him. She did not loosen her grip on his hand. Instead, she raised it. Her other hand rested on his shoulder.
“You just have to follow my lead. I’ll guide you. Place your hand on my waist,” Lin Yuhan said softly.
“Huh?” Tang Wulin was slightly shocked. Other than Gu Yue and Na’er, he had never been so intimately close to another girl. He instinctively raised his hand and rested it lightly on Lin Yuhan’s midsection.
Her waist was lithe and slender. Tang Wulin was a youthful teenager after all, and he never had much contact with girls. His heart started racing, and his cheeks flushed a faint red.
As she looked at his obviously awkward expression, Lin Yuhan could not help but break into a laugh. “Here I go,” she said as she slid on her left foot and glided with Tang Wulin onto the dance floor.
A force came naturally from her hands as they guided Tang Wulin’s body. Although Tang Wulin did not know how to dance, he had learned the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track before. His reflexes were certainly fast enough. He always lagged slightly behind in his steps, yet he somehow managed to keep up with Lin Yuhan. He appeared rusty, but he could still dance.
Lin Yuhan started moving quicker now, and Tang Wulin had already become more familiar with the steps. As he followed the music, he gradually got the hang of it.
The boy was handsome and the girl was beautiful. Although their poise was not all that great, they still easily attracted the crowd’s attention.
Lin Yuhan led him in the dance as she snickered. “You’re heavy. You don’t look fat, but you’re not light either.”
Indeed, Tang Wulin was much heavier than he looked. The density of his bones and muscles was far greater than those of an ordinary person. That was why his actual weight was quite a shock.
Tang Wulin said with a bit of awkwardness, “I really don’t know how to dance. You’re quite good at this.”
Lin Yuhan said, “When we reach the Star Luo Empire, how about I invite you as a guest to our Empire Forging Academy?”
Tang Wulin said with a faint smile, “That would be great! You guys must have some unique views on forging. It’ll be a great opportunity for me to learn a thing or two.”
Lin Yuhan rolled her eyes. “You? Learn? You’re powerful enough as it is. In our academy, I’m already the most outstanding genius, but I was still no match for you. How on the continent did you cultivate that strength of yours? Since when have you been learning to forge?”
Tang Wulin replied, “Ever since I was six years old. I started off learning the basics under my teacher. I was born with greater strength than other people, so maybe that’s where I have a slight advantage. I’ve been forging ever since.”
Lin Yuhan grunted. “Then you haven’t been spending as much time as I have. I’ve been holding the forging hammer since I was three years old. My father’s a blacksmith. Not long after I was born, the hammer was my only toy. Then, as I grew up, my toys were larger and larger hammers. You can say that forging is in my blood. I never thought it would be possible to find another person who loves forging as much as I do, but I never expected to meet a beast like you.”
Tang Wulin looked at her in astonishment. Lin Yuhan had said it lightly, but for a little girl like her to grow up knowing only the forging hammer, she must have gone through unbridled hardship.
“Is your father strict?” Tang Wulin asked.
Lin Yuhan pouted her lips a little, then she nodded her head slightly. “Teacher could not bear to see how stern my father was with me in the past. That’s why he brought me with him to participate in this exchange. You may not know this, but this year has been the most relaxing for me. The Douluo Continent is a fun place. I’m even slightly reluctant to go back, especially when I think about having to face Father.”
Tang Wulin sighed softly. “At least you can still see your father. My father was kidnapped by some unknown criminal many years ago. I can’t see him even if I wanted to. I think that your father places high demands on you because he wants you to inherit his legacy. You’ve endured it for so many years now, so please keep up the good work. I think he won’t be as strict with you after you’ve become a Divine Craftsman.”
There was a hint of sorrow in the eyes of Lin Yuhan as she looked at Tang Wulin. She could not help but feel amazed. It seemed that she was lucky compared to his situation.
“You really know how to ease someone’s anxieties. I’m sorry for making you sad,” she replied softly.
Tang Wulin shook his head. “It’s alright, I’ll work hard as well. I will find Father and Mother. They will return to me. Then, we can have a family reunion.”
“Yes, you can do it.”
Just then, the song had reached its end, and the people on the floor stopped dancing. Although it was only one song, his powerful body coordination and reflexes had got Tang Wulin somewhat used to dancing.
They stopped dancing as well. Tang Wulin hastily removed his hand that had been wrapped around Lin Yuhan’s waist.
Lin Yuhan smiled faintly. “Didn’t you find dancing fun? Would you like to go again?”
Tang Wulin quickly waved his hand. “No thanks. I’m nervous. Didn’t you notice that I kept staring at the floor just now? My main concern was that I might step on your feet.”
Lin Yuhan covered her mouth as she laughed softly. She wanted to say something but noticed someone else was standing beside Tang Wulin.
“Excuse me,” she nodded slightly toward Lin Yuhan. Her right arm locked onto Tang Wulin’s arm.
It was the girl who came in with him. Lin Yuhan’s pupils contracted slightly. She managed a smile. “You guys have something planned?”
Gu Yue smiled dryly. “He’s my dance partner. I’ll be dancing with him for the next song.”
Tang Wulin looked at her in surprise. Since when had they become dance partners?
Then he saw the bitterness behind Gu Yue’s eyes. There seemed to be a domineering look to her as well.
“Oh,” Lin Yuhan replied. She smiled at Tang Wulin, but she did not leave. She just stood there.
The next song started to play shortly after.
Gu Yue pulled lightly on Tang Wulin. “Come.”
“O-okay.” Tang Wulin had no choice but to follow her back onto the dance floor.
Lin Yuhan pouted. She went to one side, but she secretly balled her fists. The best boys would always have many admirers. She would have to fight for her own happiness.
From her childhood up until now, she had spent her days forging. Every day was the same dull routine with the forging hammer. Only when she came to the Douluo Continent did she have the chance to truly relax her body and mind. She had a huge improvement in her emotional quotient. Her mind was relaxed, and even her forging had risen to a higher level.
If the requirements were not so strict, she, having already exceeded a four-ringed cultivation base, could already be considered a rank 6 blacksmith.
She had known since she was a little girl that she was an absolute genius in terms of forging. There was nobody on the Star Luo Continent stronger than her.
Women were always attracted by strong men. During the last competition with Tang Wulin, although she was somewhat dissatisfied, in hindsight, she had no choice but to admit that Tang Wulin’s forging ability was better than hers.
A rival! She had never thought that there would be someone amongst her peers that could exceed her own forging level. From that day onward, Tang Wulin’s handsome face would frequently appear in her mind.