The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 571

Chapter 571: The Cultivation Method of the Body Sect

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The dark golden body walked easily on the ocean’s surface. It walked with a calm pace as it slowly made its way toward him.
It was that dark golden figure. Two and a half meters tall, it was completely out of range for an ordinary human to grow to that height. His entire body was enveloped in a dark golden hue as if he was plated with a layer of metal.
‘I’m done for…’
Tang Wulin spoke with his slightly hoarse voice, “Who are you? You should at least tell me whose hand I’m dying under, right?”
The dark golden body flashed. In the next instant, Tang Wulin was grabbed and pulled out of the ocean.
When his body left the embrace of the ocean, Tang Wulin only felt that his entire body was limp.
Shortly after, a strong wind suddenly howled around them. The dark golden figure had already brought him flying into the air as they flew at blinding speed.
‘Isn’t he going to kill me? Why is he stopping now?’
Tang Wulin was slightly puzzled in his heart.
Only a few moments have passed but he noticed with shock that he could now spot the two oceangoing ships far away. Tang Wulin squinted his eyes slightly as he accumulated his energy. He was prepared to look for an opening to inform the passengers of the ships to notice the circumstances he was in no matter what.
However, he had not finished preparing when the dark golden figure suddenly accelerated. Tang Wulin only felt his vision blur as the strong wind subsided. The moment his feet hit solid ground, his limp body was already sprawled on the ground.
He had never felt the ground to be such a wonderful thing. Although this was not the earth just yet, at least he was stepping on something solid!
His slightly sluggish eyes noticed that he had returned to the balcony of the cabin room in which he stayed in, and the dark golden figure was standing beside him.
The dark golden hue faded away slowly, exposing a face he was familiar with.
“You…” Tang Wulin looked at him with mixed feelings of shock and anger. Finally, he could not bear it anymore, his field of vision darkened and he fainted.
A ruminating faint smile appeared in Mu Ye’s face. He carried Tang Wulin who was on the floor in his arms and walked into the room. Then, he removed his clothes in a swift motion and tossed him onto the bed.
“I made the right choice,” Mu Ye said with some admiration.
Of course, the person who snatched Tang Wulin away and pushed him into the depths of the ocean was him. He had known beforehand about Tang Wulin’s weight and density. When they were sinking into the ocean, Tang Wulin had amazingly broken free from his grasp. That had truly astonished him.
It must be known that the gap between Tang Wulin’s cultivation base and his were truly far apart. For Tang Wulin to be able to break free and launch an attack under these circumstances… That was something that he had never expected.
Of course, Mu Ye released Tang Wulin on purpose afterward. He intentionally let Tang Wulin go while he still had a bit of consciousness left. He wanted to see if his body could continue to react to the pressure put on it.
He had also experienced the same pain as he thought back to the time when he only managed to struggle and swim up for less than thirty meters before he completely gave in at the brink of death.
His divine mecha had been underwater from the very beginning. It had been observing Tang Wulin silently, and once Tang Wulin’s vital signs dropped to a certain threshold, it would immediately rescue him.
After Mu Ye floated up, he also observed through his divine mecha that Tang Wulin had stayed put. Tang Wulin did not choose to float up immediately and this caused him to think that Tang Wulin could no longer bear it. However, he quickly noticed that he did not sink. Instead, he flailed his arms about in the water to control his body.
Mu Ye was impressed that he still had the sense to wait until the enemy has left before saving himself despite being at the brink of death. It was not easy for one to remain this calm when faced with such a crisis!
After that, it was naturally time to observe how far Tang Wulin could float up.
In actual truth, they were already more than five hundred meters in the deep sea. Tang Wulin quickly surpassed the distance which he had floated up so many years ago. When he was almost exhausted, his body flickered with golden light again and amazingly, he accelerated once more before he got exhausted. He would do this over and over again.
All this left Mu Ye staring with his mouth agape. What he had never thought of was that Tang Wulin would break the ocean’s surface with his own strength in the end to successfully save himself.
In the history of Body Sect, the only one who had achieved such a feat was the first generation founder of the Body Sect. Back then, the first generation Body Sect founder was set up by someone else and was thrown into the depths of the ocean. However, under the immense pressure of the water, it awakened his martial soul for the second time, and he obtained the powerful body martial soul.
Therefore, this deep sea trial had become one of the mandatory tests for those wanting to enter Body Sect. They could determine how gifted the person was by the results of this trial.
Without question, what Tang Wulin gave him was an enormous surprise.
This was not only about his body but also his willpower. The Body Sect had undergone ten thousand years of development but could not grow as strong as the Tang Sect. A huge part of the reason was their special cultivation method.
The Body Sect’s cultivation required one to have strong determination because the process was too painful. Without sufficient willpower, it was impossible for one to persevere.
“Smack!” Mu Ye struck Tang Wulin’s chest with his palm. That made his body jump up from the bed instantly. A series of smacking sounds sounded and within the span of a few breaths, Mu Ye’s palms had continuously smacked Tang Wulin’s body dozens of times.
His hands turned dark golden once again and with every hit on Tang Wulin’s body, there was a faint dark golden air flowing into his body.
Tang Wulin’s body shuddered slightly. He was still out cold, but with Mu Ye’s smacking on him, the surface of his skin began glowing with a golden hue and created a layer of golden patterns. It slightly resembled his scales as it covered his body like a net.
With every smack from Mu Ye’s hands, Tang Wulin’s body would shake once before it quickly calmed down. Finally, his body fell back onto the bed but it would still twitch slightly every now and then.
“It’s better than I expected. The vigor of this young boy’s blood essence is something I’ll only see once in a lifetime! He’s totally worth my giving up of the presumptions regarding his discipleship.”
Amidst his unconsciousness, Tang Wulin felt that he had fallen into a giant furnace. It was as if his body was continuously baked as the blood essence within his body burst forth. Even if it was just a dream, that scorching feeling tortured him until he wished he was dead.
It was unclear how long had passed before the pain gradually subsided. Only then did he fall into a deep slumber.
“Bang! Bang! Bang!”
A series of knocks were heard on the door, and Tang Wulin managed to open his eyes. He felt sore and limp all over, without any energy to move his limbs. He said weakly, “Who is it?”
“Captain, it’s time to eat.”
Tang Wulin sat upright abruptly when he heard that it was time to eat. Although his body was still filled with discomfort, his stomach was even more uncomfortable! A strong sense of hunger made him stand up immediately. As he made a beeline for the door, he noticed his naked body. Then, the memories of last night’s events resurfaced.
He glanced at the balcony, and the door was shut. Could it be that he had dreamed about what had happened? It was impossible! It was too real to be a dream.
“Okay, I’ll be right there. Give me a minute!”
He quickly freshened himself up. Tang Wulin truly felt like he did not even have enough strength to even hold his toothbrush. His body was feeble and weak, and it was as if his bones had melted.
He changed into some slightly more presentable clothes and pushed the door open to find his companions already waiting outside.
“What happened to you?” came Gu Yue’s astonished voice.
“Yeah! Captain, why do you look so pale? Are you alright?” Xie Xie’s expression was also one of shock.
Tang Wulin looked terrible. Eyebags aside, his face was as pale as a paper, and he looked lifeless. Even his gaze was noticeably duller. This was leaps and bounds from his usual demeanor that was always in high spirits.
“It’s nothing. My cultivation didn’t go down too well yesterday, so I’m not in my best condition today. Let’s go, I’m starving. Lizhi, can you give me a bun first?” Tang Wulin said as he moved closer to Xu Lizhi and extended an arm over his shoulder.
When she saw that he was still filled with a desire to eat, Gu Yue’s expression relaxed a little.
Xie Xie moved closer to Tang Wulin’s side and said softly, “Captain, don’t tell me that you’re having trouble sleeping after seeing Gu Yue dance last night? It’ll do your body harm if you fantasize too much about these male and female things.”
Tang Wulin rolled his eyes. He had an urge to toss this fellow into the ocean and give him a good soak but he truly did not have the strength. He could only glare at him.