The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 573 - Wanting To Live!

Chapter 573: Wanting To Live!

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Mu Ye spoke in an unpleasant tone, “You’re such an ungrateful young lad. You’ve consumed the essence of a thousand year bluefin tuna and you still dare to ask me this? Do you know that even someone like me can’t find these top-grade ingredients every time.”
“It tasted great! It was very nutritious.” Tang Wulin spoke, “Uncle chef, yesterday night you were…”
Mu Ye explained, “I was only testing the potential of your body. The facts prove that your potential is far better than what I had predicted. Your body feels lethargic this morning because it had been overloaded along with your bloodline yesterday. However, the cultivation of my sect is to bring the human body to its perfect form before stimulating its potential to tap into its secrets. This, is our special cultivation method.”
“The cultivation method of the Body Sect?” Tang Wulin looked at him in astonishment.
Mu Ye nodded. “There are many cultivation methods in my sect. However, all methods lead to the same goal — bringing out the potential of one’s body. Have you ever heard of the martial soul’s second awakening?”
Tang Wulin nodded. “I’ve heard our teacher mention this in the academy. It’s possible for a martial soul to awaken for the second time and produce change under certain conditions. The change can either be good or bad but the effects would be extremely obvious.”
Mu Ye’s mouth cracked into a smile. “That’s right, you didn’t attend the academy for nothing. Then, you should also know how difficult it is for the martial soul’s second awakening to happen. Historically, there are only certain clans with exceptionally profound inner secrets and martial souls passed down from ancient times that have a higher chance at a second awakening, is that right?”
Tang Wulin answered, “Yes, that’s what we’ve learned in the academy.”
Pride shone in Mu Ye’s eyes. “I’m telling you this, now. The second awakening can be controlled by men. The Body Sect has a method to stimulate the martial soul’s second awakening. To top it off, it’ll definitely be a beneficial second awakening.”
“Huh?” Tang Wulin was startled.
He had some knowledge about the martial soul’s second awakening. If a soul master’s martial soul could be awakened for the second time, it would elevate his powers vastly. However, he had never heard that there was some special method to stimulate the awakening, let alone a beneficial one. This was truly too valuable!
If his Bluesilver Grass martial soul could be awakened for the second time…’What would it become?’ he wondered.
“Uncle Chef, are you serious?” Tang Wulin could not help asking.
Mu Ye answered in an unpleasant tone, “What do you mean Uncle Chef. Address me as your teacher!”
“Teacher?” Tang Wulin hastily replied, “I haven’t promised you that I’d join the Body Sect! I’m already a disciple of the Tang Sect.”
Mu Ye exhaled a breath through his nose and spoke impatiently, “Forget it, forget it! There is no need for you to cut ties with the Tang Sect anymore. I’ll accept you into the Body Sect.” From his point of view, this was the best compromise he could make.
Tang Wulin replied weakly, “However, as a part of the Tang Sect, I don’t think I’m allowed to join another sect without their approval, right.”
Mu Ye widened his eyes to look at Tang Wulin. “What did you just say?” He had already compromised so much, yet this little brat…
Tang Wulin’s tone sounded more determined. “Yes, I cannot betray my sect. I’m sorry Uncle Mu Ye. I’m extremely appreciative of the value you’ve put in me but I am already a part of the Tang Sect. That alone is the reason why…”
“Nonsense. Like it or not, you’ve already reaped the benefits of the Body Sect so, you’re a disciple of the Body Sect.”
Tang Wulin was about to refute him when his vision blurred. His throat was already being choked by Mu Ye and in the next moment, he felt as though he was treading on clouds.
‘Oh no…not again?’
“Plop!” Into the sea.
Mu Ye pressed onto Tang Wulin as he directly dropped into the deep sea. His body sank rapidly while the water pressure increased exponentially.
However, the situation today was clearly much better compared to yesterday. This was because Tang Wulin had better mental preparation so his mood was vastly different. Moreover, he could clearly sense that his body’s resistance to water pressure had apparently become stronger.
Mu Ye pressed onto Tang Wulin as he rapidly sank into the deep sea as a pitch black befell them once more.
He experienced almost the exact process as yesterday. It was so overwhelming with pain that he hardly wished to live.
When Tang Wulin finally managed to crawl out to the surface of the sea with great effort yesterday, he had greedily taken in gulps of air.
Yet, he was much stronger than he was yesterday. At the very least, he did not lose his consciousness as he did before. The tremendous stress from the water pressure still made his entire body sore and weak.
The thousand year tuna was certainly good enough. A warm current was coursing through his entire body at this moment, healing his physical being.
Mu Ye who was dressed in a dark golden suit appeared before Tang Wulin.
“Uncle Mu Ye, we should go back, right?” Tang Wulin gave a forced laugh as he spoke.
Mu Yu spoke dully, “The biggest secret to the Body Sect is how we stimulate the soul master into completing his martial soul’s second awakening. You already know this secret. We have to squeeze out a person’s potential until it’s perfect before we bring out new potential by putting that person under extreme stress. Since you insist on being unwilling to join the Body Sect… I’m sorry, I can only murder you to prevent you from revealing our secrets.”
Mu Ye’s body flashed past under Tang Wulin’s fearful gaze, he choked his throat once again and pushed him into the deep sea.
He sank into the deep sea once again as his physical ability that was slightly healed earlier disappeared rapidly. This time, Mu Ye seemed to be exceptionally determined to keep him in the sea. Tang Wulin’s consciousness gradually blurred under an extreme lack of oxygen and immense water pressure.
When Mu Ye’s grip loosened, a tiny remnant of his consciousness kicked in along with his survival instinct to allow him to attempt escaping with great effort.
Clearly, this was even more extreme than yesterday. Soon, his vision gradually fell into darkness.
“Wake up,” a low voice echoed from every direction.
Tang Wulin was astonished when he discovered that he had arrived in the spiritual word. Old Tang was suspended in the air close to him.
“Wake up,” Old Tang’s voice echoed once again.
“Old Tang, what’s happening to me?” Tang Wulin asked subconsciously.
“You’ve entered a state of false death. The Body Sect’s cultivation method is extremely useful in elevating your body’s strength. Persistent willpower is the foundation to stimulate one’s potential. Never lose the will to live, no matter when! Only by doing so can you bring out all the potential within your body to light. The Golden Dragon King’s seal in your body alone already has enough potential to exceed ordinary people.”
“Ah, I also have to inform you that the first nine layers of the Golden Dragon King’s seal are completely different from the last nine layers. I’m quite confident that you’re capable of enduring the first nine layers provided you have enough heavenly treasures. However, the energy contained within the last nine layers is truly terrifying. You’ll face more and more dangerous situations, ones that regard life and death at every layer. Although the Body Sect’s cultivation method may be cruel, it’s a good method to brace the body and willpower. Keep holding on, and you might just survive when you break through the following Golden Dragon King seals.”
Tang Wulin wanted to say something but his vision was still a blur. The strong sensation of suffocating and the agonizing pain reemerged as he regained a hint of his consciousness.
‘Live! I want to live!’
He bit the tip of his tongue with great effort. His body that was already lost struggled as his arms flailed about to push his body toward the surface of the sea once more.
‘Live, I want to live!’ he roared furiously in his heart. Slowly but surely, he managed to find shreds of strength that surged from his limbs and bones that managed to slowly push his body toward the surface of the sea.
However, what Tang Wulin failed to see was that a red-colored figure had already soundlessly appeared behind him. It was Mu Ye’s Divine Mecha. It had already determined that Tang Wulin’s vital signs were about to disappear and was prepared to rescue him. However, it did not expect that he would regain his consciousness once more.
Mu Ye was sharing data with his Divine Mecha. At this moment, his eyes were filled with astonishment as he stood on the surface of the sea. ‘This young man’s potential… It truly needs to be squeezed from his body with full force!’