The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 576 - Devil Soul Great White Shark

Chapter 576: Devil Soul Great White Shark

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Tang Wulin inhaled a deep breath as his eyes flashed brilliantly. Blade after blade of Bluesilver Grass surged out like a swarm of bees and rapidly spread outward from his body. The grass surrounded his body like seaweed, creating a dense barrier ten meters around him.
Tang Wulin had a simple idea. No matter how ferocious the Devilsoul Great White Shark was, it had the same sensitivity to the smell of blood as an ordinary shark. Therefore, he could use his plant-attribute Bluesilver Grass to completely hide his scent so that the sharks would not attack him. He could possibly emerge from this entirely unscathed.
The first shark was dashing forth just seven to eight meters in front of him. As Tang Wulin had expected, the Devilsoul Great White Shark did not notice him due to his own scent being masked by the faint odor of the Bluesilver Grass.
This great white shark’s length exceeded seven meters. Its entire body was like pure white jade, and it emitted intense waves of energy. Given its extremely fast swimming speed, it had at least a thousand years’ worth of cultivation.
The Devilsoul Great White Shark was almost peerless in the water. As long as they did not bump into any hyper oceanic soul beasts, they were the overlords of the sea.
The first one charged past, then the second, third, and fourth one…
Tang Wulin exhaled a breath of relief. He was trying his best to ensure his scent did not reach them. He held his breath and waited quietly.
The temporary crisis was resolved, but would Teacher Mu Ye let him off so easily?
Just as this thought crossed his mind, Mu Ye flew just above his head.
“Get ready.” Mu Ye’s voice echoed in the sky.
Tang Wulin raised his head and looked up subconsciously. He noticed Mu Ye was holding a large bottle in his hand. He unscrewed the cap and poured out its contents.
A splash of liquid rained down from the sky at once. The thick odor of blood scattered around Tang Wulin.
“Begin!” Mu Ye spoke with an indifferent tone.
“Argh!” Tang Wulin screamed out in agony as he forced all the Bluesilver Grass downward. He was relying on the buoyancy of the plants in the water to lift up his body and get him airborne quickly.
Numerous gigantic white figures pounced out from below and collided with one another. Waves swelled up as a violent energy fluctuation burst out from Tang Wulin’s location.
His face and head felt cold as the odor of blood wafted by once again. Tang Wulin was horrified when he saw Mu Ye tilt the bottle once again and pour out more of the strange blood. This time, it completely covered his body.
‘This is killing me!’
Tang Wulin’s mental state was always calm when he was facing a crisis. He did not have the time to blame anyone, and he understood Mu Ye’s style very well. Mu Ye would never show him an ounce of sympathy no matter how hard he screamed.
He parted his hands as he suddenly tore away the clothes on his body. This was not the time for him to worry about shame when his life was on the line.
The fresh blood dropping from the sky had fallen straight onto him. There was now a large amount of blood on his body. Using the bloody clothes he had torn off, Tang Wulin formed two balls before he could fall, and he then threw them as far as he could in two directions. At the same time, he flung out a strand of Bluesilver Grass as he dashed straight towards Mu Ye. He managed to Bind Mu Ye’s body with the Grass.
He had to resort to every conceivable measure in order to survive.
Mu Ye was slightly stunned. In his heart, he nodded in approval, but it was apparent that he would not be Bound by Tang Wulin. His body flashed past and he was already in the air. He observed the situation that was taking place below him quietly and attentively.
Tang Wulin then immediately began to fall again. The two bundles of bloody clothes he had tossed out were quite effective. The strong odor of the blood lured a few Devilsoul Great White Sharks toward them, but there were still seven or eight sharks sticking their heads out of the water. With cold gazes, they watched as Tang Wulin fell from the sky.
“Roar!…” The roar of a roused dragon echoed from Tang Wulin’s mouth abruptly, while three soul rings shimmered on his body simultaneously. His second soul ring glowed brightly as blades of Bluesilver Grass rained downward. The grass enveloped all the great white sharks.
Two of the sharks widened their mouths and fired two balls of white light.
In an instant, the blades of Bluesilver Grass exploded into pieces. A great white shark slammed its tail down, flinging its enormous body out of the sea. As it flew directly toward Yang Wulin, it widened its mouth to reveal its ghastly white teeth as sharp as knives.
A blade of golden Bluesilver Grass shot out and lashed onto the flying Devilsoul Great White Shark’s head with such force that its head was whipped to the side.
Without a doubt, Tang Wulin’s brute strength was on display. In the next moment after the blade of golden Bluesilver Grass lashed onto the Devilsoul Great White Shark, it wiggled nimbly and Bound onto a tooth in the shark’s widened mouth.
Tang Wulin pulled with all his strength. His body moved horizontally towards it at once as he fell toward the shark’s head.
The three soul rings on his body switched over to two golden soul rings in an instant. Golden scales then covered his body.
“Puff!…” The Golden Dragon Claw sliced down brazenly and cut into this Devilsoul Great White Shark’s head that had a thousand year’s cultivation base. The claw sank all the way into the head until his forearm was buried in it. At the same time, a brutal and ferocious expression flashed in Tang Wulin’s eyes.
He could not take any chances if he wanted to survive, and he could not have even the slightest doubt or show an ounce of mercy.
With a flash of dark golden radiance on his right arm, this Devilsoul Great White Shark over six meters long suddenly fell apart in dozens of chunks. A foul wind and a rain of blood misted over the sky and spread out in all directions.
Tang Wulin’s right foot stepped onto the largest chunk of the shark’s corpse. He used the momentum to bounce up and fly diagonally.
After his Golden Dragon Claw stabbed into the shark’s head, he made the choice to trigger the Duskgold Dreadclaw. He relied on the Duskgold Dreadclaw’s terrifying impact force to dismember the shark.
The Devilsoul Great White Sharks were extremely bloodthirsty. They unthinkingly pursued every form of flesh and blood, even that of their own kind. The education provided by Shrek Academy was proving vital at this moment.
As he expected, the blood and flesh falling down from the sky attracted almost all of the sharks. Still soaring forward, Tang Wulin released the Bluesilver Grass once again. Dozens of blades lashed onto the water’s surface to push his body and send him flying once again.
He dove straight into the sea, avoiding the sharks at the surface.
The seawater felt cold and refreshing. Tang Wulin rubbed his body and hair strenuously to wash away the smell of blood.
The sharks were attracted to the odor, but they were leaving him alive for now given the much greater amount from the slain shark’s corpse.
Tang Wulin used the opportunity to cleanse himself, as only once he was free of any trace of blood would he be able to escape the sharks.
Otherwise, the Devilsoul Great White Shark’s sense of smell could pick up his scent even if he was five kilometers away.
After he had finished washing, Tang Wulin leaped up once again with the help of the Bluesilver Grass. He relied on the Grass’ vines to lash against the surface of the sea and identify a direction that he could use to flee.
Mu Ye’s expression was unusual as his body was still suspended in the sky. He had finally witnessed the battle between Tang Wulin and oceanic soul beasts in the deep sea during the cultivation period. Those battles were deep in the sea, but without a doubt, Tang Wulin’s fighting capacity on the water’s surface exceeded his expectations. This young lad’s adaptive and combat abilities, and also his level-headedness were the best of the chosen.
No wonder he could become an influential personage in Shrek Academy’s outer court. As expected, he was a little monster.
However, if he was under the assumption that everything would end there, then he was gravely mistaken.
The school of Devilsoul Great White Sharks gobbled up their companion’s body at the far side. All of a sudden, one of the sharks with an exceptionally huge body and silver striations raised its head. The fin on its back shook once, and in the next moment, it suddenly sped up and swam in Tang Wulin’s direction.
When it passed by the place where Tang Wulin had cleansed himself, it slowed ever so slightly. Soon after, it sped up once again and dashed straight in the direction that Tang Wulin had fled. The rest of the sharks followed closely behind as they cut through the seawater leaving streaks of white waves.