The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 577 - Battling the Shark King with Intelligence

Chapter 577: Battling the Shark King with Intelligence

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Mu Ye had a profound understanding of all sorts of soul beasts, as well as heaven and earth treasure-type food. The blood that he spilled over Tang Wulin was that of a Deep Sea Devil Whale. The Devilsoul Great White Shark and the Deep Sea Devil Whale were natural enemies, as both were the overlords of the sea.
Comparing the two, the Deep Sea Devil Whales were stronger but were far less numerous than the Devilsoul Great White Sharks. The whale’s blood had a special characteristic in that it was highly adhesive. Moreover, once it came into contact with a strong blood essence’s fluctuation, it produced an even stronger smell.
How could the Devilsoul Great White Shark not recognize its enemy’s smell? Naturally, it launched an incessant pursuit.
Tang Wulin leaped on the surface of the sea. He turned around to look occasionally and found that those sharks were chasing after him at full speed. His face was filled with bitterness as the sharks were getting increasingly closer.
How could he have known that the tricks Mu Ye laid on him could not be washed away?!
What should he do?
At this moment, he was about to face a tough decision.
Live! It was apparently useless attempting to flee. This was a vast sea, so there was truly nowhere to hide. If it was impossible to escape, then the only way to survive was to fight to the death! Only by killing all the Devilsoul Great White Sharks would he stand a chance.
The sharks could still make a meal of him if he exhausted himself by running away. Besides, there was no way he could outrun the overlords of the sea!
Violet light flashed past his eyes. Everything appeared clearer following the release of the Purple Demon Eyes.
There were forty-seven Devilsoul Great White Sharks, excluding the one he killed.
The shark at the front was over ten meters long. There was silver light shimmering on its back. This could very possibly be a ten-thousand-year rank Devilsoul Great White Shark, so it posed the biggest threat to him.
If he was on the ground, Tang Wulin would not necessarily mind even if there were dozens of thousand year soul beasts given his current cultivation base. But it was different with a ten-thousand-year soul beast. That was a creature that could truly threaten his life.
So? He must live no matter what.
Sharp light flashed in his eyes. Tang Wulin took a deep breath and flung out his right arm as a streak of yellow radiance appeared behind his back in an instant. It was his yellow mecha.
Up in the sky, Mu Ye had yet to react to the situation, so Tang Wulin seized the opportunity. He used the Bluesilver Grass that was striking at the surface of the sea to catapult himself into the yellow mecha.
The mecha started glowing. With a burst of light behind its back, it immediately carried Tang Wulin away from the turmoil.
The Devilsoul Great White Sharks below suddenly lost his scent so they slowed down immediately.
However, it was also at this moment, a blood red figure blocked Tang Wulin’s mecha in the sky.
“Let yourself out and jump down, or should I tear your mecha apart and toss you down?” Mu Ye was apparently not pleased by Tang Wulin’s violation of the rules.
Tang Wulin’s expression did not change at all as he sat inside the mecha looking at the divine mecha in front of him. He had already anticipated this situation. He was in the yellow mecha for a specific purpose, and it also gave him a moment to relax.
Within the mecha, he ate all the food that he had prepared in a few bites, then he spoke in feigned panic, “I-I will jump myself. Don’t ruin my mecha.”
He was eating the heaven and earth treasure-type delicacies provided by Mu Ye which he had secretly stashed away. These delicacies were highly nutritious and could replenish his blood essence at once.
This momentary buffer could improve the possibility of his success in the battle to follow.
Tang Wulin took a deep breath as the yellow mecha’s chest armor opened up. He jumped into the sea once again. After this temporary relief and the food he had eaten, a little of his physical strength was quickly restored. With another flash of yellow, the mecha was stored back inside his ring. Tang Wulin dropped straight into the water.
He closed his eyes as golden scales emerged on his body. The atmosphere became calm and serene, as he could not keep from sinking into the depths.
Just as Mu Ye observed, his fighting capacity on the water’s surface far exceeded his ability below the sea.
The Devilsoul Great White Sharks’ sense of smell was exceptionally sharp. They immediately noticed his presence the moment he jumped into the sea. Their gigantic figures sped up abruptly and dashed in Tang Wulin’s direction.
His eyes turned violet as the scales covered his entire body. Even though he was completely submerged, Tang Wulin was still emitting a gush of bold aura that was hard to describe.
The sharks were getting closer. Speckles of starlight glittered on Tang Wulin’s right hand. His battle armor emerged soundlessly and covered his right hand and forearm. Powerful strength radiated through his entire body. A brutal gaze appeared in his eyes as he stayed suspended in the same spot and waited for the sharks’ arrival.
The sharks approached closer and closer, while the ten-thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark at the forefront was exuding a ferocious and malevolent aura from all over its body. It widened its mouth as it drew near and spat out a ball of white light. The ball was aimed directly at Tang Wulin.
The soul beast’s intelligence was already similar to a human as it had a ten-thousand-year cultivation base. It did not approach carelessly, choosing instead to launch a direct attack.
Tang Wulin crossed his arms with his right arm held forth. He curled up his body so that he was completely enveloped within the golden scales.
He did not dodge or use any attacking tricks. He simply allowed himself to endure the full force of the attack.
“Boom!” When Tang Wulin was struck by the white light, he felt as if his body was about to dissolve instantly into a collapsed water molecule. He was blasted straight out of the water. His whole body shimmered with white light. Even though the Golden Dragon Body protected him, he was still bleeding profusely from the attack.
Mu Ye who was watching the battle from the sky was startled as well.
‘What is he doing? How is he capable of facing the ten-thousand-year soul beast’s attack?’ Mu Ye clenched his fist subconsciously. Of course, he would not allow Tang Wulin to die, yet this was the forty-ninth day which was also his final opportunity!
He inhaled a deep breath and suppressed his urge to save Tang Wulin. He chose to put his faith in the boy. He believed that this intelligent yet tenacious youth would not do anything randomly.
The ten-thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark watched as Tang Wulin was blasted away. Bloodthirsty radiance flashed past its eyes at once. There were a few sharks on each side that leaped into the sky and widened their mouths as they rushed toward Tang Wulin.
A low roar echoed as a powerful aura burst out from the ten-thousand-year shark’s body. Waves surged out across the water’s surface and blasted away the few sharks that were heading for Tang Wulin. How could it let others take advantage of such a scrumptious meal?
The ten-thousand-year shark soared high into the sky. When its body flared up its speed was as fast as lightning. It blasted out from the water almost in an instant and in a stroke, it reached Tang Wulin’s face. It opened its gigantic mouth and readied to bite down on Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin seemed to be knocked unconscious by the blow earlier. His body was no longer curled up. He had been blown away and was dropping like a stone.
While he was still unresponsive, the ten-thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark’s gigantic mouth brazenly swallowed him up.
Oh no!
Even a Title Douluo like Mu Ye was too late to save him now. How did this happen? This was wrong! This did not conform to Tang Wulin’s power at all. Even if he was no match for the ten-thousand-year soul beast, he should not have been killed without giving even the slightest struggle.
This was completely unexpected.
“Crack!” The ten-thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark was extremely cunning. It did not swallow Tang Wulin whole but bit down at his waist.
With teeth as sharp as knives, it would only need to cut this fellow who was emitting the Deep Sea Devil Whale’s smell into two, and that would be the end of it.
Its gigantic mouth closed. Mu Ye who was flying down from the sky had already shut his eyes subconsciously while his heart filled with murderous intent. All he could do now was kill all of these Devilsoul Great White Sharks to avenge Tang Wulin.
“Aaah!” An agonizing scream echoed in the next moment.
Mu Ye who was already approaching the surface of the sea unwittingly opened his eyes, because that agonizing scream apparently did not come from Tang Wulin!
He opened his eyes just in time to witness Tang Wulin’s entire body shimmering with a mirror-like glow. The golden scales covering him sparkled brilliantly. At this moment, half of his body was already swallowed by the shark. Moreover, it was his upper body. Only his legs were visible from outside.
However, the scream actually came out from the ten-thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark’s mouth. Its huge maw had only closed for a moment before it suddenly reopened, and fresh blood immediately came spurting out from its body.
Tang Wulin was not cut in half by those sharp teeth. He seized the opportunity to curl up his body when the shark opened its mouth and then positioned himself inside the creature.