The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 579 - A Martial Soul’s Evolution

Chapter 579: A Martial Soul’s Evolution

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This was bad!
That was what had just crossed Tang Wulin’s mind had when an extremely powerful blast from a water column shot his body skyward.
The Devilsoul Great White Sharks were still the overlords of the oceans. That was not just a saying. What he had just experienced was the Devilsoul Wave which was released by thousands of the sharks at the same time.
When they hunt in the water, the Devilsoul Wave could instantly render their prey unable to retaliate. Then, they would be easy pickings for the sharks.
In truth, Tang Wulin had had a lucky escape. If the ten-thousand-year shark just now did not think that he was vulnerable after taking the blow from the first attack and simply shot him with a Devilsoul Wave like this, Tang Wulin would have already been brought to his knees.
Of course, if that had been the case, Mu Ye would definitely have had the time to come rescue him.
Tang Wulin spat out a mouthful of fresh blood after being struck. Though he was going through much pain to repress the damage he received from the ten-thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark, it had erupted once again.
His guts felt like they were on fire, but the wild surges of his blood essence could not be controlled. The fight for his life could not be avoided.
A thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark that was a few centimeters larger than the others was already waiting for him down below. When it saw that Tang Wulin was falling from the sky, It leaped upward suddenly, opening its jaw wide. At the same time a Devilsoul Wave headed toward Tang Wulin, the shark rushed forth to swallow him.
Tang Wulin gritted his teeth. He seized the brief window before the second Devilsoul Wave reached him. His Bluesilver Grass spiraled upward wildly, and a thick layer of vines completely enveloped him.
He could not utilize his bloodline. All he could rely on now was his own martial soul.
When the wave reached him, Tang Wulin’s body stiffened once more, but the Bluesilver Grass had formed a strong barrier around his body and transformed him into a big blue cocoon. Tang Wulin’s only hope now was that one bite would not be enough to kill him. As long as he had the chance to take a breath and regain control of his bloodline, he could survive this attack.
“Puhhh!” The shark chomped down on the cocoon.
Its terrifying bite force brought with it an immense crushing strength. The outer layer of the Bluesilver Grass broke under the pressure. Every blade of the Bluesilver Grass flickered with a dazzling blue light. However, in essence, they were still Bluesilver Grass. In the end, they could not truly guard against the sharp teeth of the Devilsoul Great White Shark.
Sharp teeth were a shark’s most terrifying weapon, and the Devilsoul Great White Sharks were no different.
Tang Wulin could clearly hear all of his bones cracking under the terrifying bite force. His surging bloodline had quieted down, as the shark’s bite was squeezing his body which resulted in his bloodline being blocked.
The immense pressure made Tang Wulin feel like his blood essence had rushed to his brain. His body flushed an abnormal red.
Surprisingly, the full strength bite of the thousand-year great white shark did not shatter the prey within its jaw. This infuriated it. It opened its huge jaws again and clamped down forcefully.
This time, Tang Wulin could not bear it no matter what he did.
Mu Ye sighed. He was already beside the Devilsoul Great White Shark. He raised his right fist and swung it toward the shark’s head.
But right at that moment, he suddenly saw rays of dazzling blue and gold light shining from the Bluesilver Grass enveloping Tang Wulin’s body.
This young lad had a backup plan?
Mu Ye hesitated instantly. This was the final opportunity. As long as there was a chance, he would not interfere. If this ordeal were to end without any progress, it would signify that Tang Wulin could not truly be a member of the Body Sect, and he could not obtain their powers.
“Puhhh!” The Devilsoul Great White Shark closed its mouth.
However, it did not shatter all the Bluesilver Grass as it had expected to. The shining blue-gold light suddenly became extremely intense, lighting up the water’s surface.
The thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark’s body seemed to have gone stiff for a second. Shortly afterward, Mu Ye saw blades of Bluesilver Grass growing wildly from within the cocoon. They swiftly burrowed into the shark’s body and quickly shot outward. An unfathomable aura poured from the cocoon.
This was an extremely rich life force. Even in this ocean, it was so substantial that it seemed to be manifesting physically.
The blades of Bluesilver Grass tunneled into the ocean and the seawater rippled. The color of blood in the water quickly faded away, and it regained its clear appearance. The blue-gold glow released from the Bluesilver Grass even made the ocean shine brilliantly.
The cocoon broke free of the thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark’s enormous jaw. The shark was pushed mercilessly by the blades of Bluesilver Grass until it flew away, though it was not badly injured.
From being horizontal, the blue-gold cocoon raised itself upright. Circles of Bluesilver Grass glowing blue expanded outward.
The reason was unclear, but amidst this wave of rich life force and the still-expanding circles glowing blue and gold, the frenzied Devilsoul Great White Sharks had all calmed down. They were no longer wild, nor did they lust for blood. All of them raised their heads and looked at the cocoon as it slowly rose and released more and more blue-gold vines.
Success! Mu Ye was overjoyed. For such a strange phenomenon to occur on a three-ringed Soul Elder, it could only have meant one thing, and it was that his martial soul would be awakened for the second time. In the face of a life and death crisis on the forty-ninth day of hardening himself, he was finally about to awaken.
Even with Mu Ye’s cultivation base and experience, his heartbeat was still accelerating. Awakening on the forty-ninth day? What could this mean? It meant that the bloodline concealed within his body was extremely powerful, so powerful that it was difficult to even imagine.
What was it? What could it really be?
The blue and gold glow of the expanding Bluesilver Grass vines brightened. The blue color was the original hue of the Bluesilver Grass, whereas the golden color was the leaf veins which were inside it. The glow intensified as the light from the veins grew stronger.
These Bluesilver Grass vines increased in girth at a noticeable pace, and the leaf veins inside them appeared more clearly. An unusual change started to happen. Among the leaf veins, golden patterns gathered in the center, and within their dazzling glow, an extraordinary transformation was taking place.
The surface of the Bluesilver Grass vines seemed to have blossomed. Chunks of clear blue scales rose from their surfaces. The shapes of the scales were perfect diamonds.
What could be the second martial soul’s awakening that was hidden in the Bluesilver Grass? Was it the legendary Bluesilver Emperor?
Mu Ye’s breathing started to become slightly ragged. In all of human history, there was only one record of a martial soul awakening from Bluesilver Grass to Bluesilver Emperor. However, that single occurrence had survived in the Douluo Continent’s memories for twenty thousand years.
This was because that person was the one who had once led the human Soul Masters to rebel against the Martial Soul Hall. That proud son of heaven who eventually defeated the Matriarch of the Martial Soul Hall who had already turned into a deity, Bi Bidong, the leader of the Shrek Seven Monsters, Tang Sect’s founder, and the person who was known as the greatest Soul Master in the world of man, Thousand Hands Douluo, Tang San.
Back then, he had a twin martial soul, and the main martial soul was the Bluesilver Grass. Then, with the improvement of his cultivation base, his martial soul eventually awakened for the second time and turned into the Bluesilver Emperor, which laid a solid foundation for him to finally turn into a god.
If Tang Wulin’s martial soul also awakened to Bluesilver Emperor, what would it look like?
At this moment, hot blood boiled within Mu Ye’s heart.
Given that it had not made an appearance in twenty thousand years, nobody knew just how powerful the Bluesilver Emperor martial soul would be or what special characteristics it would have.
Now, the bearer was his own disciple. This was a glory that belonged to the Body Sect.
It must be known that when the undefeatable Tang San roamed on the Continent, the Body Sect had not even been founded yet.
The Bluesilver Grass was undergoing even greater changes, and the glow around it also grew in intensity. The cocoon opened up slowly and exposed Tang Wulin inside it.
He was bare-chested as he hung in midair. His eyes were shut tight, and a bluish golden color appeared on his body. His whole body now looked like a part of the Bluesilver Grass. Behind him, an exceptionally large blade of Bluesilver Grass was slowly blooming. Its tip opened up slowly, looking just like a giant tulip.
A light of blue and gold descended from the sky. The vines slowly turned as thick as a human arm and the scales slowly solidified. The three purple soul rings on Tang Wulin’s body sparkled. Under the shine of the blue-gold light, the color spread throughout his body.
The leaf veins within the vines finally and progressively completed their combination. It looked surprisingly like bones and resembled a spine.
Blue vines, a golden spine, and blue-gold scales. This was the brand-new Bluesilver Grass, or to use the new name, Bluesilver Emperor!
A faint golden glow started to appear on Tang Wulin’s skin, slowly turning brighter. Scales started to emerge, and the strength of his aura was increasing.
An invisible suction force came forth from his body. Nearby, the black soul ring which had made its appearance moments ago suddenly shot toward him at lightning speed.
Soul ring fusion?
Had his cultivation base exceeded rank-40? In the process of his martial soul’s second awakening, Tang Wulin’s soul power finally broke through its limits and entered the realm of rank-40.