The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 583 - The Great Beast

Chapter 583: The Great Beast

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Silver striations were shimmering with a translucent radiance on the magnificent silver battle armor. The entire sea seemed to have sunken under the irresistible force produced when her armor appeared.
Mu Ye’s eyes glowed ever so slightly as he heaved a sigh softly. “The three-word battle armor. This is Shrek’s three-word battle armor. It is most certainly unique!”
Tang Wulin took a glance at his teacher in confusion. This was the first time he had ever witnessed Elder Cai’s power. Elder Cai once targeted them so they understood that she was formidable, but this was still the first time they had ever seen Elder Cai unleash her full power. ‘That terrifying and overbearing aura…
The entire sea seemed to be enthralled by her. Her awesome valiance was enough to instill fear in the ocean.
A Hyper Douluo with the addition of three-word battle armor meant this was someone who had achieved the level of a Limit Douluo.
A seven-ringed Soul Sage with two-word battle armor had already achieved an ordinary Douluo’s level, while an eight-ringed Soul Douluo with three-word battle armor could even achieve the level of a rank-95 Hyper Douluo. However, once one had become a Hyper Douluo, it was extremely difficult to reach new ranks at the same rate as before.
A Title Douluo with three-word battle armor was only capable of reaching an equal footing with a rank-96 Hyper Douluo.
As a Hyper Douluo with three-word battle armor, Elder Cai was strong enough to equal a rank-98 Hyper Douluo at the moment. She was already close to becoming a rank-99 Limit Douluo. Once her battle armor was elevated to four-word, she would be capable of possessing powers at the highest level in the world.
This was Elder Cai’s inner secret. Let alone facing two ten-thousand year soul beasts, with her power that was equal to a rank-98 Hyper Douluo right now, she was capable of fighting a Great Beast with an even higher cultivation base.
Which one of the Sea God’s Pavilion members in Shrek Academy was not a being at its pinnacle?
“I am giving all of you another chance to retreat now!” Elder Cai shouted in a low tone.
“Leave her to me.” Just then a peculiar voice echoed in the deep sea. Soon after, a figure suddenly soared into the sky in the distance.
The sky in the distance suddenly turned a bright blue the moment he was airborne. To everyone’s amazement, the sea erupted and engulfed the sky. Looking from the two ships, it felt as if the entire world was completely covered.
Seeing this, Elder Cai’s expression changed for the very first time, and her gaze became stiff.
Purple light shimmered in Tang Wulin’s eyes. With great effort, he relied on the Purple Demon Eyes to see the human figure in the distance with great effort.
Surprisingly, the creature was humanoid. However, only his upper body resembled a man, while his lower body was made of twelve octopus-like tentacles. He was suspended in midair as his aura blew forth rapidly and pushed toward Elder Cai’s side.
“The Great Beast?” The words slipped from Mu Ye’s mouth. His face was filled with astonishment.
The so-called Great Beast was a Hyper Soul Beast with a cultivation base that exceeded twenty thousand years. There were once Ten Great Beasts on the Douluo Continent.
The Ten Great Beasts stood tall on the Continent thousands of years ago. Some of the Beasts submitted to the command of a mighty warrior known as the Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao, who once conquered the world brutally, while others were killed by him. The rest of the Great Beasts vanished without a trace afterward. The greatest among them was the Golden-Eyed Black Dragon King. It was known as the Beast God, with a cultivation base as high as eight hundred thousand years, and it was reputed to be the strongest of all at that time.
According to the legend, the Spirit Ice Douluo once launched a great battle with this Beast God Golden-Eyed Black Dragon King before he became a god. He won the battle in the end, and the Beast God went into hiding. No one knew if it was alive or dead. Meanwhile, the Spirit Ice Douluo ascended into the God world.
The sea’s area was far larger than the land, so naturally, it was possible for Great Beasts to appear here.
With a Great Beast and two ten-thousand year soul beasts, they were finally equipped with the power to threaten the fleet.
The figure that soared into the sky transformed rapidly. Its body started expanding against the seawater behind its back. It only took a short while before it had transformed into an enormous octopus over a thousand meters in diameter. The sea became violent under the control of its tentacles, such that even Elder Cai’s suppression was unable to match with it.
“Roar!…” the Deep Sea Devil Whale King gave out a furious roar. All the oceanic soul beasts immediately swarmed toward the two ocean liners. The attack had begun!
Elder Cai’s figure flashed as she transformed into a stream of moonlight. She raised her staff high as the silver moon that was suspended in midair fired a huge beam of moonlight. It was reflected onto the silver plate on the tip of the staff and rapidly formed into a fine needle-like silver light. It shot toward the enormous octopus in the distance.
The colossal octopus waved its eight tentacles as countless speckles of violet light floated into the air and formed into a layers blocking Elder Cai’s attack.
As the two powerhouses from both parties clashed, the two ships’ offensive and defensive maneuvers had already begun on the other side.
With deep roaring sounds, soul cannonballs shot out from the muzzles that had opened on the sides of the ships.
These soul cannons were powered by the soul battery array that was filled with energy. It could even be launched directly through a soul master’s soul power when necessary.
Every soul cannon’s attacking power was impressive. The strongest soul cannon could even be as damaging as a Title Douluo.
For a while, the sea was blasted such that it continuously echoed with the sound of explosions, while the oceanic soul beasts’ attacks fell against the ships’ protective shield and exploded into piercing rings.
Fortunately, the two parties’ diplomatic corps had been equipped with strong defenses and adequate soul energy for the safety of the trip. With great effort, they could still defend themselves against the encircling oceanic soul beasts, at least for the moment.
The four masters in the air, each of whom owned at least three-word battle armor, were divided into two groups. Each group blocked the Deep Sea Devil Whale King and the Devil Soul Great White Shark King respectively. This was the limit of their abilities, as the sea was still the oceanic soul beasts’ territory.
In short while, it was already chaos.
Tang Wulin nudged Mu Ye who was standing by his side. “Teacher, are you…”
Mu Ye acted as if he had nothing to do with this. He just stood there and watched the battle outside with no intention to participate at all.
Wu Zhangkong squinted his eyes as he took one deep look at Mu Ye. His figure flashed once and he had already arrived in the midair. Speckles of white light glowed as the Sky Ice Battle Armor emerged and quickly covered his body. The Skyfrost Sword appeared out of thin air. He was like a meteor as he dashed out of the ship’s protective shield and into the sky.
Wu Zhangkong was already a seven-ringed Soul Sage, and he was close to possessing the power of a Title Douluo with the addition of his two-word battle armor. Moreover, he was Wu Zhangkong!
A Devil Soul Great White Shark discovered him in the sea. The silver light on its back fin shimmered as a streak of light flew toward him at full force.
The silver glow was akin to the sharp edge of a knife. It arrived before Wu Zhangkong at lightning speed.
The Skyfrost Sword cut through it as a faint streak of shadow appeared out of thin air. Needles of fine frost overlapped and tore apart the silver light with ease. Soon after, Wu Zhangkong’s entire battle armor glowed brightly with silver light. He descended from the sky and pounced directly into the sea.
The soul rings on his body shimmered alternately as his seventh soul ring suddenly burst into light.
A peculiar scene emerged. The Skyfrost Sword suddenly enlarged as Wu Zhangkong fused with the sword. A gush of sword’s consciousness burst out.
The colossal Skyfrost Sword over ten meters long descended from the sky. It was his seventh soul skill – the martial soul avatar.
The Skyfrost Sword was not aiming at any oceanic soul beast, but it dove directly into the sea before disappearing.
‘What… what’s Teacher Wu doing?’ Tang Wulin and the rest were filled with confusion.
At the next moment, they widened their eyes in amazement.
The sea started freezing from the point that Wu Zhangkong had entered the water. Countless strands of frosty air soared into the sky as firm ice started spreading rapidly in all directions. The oceanic soul beasts were frozen rapidly in the ice.
The solid ice spread at an incredible speed. In the blink of an eye, it had already spread out hundreds of meters. A great number of the oceanic soul beasts were frozen, taking off some of the pressure from the battle immediately.