The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 584 - Enter the Battle

Chapter 584: Enter the Battle

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Mu Ye’s gaze moved ever so slightly. “He’s using his martial soul avatar to freeze the sea and exercise complete control. At least twenty oceanic soul beasts with cultivation bases of over ten thousand years are sealed within the ice. But why didn’t he just kill them straight?”
“Roar!” The ship shook violently just then. The outer protective shield was already weakening.
The oceanic soul beasts came in overwhelming numbers, and the two oceanic liners were mainly meant for long voyages and not for battle. Even though mechas were shooting one after another into the sky from the ships right now, the oceanic soul beasts still had the upper hand.
Once the protective shield was shattered, the ships themselves would be under attack. If the ships’ hulls took significant damage, it would possibly be a death sentence for all the passengers.
“Attention every Soul Master, attention every Soul Master. We’re under attack by oceanic soul beasts. Requesting fellow Soul Masters to join the battle immediately and protect our ship. Please join the battle immediately to prevent damage to the ship’s hull from the oceanic soul beasts’ attack.”
Tang Wulin glanced at Mu Ye.
Mu Ye smiled. “Join if you want to. An opportunity as good as this is very rare.”
Tang Wulin looked toward his companions and spoke softly, “Follow me.” He stepped forward as he spoke. He leaped up, put his right foot on the balcony’s railing and thrust himself into the air, flying out the ship. A Bluesilver Grass vine wound anticlockwise around the railing. He descended from above and dropped toward the frozen surface Wu Zhangkong created.
Gu Yue was the second one to take the leap. As she jumped, a circle of green soul rings bloomed and dropped onto her companions to assist them by reducing their body weight.
She stepped onto Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Grass and used it to slide down.
Soon after, Ye Xinglan, Yuanen Yehui, and Xie Xie followed behind. Only Xu Lizhi remained, looking ghastly pale. “I-I’m afraid of heights.”
Mu Ye smiled gently. “You’ll get used to it after a few tries.”
Before Xu Lizhi could react to the situation, Mu Ye had already grabbed the fat little boy and tossed him out.
“Wulin, catch him.”
There was a sixty to seventy-meter drop from the balcony to the surface of the sea. Xu Lizhi was bawling loudly, having been suddenly thrown into free fall.
Tang Wulin had just reached the ice floor at that moment. He turned around and realized that Xu Lizhi was falling from the sky. Bluesilver Grass vines rapidly spread out.
His Bluesilver Grass was manifesting with the thickness of an arm. The Grass formed a large net in the sky and Xu Lizhi dropped down from above into it. After he bounced once the momentum had dissipated.
Before his martial soul’s second awakening, it would be quite problematic for his Bluesilver Grass to endure such powerful velocity. But, it was different now. After the Bluesilver Grass evolved into the Bluesilver Emperor, its synchronization with Tang Wulin was vastly elevated. Now Tang Wulin’s strength could be directly transmitted into the Bluesilver Grass.
“Be careful, everyone.” Bluesilver Grass vines emerged and wound around the waists of his companions individually. The six of them stayed together as they ran in the direction of the ice’s edge.
Gu Yue’s eyes flashed as her Elemental Staff appeared out of thin air. Her staff waved to conjure up balls of blue flame, sending them surging skyward and shielding the ships from the oceanic soul beasts’ attacks.
Even Tang Wulin could not tell how far her spiritual power had advanced. It was as if those fireballs had eyes as they continuously bloomed.
“Wait for us.” A voice echoed in the sky.
They watched as Yue Zhengyu spread his wings and he carried Xu Xiaoyan down from the other side of the ship.
Yue Zhengyu’s arms were wrapped around Xu Xiaoyan’s waist. Xu Xiaoyan’s charming face was clearly blushing scarlet. The both of them touched the ground and joined their companions.
Tang Wulin took a glance at them as the corner of his lips cracked into a smile. “There’s no need for us to attack the oceanic soul beasts ourselves. We only need to stop their attacks. The oceanic soul beasts will still be exhausting their soul power continuously in order to launch their soul skills. We’ll use our own soul power and try our best to stop them from attacking the ships.”
“Okay,” the crowd answered in unison.
They could launch their attacks more easily with the solid ice surface beneath their feet. However, given their own cultivation base, it would be suicide if they were to battle the oceanic soul beasts in the sea. At least a hundred of the oceanic soul beasts that encircled the two ships possessed a ten-thousand-year cultivation base. A portion of them was frozen by Wu Zhangkong, but there was still a large number of heavy hitters.
They were not afraid to face one ten-thousand-year ranking soul beast, but they would undoubtedly perish if they were surrounded in the middle of the sea.
“Captain, protect me until I reach the edge. I’ll be casting my spell there,” Xu Xiaoyan suddenly said to Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin’s heart jerked once, and he understood what was she about to do. He was about to respond when Yue Zhengyu who was by her side spoke up. “I’ll get you there safely.” The wings behind his back spread out as the Saint Sword appeared from thin air, and he ran toward the edge of the ice.
Xu Xiaoyan followed behind him. Tang Wulin raised his hand once. Two vines wrapped around their waists in order to back them up whenever necessary.
In the meantime, Gu Yue relied on her Elemental Staff to launch attacks on the sky, while Yuanen Yehui relied on her Air Cannon. With great effort, Ye Xinglan cut out streaks of sword slashes in the sky to stop the attacks that were closer to the surface of the sea. Xie Xie was at an idle end, on guard by his companions’ sides.
Close-range combat was not as effective as long-range attacks in the kind of battle they were fighting.
At the same time, while Xie Xie was feeling frustrated, he looked toward Tang Wulin’s direction. Tang Wulin was similarly unskilled in long-range attacks as well!
However, he was staring in bewilderment at the scene that followed.
A black radiance flashed once as Tang Wulin launched his fourth soul ring. Due to the pressure from a large number of oceanic soul beasts earlier, they did not notice that Tang Wulin’s soul rings now numbered at four.
There was an ethereal shadow that faintly appeared on top of Tang Wulin’s head once his fourth soul ring began to glow. It was the spitting image of the Overlord Dragon.
Gu Yue who was standing by his side looked at the shadow in surprise. Soon after, they noticed that the Bluesilver Grass released from Tang Wulin’s body started growing wildly. The Bluesilver Grass vines shimmered with a dark golden gloss as the Grass turned thicker and longer at full speed.
Bluesilver Grass vines dozens of meters in length waved through the air and dashed straight into the sky. The Grass lashed out at the oceanic soul beasts’ attacks, much to everyone’s surprise.
At least hundreds of vines swarmed out of Tang Wulin’s body, akin to giant serpents covered in dragon scales and glistening with a dark golden gloss. The Grass reached for a projectile from the sea, pulverizing it into nothingness with terrifying strength and a powerful bearing.
This was Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Emperor’s fourth soul skill – the Bluesilver Overlord Transformation!
This was a general amplification soul skill that was effective on the rest of the three soul skills simultaneously. The Bluesilver Emperor finally revealed its power for the first time.
Tang Wulin was feeling as if he had countless tentacles. The blood essence power surging through him poured into these tentacles and waved them around in the air as if they were part of his body. The scales that covered the vines shimmered every time one lashed onto the oceanic soul beasts’ long-range attack. Not only was it capable of pulverizing the attack, but it would also dissolve a portion of the attack’s energy.
There were other Soul Masters who had also jumped off the ship, including the Royal Star Luo Academy’s students.
They could not help but see what was happening on Tang Wulin’s side.
They were already staring in bewilderment from earlier as they witnessed the incredible scene taking place before their eyes.
“Is…is he even human? What’s his martial soul? Why are there so many gigantic dark-blue serpents? Can it be the Hydra?”
“His martial soul is not a beast. I think it’s a plant-type martial soul, but I can’t tell what it is. Perhaps it’s the product of plant-type and beast martial soul’s nuclear transformation? This is too terrifying! What sort of energy is that?! Look, that enormous ball of water is dissolved like nothing. This is an extremely powerful energy. He has four soul rings. That fourth soul ring is actually a ten-thousand-year level one. Oh dear! There’s more…how much soul power will he be consuming to stop this barrage? How can he appear so relaxed?”
Was Tang Wulin relaxed? He was not that relaxed actually. For a short while, his Bluesilver Emperor’s blades managed to block a good deal of long-range attacks as they blasted through the sky, but it was also exhausting him tremendously at the same time.
However, he was not only relying on his soul power but also his blood essence power. The biggest advantage of the martial soul’s second evolution was not that it elevated his cultivation base, but that it completely combined his soul power and blood essence power. In other words, his martial soul possessed the power of the Golden Dragon King Bloodline, while the Golden Dragon King Bloodline was capable of borrowing his soul power. The two sides complemented one another and finally united.
In this way, Tang Wulin’s fighting capability could endure for long periods. Moreover, there was also Xu Lizhi constantly stuffing steamed buns into his mouth by his side.
One after another large steamed meat bun was constantly stuffed into Tang Wulin’s mouth. With this plus the Devil Soul Great White Shark’s fish oil which he had consumed earlier, the blood essence in Tang Wulin’s body at present was extremely exuberant. He could still hold on for a length of time.
All the Soul Masters on the ocean liners had begun to join the battle.
Wu Zhangkong’s ice floor was extremely important. After all, the Soul Masters’ battle formation would be affected if they were to stand on the ship as they launched their attacks, but they could strike more easily on the ice surface. In addition, the solid ice was absolutely vital in immobilizing the ships.