The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 585 - Mu Ye Enters the Battle

Chapter 585: Mu Ye Enters the Battle

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The members of the diplomatic corps that were chosen to represent both continents for the exchange program were all the best of their respective professions. On the Douluo Continent, the leaders of almost every field were Soul Masters because they possessed the strongest bodies, natural talents, and spiritual powers. With such a huge advantage, they were superior to ordinary people in any occupation.
Tang Wulin and his companions were undertaking the task alone at their position. Their overall soul power only averaged around a cultivation base of four rings, but they came from Shrek Academy. With the addition of the enhancements granted by their battle armor and the powerful abilities of their martial souls, they were impressively effective.
“Captain, since when did you have four soul rings? Why’s your martial soul so different from before?” Xu Lizhi asked curiously while he fed steamed buns to Tang Wulin.
It was no joke. Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Grass was now worlds apart from what it had been! Every blade of Bluesilver Grass was akin to a dragon. Not only was it capable of offense and defense, but it was also even filled with spiritual intelligence that it did not possess in the past.
Each of the gigantic vines waved intimidatingly, and they also had an extremely wide range. He managed to block more oceanic soul beast attacks than anyone else in the group.
Tang Wulin exclaimed, “Naturally, it would be different now that I’ve reached four soul rings. This is my fourth soul skill. It’s called the Bluesilver Overlord Transformation. Is it cool?”
“Cool, hah-hah!” Xu Lizhi admired Tang Wulin’s appetite the most. This young lad could hardly even open his mouth to speak when he ate.
The scene was rather chaotic. In the distance, Elder Cai and the Great Beast that came from the depths were engaged in a fight on the most spectacular scale.
The most terrifying part of an oceanic soul beast was that it was capable of controlling the sea, and the power of nature was always dreadful to humans. A soul beast that had achieved a level of ten thousand years was certainly strong enough to cause a mighty torrent. As a result, Elder Cai and the four members of the human vanguard had to first make sure that the creatures with cultivation bases of over ten thousand years did not use the power of the ocean to capsize the ships. Otherwise, they could end up in a deadly situation in the middle of this vast sea with no reinforcements.
Fortunately, the members of both diplomatic corps were fairly powerful. Some politicians that normally appeared cultured and elegant on usual days were now suited up in high-level mecha as they suspended themselves in midair to join the fray. The two ocean liners stayed close to each other with their soul cannons opened up completely and spared no effort in firing at the oceanic soul beasts’ battle formation to suppress their attacks.
“Boom!…” The color of the sky in the distance changed continuously as the terrifying energy fluctuation howled across it. A streak of dazzling silver light transformed into an enormous curved sword and cut through the horizon. A massive tentacle dropped down from above and slammed onto the surface of the sea, creating a giant wave.
Elder Cai’s figure appeared with a bright radiance glowing on her back. Her entire body bloomed with silk-like strands of silver light.
Even so, her situation was not optimistic either. Her face looked ghastly pale while her gaze appeared slightly dimmed. It was apparent that despite her success in severing one of the opponent’s limbs, she was rather exhausted as well.
In truth, Elder Cai was unafraid of this Great Beast, given her own cultivation base, but the problem was that the sea was the opponent’s home turf.
Countless faint speckles of blue light were drawn into the Great Beast’s body continuously from the water. The severed tentacle slowly grew out again with a slow wriggling motion.
The speed of its regeneration was not nearly as fast as the rate it took damage, but it was still more than Elder Cai was capable of.
Had it been night-time, or even better, a full moon, Elder Cai could absorb the moonlight to amplify her powers. Unfortunately, the present situation was in the Great Beast’s favor.
“Hand over the murderer!” The gigantic Great Beast held its position and stopped attacking.
Even though it had the upper hand now, its victory was not certain. It was very possible for both sides to be wounded, maybe even fatally, if they were to put up a desperate fight with a tough opponent like Elder Cai.
“Hand over the murderer and I’ll let all of you leave. Otherwise, all of you shall face destruction.” There were eight eyes on the front of the gigantic octopus’s head. All the eyes were glowing with a ghoulishly murderous shine as they stared at Elder Cai.
Elder Cai spoke coldly, “So you think you’ve won? The soul beast’s numbers are already dwindling, yet you still wish to seek your own doom? Do you think that humankind is truly incapable of conquering the sea? I don’t know who killed your clansman, but you and I are not from the same clan. We will protect our own clansmen regardless. Destruction for all of us? You can try.”
A dull voice suddenly echoed in the air at this exact moment. “The murderer is here. What can you do?”
Elder Cai raised her brows slightly. Silver light flashed past her back as all of her battle armor glowed brightly. She was astonished to discover that she did not know where he was when he had spoken. Even though all of her attention was focused on the Great Beast in front of her, it was apparent that this person was very powerful.
With a flash of shadow, there was one more figure next to Elder Cai. He appeared to be an ordinary chef who was dressed appropriately in a spotless white toque and uniform.
He clasped his hands behind his back as a dark golden glow diffused around him. The soul rings on his body were of exaggerated colors. There were five black and four red soul rings. His whole form was emitting a frightful presence that caused even elder Cai to stare entranced.
She was not acquainted with this person, but he was from the ship without a doubt.
“It’s you!” The Great Beast’s eight eyes became fixated as eight streaks of blue light shot out from its eyes and headed straight for Mu Ye.
Mu Ye turned around and looked toward Elder Cai as he smiled. In a relaxed tone, he said, “Leave this to me.” As he spoke, he took a step forward. He did not dodge or defend against the eight streaks of blue light. He simply punched directly into them.
It was as if the sky had twisted violently when the dark gold fist blasted out. When the blue light melted away, Mu Ye raised his head to the sky and let out a howl. A set of dark gold battle armor emerged rapidly and covered his entire body in an instant. His aura was immediately elevated multiple times.
A pair of large dark gold wings spread open behind his back and a dark gold halo appeared. At the same time, his body was enlarging at a shocking speed. He had already transformed into a giant that was hundreds of meters tall in the blink of an eye as if he was a colossal pillar that supported the sky and oppressed the sea.
The sky and the ground trembled. In fact, the whole area trembled.
After transforming into a giant Mu Ye once again punched out his hyper fist directly at the Great Beast’s chest.
“A four-word battle armor master!” Elder Cai gasped softly. She turned around and left, bringing along the Silver Moon as she returned to the ocean liner. Silver light shimmered as the oceanic soul beasts immediately felt an overall oppressing sensation.
She could not fail to recognize that the dark gold armor on Mu Ye’s body was four-word battle armor! This person’s cultivation base was below her own judging from his soul power fluctuation, but he became someone Elder Cai could not compare with after his body transformed. They were both over rank-90 with a difference of one or two ranks in their cultivation bases, yet Elder Cai was not confident that she could triumph over him in a battle even without the disparity in their battle armors. It was thus clear that this ‘chef’ who suddenly appeared was very powerful. He was not a Hyper Douluo, but he surpassed the Hyper Douluo.
She was somewhat jolted. Elder Cai had already figured out this person’s identity. In her heart, she could not help but feel astonished.
The Great Beast Octopus and Mu Ye fought ferociously. But in contrast to the battle earlier, they now fought purely with strength against strength. They were colliding with one another using their raw power without any tricks.
The force of the water was completely useless in face of Mu Ye’s body that was akin to a colossal pillar. The octopus’s enormous tentacles lashed against him, while his fist was also punching against the gigantic octopus’ body continuously. It seemed like the two sides’ powers were surprisingly equal.
Yet, it became clear that the octopus’ tentacles could not cause any real harm to Mu Ye. On the other hand, Mu Ye’s fist left behind dark golden streaks on its body.
The silver light illuminated the sea. The oceanic soul beasts’ attacks were finally suppressed by the Silver Moon Douluo’s formidable imposing manner.