The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 586 - Mu Ye’s Power

Chapter 586: Mu Ye’s Power

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Tang Wulin stood on the icy surface, his gaze burning as he looked at Mu Ye in the sky. He could see the extraordinary splendor in his eyes. This was the first time he witnessed Mu Ye in combat.
He had always assumed the Mu Ye could never be on par with Elder Cai since he had yet to achieve the cultivation base of a Hyper Douluo. However, judging by the current events, it seemed like an entirely different situation.
Teacher Mu Ye’s combat capabilities were surprisingly terrifying even without his divine mecha. The magnificent dark-golden battle armor covered his entire body, making him appear as if he was a God descending into the mortal world. Each attack he launched would cause the sky and ground to tremble and slowly but surely, he compelled the Great Beast into gradually losing the battle.
“Consider this. I neither have the need for a soul ring nor a soul bone, and it hasn’t been an easy path for you to have achieved your current cultivation base. Run, now! Seek out someone else stronger to exact your revenge.” Mu Ye’s arrogance was heard throughout the nine heavens.
“Roar! Human! Do you really me so hopeless before you?” The colossal octopus sounded infuriated. It lowered its eight tentacles as eight blue soul rings surged in its direction from the sea. Its entire body was now enveloped by a ghastly olive green that increased the horrifying aura it gave off exponentially.
“I’ll fulfill your wish, especially since you’re seeking your doom. Your timing is simply impeccable to allow me to present my disciple with a welcome gift,” Mu Ye’s gaze was fixated on it as he said that, his right hand waving nonchalantly in the air.
A streak of red shadows appeared abruptly by his side, making it seem as if the sky had been torn apart. In the shock plaguing everybody present, the red mecha that stood six-meters tall rapidly transformed into an enormous, bloody-red long saber. Then, Mu Ye’s body shrank to about ten-meters tall and in that split second, he grabbed onto the hilt and a gush of bloody red suddenly shot out from the saber.
“It’s the Divine Mecha!” countless people gasped out loud. They were right. This was Mu Ye’s Divine Mecha!
Tang Wulin did not expect Mu Ye’s Divine Mecha to not fuse with his body, but to also be used in such a manner! Surprisingly, it could even transform into a weapon.
“Retreat!” an unwilling roar was echoed. The eight gigantic tentacles of the colossal octopus waved in an abrupt manner before leaving behind a thick gust of black smoke from its body that concealed the nearby auras.
Even so, Mu Ye was still proudly suspended in mid-air without even the slightest intention to pursue.
The oceanic soul beast that was originally full of life and energy swiftly sank into the sea. They vanished without a trace, like the falling tides of the ocean.
The thick black smoke lasted for quite some time before dissipating. Mu Ye waved his right hand once more and transformed the enormous saber in his hand back into the red mecha. The spatial fissure that had appeared in the sky disappeared without a trace, and he returned to his regular size. It may have seemed impossible, but he was now dressed in his spotless, white chef’s uniform once again.
With this conclusion, the silence and serenity of the sea were overlapped by the cheering that came echoing from the two large ships.
Undoubtedly, all the attention was currently focused on Mu Ye. He swayed his body as he vanished without a trace. It was as if he had fused into space itself.
Tang Wulin was still starstruck as he stood on the surface of the ice. This was the first time he had witnessed combat fought on such a high level with his own two eyes. This not only impacted him immensely but every single member of the Shrek Academy group.
They had finally realized the true extent that would follow combat fought on this level when they experienced it for themselves.
Although both sides did not clash, they were engaged and were exploring the enemy’s capabilities from the very beginning. However, the oceanic soul beasts did not pursue the matter in the further and retreated in the end. It was clear to everyone that the events unfolded in this manner because of the huge disparity in their power.
‘They’re too powerful… T-this power, it’s simply too powerful! When will we ever be able to possess such power!?’
In a way, Tang Wulin was forced to become Mu Ye’s disciple. However, it was only now that he understood the true extent of the Body Sect’s power.
He was now convinced that Mu Ye was serious when he said the Body Sect was once a rival of Shrek Academy.
Mu Ye was filled with a kind of loneliness as he made that statement. Even so, if he was already so powerful… How powerful would those in the inner sanctums of Shrek Academy be?
Tang Wulin and his companions returned to the large ship in shock.
The people there were counting and sorting through those present in the ship to confirm if there were injuries or deaths from the earlier incident.
Tang Wulin looked out to the boundless sea and thought about his martial soul’s second awakening. The pride he originally felt when his Bluesilver Grass transformed into Bluesilver Emperor was now diminished, and he understood that he still had a long path to continue on. He would still need to work his hardest to become truly powerful.
“Has your martial soul evolved?” Gu Yue’s voice echoed from his side.
Tang Wulin was jerked from his thoughts. He turned around and looked toward Gu Yue before nodding gently.
Gu Yue smiled. “Congratulations!”
Tang Wulin replied, “I’ll need to work harder now. I’ll be practicing my forging later after the counting is over. I can begin to fuse forge the Spirit Forging bedding now. When our one-word battle armor is complete, we’ll all be able to work our hardest toward our two-word battle armor.”
Them, Gu Yue also turned around to look toward the sea. Her gaze was distant, and there was no way to tell what was on her mind.
The headcount for the entire ship was soon over, and only a small number of its members were slightly injured with the powerhouses guarding the ship. Everyone was present and there were no deceased members. The only person they failed to find was the chef who displayed his martial prowess during the earlier incident.
Naturally, Mu Ye did not enter the earlier battle with his usual outlook. However, Tang Wulin could still figure out that it was him. It was not that difficult for Elder Cai to look for him either.
The large ships began to sail once again, and silver light shimmered in Mu Ye’s cabin. Before long, Elder Cai appeared in his room.
Cai Yue’er regained her usual aged and senile look at that moment and lost the unrivaled beauty she possessed earlier.
“You’re Sect Master Mu Ye of the Body Sect, right?” Cai Yue’er squinted her eyes as she looked at Mu Ye standing before her.
Mu Ye smiled indifferently. “That’s right.” Everyone was on the same level so there was nothing much to hide.
“I would never have expected Sect Master Mu Ye to finally complete his four-word battle armor.” Cai Yue’er praised in admiration, “You’re probably the only person who’s both a four-word battle armor master and a divine mecha master in the world.”
Mu Ye chuckled softly. “What if I told you that I’m not a four-word battle armor master. Would you believe me?”
Cai Yue’er was stunned for a moment before she smiled and shook her head. “This is your secret, and it’s one I don’t wish to find out. However, I’d really like to know why Sect Master Mu Ye is following our diplomatic corp in the direction of the Star Luo Continent?”
Mu Ye’s gaze turned cold. “Is that your business to mind?”
Cai Yue’er raised her brows. She was not a good-tempered person either.
At that moment, the atmosphere in the room had suddenly turned intense.
“Alright, if you’re going to be that way, we’ve nothing much to talk about. Go carefully, Sect Master Mu Ye,” Elder Cai spoke coldly. A silver light flashed only once in her eyes before she vanished without a trace.
Mu Ye harrumphed but was unperturbed by her actions. No other powerhouse in the diplomatic corps of both countries had the capabilities to threaten his presence there.
Elder Cai frowned hard when she finally returned to her room. She would have definitely lost her temper earlier if someone else took his place. How could she not worry when a top-ranked powerhouse suddenly appeared within the ranks of the ship’s crew. Heck, she could not even determine if he was friend or foe!
Although the Body Sect was no longer on bad terms with Shrek Academy for many years, both parties were still not on friendly terms. Still, the Body Sect was still the Body Sect despite falling from its prior glory. The Sect Master of the Body Sect in the past was as powerful as the Sea God Pavilion Master.
In truth, there was nothing she could do to Mu Ye. She was still incapable of taking the Sect Master on toe-to-toe with her current combat capabilities. Even within the ranks of the Sea God Pavilion, there would not be many who could suppress Mu Ye.
For this fact alone, she hoped that he was a friend instead of a foe.
Elder Cai walked to the balcony and as she waved her right hand, a silver ball appeared in her palm. Then, a sparkling silver light flickered as her fingers moved rhythmically like the wings of fluttering butterflies. Before long, rays of silver light weaved an intricate pattern in mid-air.
She then slowly pressed the silver ball onto the pattern, causing silver light to flash, and the ball to disappear into thin air at the very next moment.
Tang Wulin had broken out of an encirclement and broke through to rank-40, resulting in the evolution of his martial soul to the Bluesilver Emperor. The leap in his power was not only evident in combat, but also in Tang Wulin’s forging efforts when he attempted to forge in the ship’s forging room. He could sense a significant change to his body.
The difficulty one would have to endure to spirit forge was directly related to one’s soul power and cultivation base, regardless of skill.
In the past, Tang Wulin had been depending on his blood essence to replenish his soul power in order to succeed in forging. However, it was difficult for him to have enough excess energy to complete fuse forging at the spirit forging level or with three alloys.
It was apparent that this time would be different. His cultivation base had elevated, causing his blood essence and soul power to meld into a single entity, converting themselves into an unusual energy. The energy took the form of two colors, white and gold. Both could be fused independently or together as he moved the energy around.
When both energies were fused, his soul power would take on a platinum sheen and supply immense energy to Tang Wulin. His soul power was extremely pure and precise. With his exceptional blood essence, the fused energy was strong enough to allow him to forge continuously for a long time. The exhaustion he faced in the past was just that – a thing of the past.