The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 590 - Saving the People

Chapter 590: Saving the People

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By this time, the crowd of people had already got onto the ground. Shrek Academy’s eight students quickly went into formation. Tang Wulin stood at the forefront with Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan. Yue Zhengyu and Xie Xie were beside him, Gu Yue at his back, with Xu Xiaoyan and Xu Lizhi at the rear.
“Let’s go. We are going to rescue the passengers,” Tang Wulin called out and led the group as they ran toward the soul train. The Royal Star Luo Academy’s students had just been released by the Bluesilver Grass and had yet to completely calm down. Some appeared confused, while others looked terrified. It was obvious that they had never experienced such a situation before.
Tang Wulin was clearly the most calm among all of them. Even though the situation before his eyes did not appear optimistic, at least they had with them the Hyper Douluo Elder Cai, who had assumed personal command! With her presence, there was no need to concern themselves with the enemy’s red Divine Mecha. Even though the opponent’s numbers were extremely high, they had a large amount of Soul Masters on their side and they had the Star Luo Empire’s mecha brigade as well. It would not be easy, but they were still capable of defending themselves.
The only thing that made him slightly puzzled was that Mu Ye was not in the diplomatic corps. When they had just arrived on the Star Luo Continent, Mue Ye informed Tang Wulin that he was going to travel around, and that he would come looking for Tang Wulin in the Star Luo Empire’s capital. Otherwise, who were these enemies in Teacher Mu Ye’s presence?
Ever since Tang Wulin witnessed Mu Ye’s battle previously, he had been meticulously analyzing Mu Ye’s capabilities. Teacher Mu Ye was definitely more powerful than Elder Cai based on the Body Sect’s special abilities alone. On Duoluo Continent, he was at the pinnacle.
Would he never be able to simply take the soul train? In his heart, Tang Wulin felt depressed. He never had a smooth trip on the soul train!
Meanwhile, he had already arrived at the front of the damaged train. Golden light flashed on his body as his right arm swiftly enlarged. Scales covered almost his entire torso and right arm. His bloodline power was released which enabled him to grab onto the side of the train with his Golden Dragon Claw. With one swift jerk he tore a hole into it.
“There’s a window too!” Yuanen Yehui could not help but say it upon seeing Tang Wulin’s roughness. She threw a punch and shattered the window, then she jumped into the train too.
“Xinglan, Zhengyu, stay on the outside to guard against any new attacks. Lizhi and Xiaoyan will work together with both of you. Gu Yue, stay on the outside too. Xie Xie, come in and join Yuanen and me in saving the passengers.”
Tang Wulin distributed his group members in a simple manner, then he was the first to rush into the soul train.
The inside of the soul train was in a scattered mess after the overturn. Countless pieces of broken cutlery and window glass covered the place. There were also many bloodstains.
By following the sound of their moaning, Tang Wulin soon found two casualties. He immediately picked them up and dashed out of the soul train.
Ye Xinglan and Xu Lizhi separately received the casualties and took them a safe distance away.
The Royal Star Luo Academy’s students had come to grips with the situation by now and ran over to offer help.
Before they managed to reach, they could see that there were a few soul cannons that shot past their defensive line and were flying toward them in the distance.
“Oh no! It’s a soul cannon!” A female Royal Star Luo Academy student gasped in surprise. She then saw a flash of silver light. Standing outside of the train, Gu Yue suddenly vanished and instantly reappeared on its roof.
Four soul rings rose up as the Elemental Staff in Gu Yue’s hand bloomed a dazzling radiance. The jewel on the tip of the staff transformed into an oddly alluring blue color. Balls of blue flames shot out and flew toward the soul cannons.
Ye Xinglan flew up to the top of the train with the Stargod Sword in her hand. She stood guard by Gu Yue’s side.
Shockwaves roared toward them as the soul cannons exploded in midair.
Speckles of starlight interweaved into a large net, shielding Gu Yue and Ye Xinglan from the impact of the shockwave.
Yue Zhengyu was slower than Ye Xinglan by one step, but he had already arrived at the top of the train. The three of them stood side by side.
Gu Yue’s Elemental Staff was akin to a soul artillery battery. Streams of light shimmered. The blue fireballs had the strongest attack power, the sword flew the furthest, and the colossal icicle had the strongest penetrating force. Long-range attacks of numerous attributes kept pouring out to block the soul cannons. The soul beam-type attacks that occasionally made it through were all blocked by Ye Xinglan and Yue Zhengyu.
“Move sideways to the left side of the car.” Tang Wulin’s voice came from below. The three of them rapidly moved toward that side. This meant that they had already completed the rescue in the earlier car.
“Work with them to save the passengers,” the Royal Star Luo Academy’s captain shouted softly. He helped Shrek Academy’s group move the casualties saved by Tang Wulin away from the crash site.
Meanwhile, the battle in the sky grew more and more intense.
Red and silver lights flared at the highest altitude. The color of the sky was constantly changing as the two top powerhouses collided into each other. On the other hand, the situation on the main battlefield was not as optimistic.
The incoming enemies were apparently fully prepared. Their firepower was strong, and their mechas’ overall power was extremely strong as well.
Other than the red mecha, there were eight more black mechas, over thirty purple and more than one hundred yellow.
The mecha party which they formed launched violent attacks. Even though Star Luo Empire’s mecha brigade were valiant fighters, they were being overpowered by the enemy. There were just too many of them. As a result, they only managed to hold back a fraction of the enemy attacks.
There were seven Soul Masters with cultivation bases of seven soul rings or more within the diplomatic corps, but even with all of them combined, they were still less effective than Wu Zhangkong alone, who was already suited in his Sky Ice Battle Armor.
Wu Zhangkong released his powers effortlessly in the sky. The Skyfrost Sword in his hand became gigantic and stopped a large number of long-range attacks. From that distance, he was trying his best to guard Shrek Academy’s group below.
Given the current situation, it was impossible for them to launch a counterattack. Merely blocking the opponent was already taxing enough.
The firepower of over a hundred mechas could not be described as simply ‘violent’ anymore. The entire surrounding area was blanketed by the terrifying energy fluctuation.
A soul cannon finally managed to cross the barrier and exploded on a car that was farther away from Tang Wulin’s group. At once, fire erupted from it, while the horrendous explosion violently shook the other cars.
Tang Wulin and the rest had already saved dozens of the train’s passengers.
“Wulin, we can’t hold on anymore! Come out quick!” Gu Yue shouted below as she stood on the top of the train.
A few mechas of the Star Luo Empire’s mecha brigade had already been destroyed. The situation was becoming worse by the minute.
Although the enemy’s eagle-shaped red mecha was slightly weaker than Elder Cai’s, it was incredibly fast. Moreover, it was extremely incisive with its attacks on Elder Cai. She could not free herself from its assault even for a moment. The two hyper powerhouses’ were well above the turmoil on the ground. Had they not been, the fallout of their battle could have been catastrophic.
Tang Wulin saved two more passengers from the car. There were still five more cars that they had not searched. At this point they could give up, turn around and flee. With their abilities they could easily survive. But there were innocent lives at stake!
Tang Wulin took a glance at the sky and shouted, “Everyone prepare to fall back.” At the same time, he took something from his chest pocket and quickly made use of it.
As he was shouting at the group to retreat, he had already dashed to the other car.
At that moment, the battle was taking a turn for the worse. The enemy mechas fired rapidly from a distance, but they were finally done with long-range attacks. Having already pinned down the diplomatic corps brigade, the mechas pulled out their close-combat weapons in succession as they dashed forth at full speed. Their sheer numbers gave them such an overwhelming advantage that they could defeat even higher-ranking opponents.
Wu Zhangkong’s icy cold voice echoed from the sky, “Fall back! Take the casualties as you leave!” As he spoke, the Sky Ice Battle Armor emerged with a blinding white light, while he floated toward the opponent like a gust of snow.
The enlarged Skyfrost Sword glowed brightly as icy blue light rays were pulled out of the sky.