The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 591 - Green Skeleton

Chapter 591: Green Skeleton

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Having witnessed Wu Zhangkong’s power, the enemy sent two black mechas to subdue him immediately.
Most black mechas were around eight meters tall, but those of the Star Luo Empire’s were quite different from the Douluo Continent’s. The two mechas flying toward Wu Zhangkong resembled a giant bear and an ape.
The ape-like black mecha was only five meters tall, but it appeared to be tremendously nimble. It had two pairs of different-sized folding wings on its back, with a jet-burner on top of each wing. It seemed exceedingly agile under the movements of these two pairs of wings.
On the other hand, the giant bear mecha was over twenty meters tall, and it seemed to be unusually full of power and grandeur. It was enshrouded in a dark purple protective shield with a gigantic battle ax in its hands over twenty meters long.
Without a doubt one of these was a strength model, while the other was an agile model.
The giant bear dashed ahead, the battle ax waving wildly. Despite its heavy and bulky physique, it swung the battle ax which brought out a series of afterimages in the air. A streak of pitch black light crossed hundreds of meters in an instant directly toward Wu Zhangkong.
Wu Zhangkong’s figure suddenly turned vaporous. The Sky Ice Battle Armor on his body exuded a dream-like glow as strands of silver turned into frost, shooting outward from his body.
The black radiance cut through nothing, as though Wu Zhangkong transformed himself into an icy mist that could not be held down.
With a brilliant flash, Wu Zhangkong appeared in the sky above the giant bear mecha. All the frost gathered in an instant and rolled toward the opponent like an enormous net.
The giant bear mecha was so great in size, it had nowhere to dodge. However, the protective shield it had equipped put up a powerful defense. Streaks of bright purple light shot out where the dark purple barrier was struck by the frosty mist. It remained thick and sturdy without any sign of breaking.
Meanwhile, a figure silently appeared at Wu Zhangkong’s back at that exact moment. Two two-meter-long daggers dropped down and slashed directly toward his back.
It was the ape mecha moving very swiftly. While the giant bear mecha and Wu Zhangkong collided with each other face to face, it seemed to become illusory and then appeared behind Wu Zhangkong.
This was the most terrifying killer-type mecha on the battlefield.
Wu Zhangkong body gracefully swayed. His movements were extremely agile. It was as if he had completely transformed into a shadow, while the Skyfrost Sword in his hand turned translucent and dazzling. The shadow-like body vanished, and the ape mecha struck at nothing. Fast as lightning, the Skyfrost Sword expanded and transformed into a circle of swords. This was Wu Zhangkong’s fifth soul skill – the Frost Song Moon.
One must fight and win battles decisively when faced with so many formidable enemies.
Again and again, the giant sword slashed down with a loud thud. The sky was already filled with a radiant mist of ice.
Streaks of bright light suddenly shot out from the giant bear mecha’s back. Its purple protective shield’s defense had achieved its extreme protection in an instant.
Countless beams of light gushed out behind its back. Those were gun barrels. Due to the giant bear mecha’s enormous body size, it was capable of storing more energy than an ordinary mecha.
However, its enormous body size did not make it invulnerable to the attacks of the Frost Song Moon.
At the sound, the black giant bear mecha was suddenly covered from head to toe in a layer of white frost. Wu Zhangkong then vanished into thin air, leaving only a gust of icy mist behind.
Dozens of soul beams fired at his earlier position only to find their target was no longer there.
The ape mecha was astonished. It watched helplessly as the giant bear mecha fell from the sky. It was impossible for a mecha to break from a drop at this height, especially with a black mecha’s durability. But what would happen if it was frozen? Most likely the mecha would shatter and possibly cause its Master inside to drown.
The icy mist suddenly froze the mecha’s back while it remained transfixed. However, the ape mecha reacted quickly and nimbly turned its body in midair in an attempt to escape.
But the icy mist left behind by Wu Zhangkong earlier froze and immediately formed a web of frost. The ape mecha became trapped within the net of ice.
This was Frost Song Moon and Skyfrost Slash! The two great soul skills combined and transformed into a translucent sword’s reflection. The sword appeared to flash before it disappeared immediately.
Wu Zhangkong’s figure melted into the icy mist and vanished once again. The ape mecha seemed to pause for a moment in the air, before suddenly splitting in two and crashing down to the ground.
It all seemed to take an endless amount of time. In reality, it happened within two breaths. The two black mechas were brought down from the sky by Wu Zhangkong.
This showcased the discrepancy between a mecha and battle armor, and also the difference between an ordinary Soul Master and a Shrek Academy Soul Master.
Many more enemy mechas had already arrived when Wu Zhangkong was still fighting. The great battle was in full swing.
Close quarter combat was more frightening than long-range attacks. The best that the Star Luo Empire’s imperial guards could do was form a line of defense to block the frontal assault, but there were far too few of them to handle all of it. Meanwhile, everyone from the Douluo Continent’s diplomatic corps was already exhausted. They were being wounded and killed when the two sides collided with each other.
Tang Wulin tore open a car and saved two more passengers. Yuanen Yehui had already transformed into the Titan Giant Ape and held four civilians at her sides when she dashed out. She passed them to the Royal Star Luo Academy’s students before she turned around and rushed back in again.
Just then, a purple mecha descended from the sky. The giant sword in its hand slashed right at Yuanen Yehui’s face.
Though Yuanen Yehui had already transformed into the Titan Giant Ape, her body size still could not compare to the powerful mecha. Even so, she did not intend to back down when faced with the purple mecha.
There was a brilliant flash in her eyes. She flung her fists and brazenly charged at the mecha.
“Boom!…” The purple mecha collided with her, its giant sword smashing into Yuanen Yehui’s fists. Yuanen Yehui stumbled backward by two steps, while the impact sent the purple mecha flying.
The Royal Star Luo Academy’s students were staring in bewilderment. Did she just use her body to physically attack the mecha head-on?! She really was a monster!
Yuanen Yehui’s fists punched out simultaneously when she was stumbling backward. She released two air cannon spheres, firing forcefully at her opponent. The giant sword in its hand glowed with a piercing purple flare when it blocked the air cannon spheres. It slashed down with a scorching hot swing burning brightly. This power was the result of combining a Soul Master and a mecha.
Yuanen Yehui scoffed coldly as the fourth soul ring on her body glowed brightly. Her figure shrank a little but her muscles appeared even bulkier.
She dashed forward boldly and blasted another punch. It was the Devil Titan!
The flare collided into her body and instantly flew in all directions. The terrifying energy fluctuation exploded. The purple mecha and its sword were thrown backward from Yuanen Yehui’s punch.
This was Yuanen, the powerful Yuanen.
Meanwhile, an agile figure silently appeared on the mecha’s side. The figure flashed past and vanished. The purple mecha floating in midair suddenly stiffened, dropped down from the sky, and crashed into the ground.
Xie Xie touched the tip of his foot against the mecha’s body, then he somersaulted through the air and headed for the soul train once again. He did not forget to give Yuanen Yehui a thumbs up at the same time.
Yuanen rolled her eyes at him. Her expression was growing more solemn, as there were more than ten mechas flying in their direction at that moment. There was a black mecha, four purple mechas, while the remaining ones were yellow.
It was very apparent that the enemy realized that their opponents were not so easy to deal with. They sent their strongest reinforcements straight to them.
Shrek Academy’s group was not afraid of purple or yellow mecha. However, a mecha that was elevated to the level of black was already completely out of this world. The person who was controlling the mecha was at least a six-ringed Soul Emperor. The fighting capability of a Soul Emperor with a mecha was beyond one’s imagination.
“Leave the black mecha for me. The rest are yours.” A clear voice echoed from within the train. Two figures were tossed out of the train toward the Royal Star Luo Academy’s students who rushed over to receive them. Soon after, a golden figure soared into the sky to Yuanen Yehui’s side. It was Tang Wulin.
He had taken a great stride onto the top of the car and leaped into the sky. He flung his hands forward and shot out two Bluesilver Emperor vines at the black mecha.
Feng Linwan was a renowned black Mecha Master in the Green Skeleton Rebellion. He was twenty-seven years old this year, but he had already achieved a Soul Emperor cultivation base. He was the organization’s rising star and was definitely going to become a Divine Mecha Master in the future.
He had a penchant for mechas from an early age, having dealt with them every day since he was three years old. Most nights he slept in a mecha. It was like an extension of his own body.
He began to painstakingly train ever since his martial soul awakened in order to become a powerful Mecha Master, and he had been learning about operating them ever since he was young.
He never took up any kind of profession or even attempted to learn about other sub-professions. Mechas were all the satisfaction he required.
A battle armor master was powerful, but he had been thinking how could a Soul Master’s individual strength possibly compare to the power of technology? Mechas were continuously becoming more sophisticated. He believed that one day they would definitely exceed battle armor and become the strongest of all.