The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 592 - Battle Against A Black Mecha

Chapter 592: Battle Against A Black Mecha

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At only twenty-six years old of age, he had defeated most of the rivals he had within the organization and finally gained a black mecha that belonged to himself. There was even that one time when he spent three days and nights sleeping in the black mecha.
His goal was to become none other than the strongest and most powerful mecha master in the Star Luo Continent.
He had been working toward this goal all along, and the current operation had been well arranged. The organization wanted to rely purely on power to overcome the other high-ranked officers and raid the diplomatic corps of the Douluo Continent.
The Star Luo Empire was so powerful that it made it a difficult time for the rebellion to survive. They required external forces to interfere and distract the government’s attention so they would obtain more time and space to continue their existence.
Without a doubt, the Douluo Continent was capable of causing the most pressure and trouble to the Star Luo Empire. So, their mission this time was to destroy the diplomatic corps from the Douluo Continent to trigger a breakout between both continents.
The current mission they were on were top-secret. Before this day, all communications had been jammed to the point where even a majority of their own had no knowledge of this operation.
They used a soul cannon that had radar-jamming capabilities to launch a long-range attack, directly bombarding the soul train. As expected, their plan succeeded.
However, they did not expect powerhouses to be present amongst the diplomatic corps that were capable of guarding the train themselves.
From their insider, they had already gleaned enough information to know that there was a Hyper Douluo within the diplomatic corps from the Douluo Continent. Everything else was mostly based on vague information but they still sent a divine mecha to hold the line this time around.
However, the following phase of their operation did not go as smoothly as predicted. After a momentary crossfire, they managed to suppress their opponent with their immense firepower but caused only a limited number of casualties in the Douluo Continent’s diplomatic corps. A majority of those in the ranks of the diplomatic corps were soul masters with considerable combat capabilities. Along with the reinforcement from the forces of the Star Luo Empire’s mecha brigade, the attack was unsuccessful.
Time and tide wait for no man. The diplomatic corps call for help had already been sent out, and the relief troops would definitely arrive within a short period of time. Although they understood that maintaining their long-range attacks would be more effective, they chose to engage them in close combat to completely eliminate the Douluo Continent’s diplomatic corps within the shortest possible time.
Feng Linwan had already noticed this earlier — that Gu Yue was like to a soul cannon battery. This young girl could shoot out various beams of light from her staff without any amplification from a mecha and had blocked most attacks headed toward them.
He then requested to be sent to the frontlines and headed straight for that direction. However, as he was about to approach the car, he spread out his arms behind his back, and two war hammers dropped into his hands. He relied on the black mecha’s powerful combat capabilities. Those war hammers were weapons capable of causing mass destruction, making it far more effective than swords or knives on many occasions.
The two colossal war hammers gave off a dark glow that was as dark as ink after he imbued it with energy. The war hammers then roared across the horizon and landed straight onto the top of the car.
However, a figure suddenly appeared on the screen before Feng Linwan’s face at this moment.
It was a young boy who appeared to be less than fifteen or sixteen years old. He soared into the sky as he surprisingly released three purple soul rings and a black soul ring from his body.
‘He has a ten thousand year soul ring even while he’s just a four-ringed soul master?’ Feng Linwan was startled. This was the first time he had witnessed such a thing.
Then, he saw the black soul ring on the young boy’s body suddenly brighten. Vines as thick as thighs shimmered with a dark blue radiance as it precisely surged forward toward his direction.
He could faintly see a faint dark golden radiance emanating from within the vines. They seemed like dragons and caused the young boy’s figure to shrink rapidly as the vines concealed his figure.
‘What kind of martial soul is this?’
An arrogant expression appeared on the corners of Feng Linwan’s mouth as curiosity got the better of him. No matter how strong his soul rings were, this boy was still no more than a four-ringed soul master. Feng Linwan was actually a six-ringed Soul Emperor! To top it off, how could the opponent possibly be his match when he owned a black mecha.
The black mecha from an initial high speed to a screeching halt. Then, the war hammer in its right hand shot out like heavy artillery as it headed straight toward Tang Wulin.
Feng Linwan favorite style of attack was to suppress the enemy through absolute strength. He was a strength system soul master and was most skilled in subduing men through sheer force.
The surrounding space seemed to collapse the instant the black war hammer flew out, even causing the air around it to become distorted for a moment, and the severely compressed air to give off a light explosion
The vines that were intertwined in front of the giant war hammer seemed weak as it gradually recoiled. However, something shocking happened immediately after.
The thick vines that were recoiling suddenly weaved themselves into a large net in the sky. It was true, the war hammer was powerful enough to force the net backward with such sheer force that it even lifted the net to a certain extent. However, its momentum was gradually reduced.
The large net moved horizontally as it whipped back and forth. It absorbed and discharged the energy from the giant hammer to endure its forceful attack.
“Huh!” Astonishment appeared in Feng Linwan’s eyes. His war hammer was not attacking with mere ordinary strength. It was imbued with his martial soul’s ability — Shatter. Shatter would activate when one was hit by the hammer and generally, whoever was at the receiving end would die a tragic death.
However, when the war hammer collided into the weaved vines, they clearly gave off a blue and golden radiance. One could indistinctly see meridians and bones within the vines that stripped the giant hammer of its offensive capabilities.
It was then that the black mecha waved its right hand to recall the giant hammer as Feng Linwan frowned. Since he could toss his giant hammers in an offensive move, he naturally had the ability to recall them to his soul formation.
However, a vine suddenly wound itself around the shaft of his giant hammer and soon, the young boy he had seen earlier suddenly appeared, swayed gently and flew to the top of the giant hammer with the momentum he got from swinging the vine.
The black mecha’s pair of giant hammers were about five meters long, including the length of its shaft. The hammer’s head was more than two meters in diameter so the young boy who somersaulted onto the giant hammer appeared extremely minuscule. The large net of vines unraveled and quickly spread out around his body, like a fierce octopus with countless tentacles.
“You’re trying to get killed,” Feng Linwan scoffed coldly. ‘You’re calculative enough to use my very own hammers to approach me. If that’s the case… I’ll let you approach me.’
A dark radiance flashed and suddenly, a five-meter-tall black figure appeared next to Feng Linwan’s black mecha. It was a dark silver giant bear that gave off a dark radiance around its body as its eyes were dyed scarlet.
It was the Dusksilver Bear! Feng Linwan’s third spirit soul was also his strongest spirit soul. Although the Dusksilver Bear could not compare to the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear or the Duskgold Bear, it was still an expert when it came to raw strength.
Moreover, Feng Linwan’s mecha was miraculously compatible with his Dusksilver Bear. It could rely on its strength and access the 2,500-kilogram pair of hammers equipped by his black mecha. This compatibility made it a killing machine.
The Dusksilver Bear was a spirit soul. The black mecha stretched its right hand out, and the Dusksilver Bear stepped onto its palm before dashing toward Tang Wulin who flew back to the top of the hammer like a black orb of light.
A prideful smile had already emerged on Feng Linwan’s face. The ten-thousand-year Dusksilver Bear spirit soul was so powerful that it could tear an opponent into pieces when it came close enough. If Tang Wulin chose to avoid its attack, then it would seize control of the mecha’s giant hammers to continue its onslaught in the most violent ways. It would still end in his inevitable death. This was the final battle Feng Linwan would have to directly be involved in before he could finally kill all the soul masters within the diplomatic corps.
The Dusksilver Bear was extremely fast. Its body flashed and almost instantaneously, it arrived before the giant hammers, already bearing its ferocious fangs as it stretched out its enormous paws, making it seem as if it was trying to give a hug.
However, it was at this moment that an enormous dark shadow suddenly emerged behind Tang Wulin.