The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 593 - Annihilating the Dusksilver Bear

Chapter 593: Annihilating the Dusksilver Bear

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However, it was not a complete body and was merely a giant skull.
Its eyes were a bloody shade of red that reduced the initial violent imposing manner of the Dusksilver Bear, suppressing it until it was close to nothing.
Although it was a mere skull, that alone was far larger than the Dusksilver Bear. Suddenly, it opened its mouth and let out a shocking howl.
A mere ten-thousand-year spirit soul? Who wouldn’t possess it? Overlord Dragon!
Spirit souls were generally intelligent. The more powerful the cultivation base of a spirit soul, the greater its wisdom. When they reached the ranks of ten-thousand-year spirit souls, their wisdom would not be inferior, even to humans.
The Dusksilver Bear was definitely weaker when it came to intelligence if compared to other spirit souls on the same rank. However, it made up for this with its sharp instincts.
What kind of a being was the Overlord Dragon? It was the one true overlord. One that domineered terrestrial soul beasts and was a being that was already extinct tens of thousands of years ago. However, within its bloodline,l was the aura of the Golden Dragon King. It was one of the purest dragonkind soul beasts within the Golden Dragon King’s direct bloodline. It was the true overlord of strength.
Hence, when the roar of the Overlord Dragon’s unyielding spirit soul sounded, the first thing that rose within the heart of the Dusksilver Bear was fear, an extreme fear.
It had been so aggressive before this when it was preparing its attack but now, its body was curled up. However, it still had its momentum and continued its charge toward Tang Wulin.
Then, Feng Linwan saw a scene that left him staring with his mouth agape.
The young boy who stood on the giant hammer suddenly bent over and his right hand began flickering with a golden light. Armed with sharp golden claws, he brazenly clawed into the black giant hammer’s hilt. Although the giant hammers were forged from superalloys, it was as fragile as tofu in the face of his huge golden claws.
Then, the giant 2,500 kilogram that was the pride of Feng Linwan was plucked up by the young boy from under his feet and thrown into the air.
The force of his pull was a display of sheer strength. Clearly, the amount of force the young boy was exhibiting was definitely more than five thousand kilograms.
“Boom!” The giant hammer brazenly crashed onto the Dusksilver Bear’s body. It had never expected that the giant hammer which was supposed to be its weapon would ever be used against it.
Only a short while ago, it had crushed countless opponents with that giant hammer. However, it was currently bearing witness to the terrifying strength the hammer possessed after it was at the receiving end. One could only imagine the depth of the pain brought about by the special effect Crush.
“Bang!” It was a direct hit on the Dusksilver Bear’s huge body by the giant hammer and it crashed toward the ground. Then, its momentum lessened. The black mecha was still able to bring the hammer to itself, and it soon flew toward its initial location. Naturally, it brought Tang Wulin’s body with it as it flew back.
“F*ck…” Feng Linwan could not help and swore. ‘Is this young lad even human? Is he even human?!’
When he looked at Tang Wulin, all he saw was a dragon in human form.
However, as the most outstanding and promising youth in his organization, Feng Linwan’s reaction was also exceedingly fast. He quickly severed the pull his mecha had on the giant hammer, causing the 2,500-kilogram hammer to fall downward in a freefall. Almost at the same moment, its body flashed and appeared by Tang Wulin’s side almost instantaneously as it swung its left hammer toward Tang Wulin.
‘No matter how strong you are, you’re still a four-ringed soul master. There’s no way you’ll be able to fly no matter what!”
The moment Tang Wulin felt the giant hammer fall, he immediately tugged on the hammer in mid-air. With the momentum, he turned his body around and directed the giant hammer toward the black mecha, throwing his body sideways.
He was currently about thirty meters from the ground, and the black mecha had enough time to sway toward one side to avoid a head-on hit from the hammer. At the same time, it attempted to pull the hammer back into its grasp once more. During this time, Tang Wulin’s body was already flying sideways toward a faraway direction, putting some distance between them
‘I’ve to kill this human soul master. He’s so young but already has four rings?! What would he become when he gets older?!’
A fierceness flashed in Feng Linwan’s eyes. He had already locked onto Tang Wulin.
At this moment, a yellow mecha was in a collision course with Tang Wulin’s flying body. The notion of seeking undue advantages was present in anyone’s heart. The yellow mecha’s weapon was a great sword and instinctively, it hacked and slashed directly toward Tang Wulin.
Huge Bluesilver Emperor vines ventured from behind Tang Wulin as if they had eyes. Then, his first soul ring flickered and the vines instantly coiled upward.
The greatsword hacked the vines from the Bluesilver Overlord Transformation and did not even leave a scratch despite the immense force it was exhibiting. As the vines continued to coil around it. Tang Wulin flipped and landed on the shoulders of the yellow mecha as the vines coiled around the yellow mecha, wrapping it firmly.
Feng Linwan and his black mecha had already quickly rushed over. Tang Wulin’s vines swung and threw the yellow mecha within its grasp into the air.
Feng Linwan took control of the black mecha and instantly decelerated. It then raised its right leg and used it as a shield to block the yellow mecha. After all, they were comrades and losing control of one’s mecha in mid-air was a very dangerous affair. However, this would not pose a problem as long as he could help steady its body.
At this moment, a figure was seen appearing from the yellow mecha’s waist. A flash was seen as it appeared before the cockpit of the black mecha almost instantaneously. It was then that an excited dragon’s roar was heard, and a golden dragon’s head exploded at the chest of the black mecha.
When Tang Wulin threw the yellow mecha into the air, he had managed to use the Bluesilver Grass to pull him back onto its back. He managed to seize an opportunity to ambush the black mecha when it attempted to help the yellow mecha stabilize its body. Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens!
There was no way to evade the attack. Mechas were not humans, after all. No matter how skillful one was at operating them, it was impossible for a mecha to have the maneuverability of a human’s body. However, the defensive prowess of a superior mecha was manifested at this moment. Amidst the dark light, a protective barrier exploded with Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens, sending forth a glaring light.
When the nearby yellow mecha was hit by such a powerful wave of energy, it immediately shot outward like a cannonball and crashed toward the ground.
He was finally at melee-range. At this moment, Tang Wulin’s abilities had also erupted.
The second soul ring on his body glowed, signaling the arrival of Bluesilver Impaling Array. Under the Bluesilver Emperor Transformation, the Bluesilver Emperor vines surged outward in a frenzy, flashing wildly like countless sharp spikes that stabbed the back of the black mecha’s protective barrier in mid-air.
The protective energy barrier of the black mecha weakened dramatically as it continuously got stabbed. As that happened, another peculiar vibration seemed to be taking an opportunity to invade. Feng Linwan discovered in shock that his black mecha was now obtuse.
If this was the old Bluesilver Grass, the Bluesilver Impaling Array could never have achieved this feat. However, it was now the Bluesilver Emperor that was enhanced by his ten-thousand-year soul skill, the Bluesilver Overlord Transformation.
Golden light flashed brightly on Tang Wulin’s body as he unleashed the Golden Dragon Body, dramatically increasing his strength once more. The flicker clearly seen within his eyes was one of stubborn wildness. At such a close range, Feng Linwan could clearly see the wild streak in his gaze.
This was the first time fear appeared within Feng Linwan’s heart. Almost without hesitation, he took control of the pair of giant hammers in his possession to launch a brazen counterattack, directly striking Tang Wulin’s chest.
However, the Bluesilver Emperor vines quickly weaved themselves into a shield behind Tang Wulin. Surprisingly, he did not dodge the attacks but maintained the balance of his body in mid-air with a mere blade of Bluesilver Grass twined around the black mecha. Countless more Bluesilver Emperor vines protected his back.
On his right hand, the glow of the Golden Dragon Claw shone brightly. With the enhancement of his Golden Dragon Body, it increased several fold in size once again. Its tips were swallowing and spewing golden light at the same time.
“Humph!” Feng Linwan grunted furiously. Sitting in the pilot’s cockpit, his body also shone brightly. Two yellow, three purple and a black soul ring — all six of his soul rings glowed. He infused his mecha with soul power and suddenly, the surface energy of the black mecha increased tremendously.
“Boom!” Both hammers counterattacked, striking mercilessly on the Bluesilver Vines behind Tang Wulin. Although the defensive powers of the Bluesilver Emperor that had undergone the Bluesilver Overlord Transformation was amazing, the hammers still landed on Tang Wulin’s back from the all-out onslaught of the superior black mecha.
However, it was also at this moment that the soul ring on Tang Wulin’s body switched to two golden ones. The second soul ring flickered and his body burst forth with a luster, making it seem almost mirror-like.
At the same time he was hit, a great dragon’s roar arose from within Tang Wulin’s body. The golden glow on his right arm’s Golden Dragon Claw suddenly increased by half a foot in length. He drew support from the terrifying impact behind him and directly clawed at the black mecha’s pilot’s cockpit.
‘He can even block that!?’ Feng Linwan’s brain was momentarily blank. Those were giant hammers with a shocking weight of 2,500 kilograms! With the addition of the super mecha’s and his own strength, they would have been as heavy as thousands of kilograms! ‘He can even block something like that?
Above the great ocean, two months of steeling himself had not been in vain. The ultimate goal of the Body Sect was to stimulate the human body’s potential and turn it into the greatest weapon.
Compared to his time on Douluo Continent two months ago, Tang Wulin’s current strength was far more powerful than it was. The strength of his body was even a few times greater than what it once was.
When the Bluesilver Emperor awakened, his body had also undergone a transformation, turning his entire world upside-down. In terms of survivability, even Wu Zhangkong might not that much better than him.
At this moment, Tang Wulin was displaying the full extent of his body’s abilities and strength along with the abilities of his martial soul and bloodline.