The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 596 - Why Did You Not Attack?

Chapter 596: Why Did You Not Attack?

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Gu Yue’s eyes suddenly changed. Her pupils instantly turned into vertical slits. She slowly lifted her hand from Tang Wulin’s shoulder, the scales on the back of it flickering with silver light.
All this only lasted for an instant before she returned to normal. She pulled the blanket and placed it softly on Tang Wulin. She then closed the curtains for him and left his room in silence.
Tang Wulin’s breathing was even now, and he fell into a deep sleep.
When she returned to her room, Gu Yue shut her door. She waved her right hand gently. A faintly glowing layer of silver enveloped the entire room.
Amidst the gloomy darkness, a figure appeared noiselessly. It was a man whose entire body was enshrouded by a black cloak.
“Why did you not attack? Even the Overlord Dragon’s spirit soul surrendered itself willingly to him and chose to be his own. That was enough proof that the Golden Dragon King bloodline within him is extremely pure. It’s supposed to be impossible for the bloodline to be born on the Douluo Continent. There must be some reason behind this. Once you extract his bloodline from his body, everything will come to light. By then, if you can absorb the bloodline, then maybe you can-”
“Enough!” Gu Yue’s tone was ice cold. She had hardly raised her voice, but the words of the man clad in the black cloak stopped abruptly. He then fell on one knee and lowered his head.
“You may leave. We need to speed things up. I’ve already thought of a way,” Gu Yue said flatly.
“My lady, what about Na’er? Will we continue to simply let her be like this?” the man in black said with a soft voice.
Gu Yue responded drily, “That’s also one of the reasons why I haven’t touched Tang Wulin. Everything happened because of him and must be resolved by him. I must complete my wager with Na’er. After all this is settled smoothly, I’ll naturally make my move on Tang Wulin. What you need to do is to take charge of everything that we have to control here as soon as possible.”
“Yes,” the man in black answered politely and slowly stood up. Without a sound, he merged with the gloomy darkness once again and vanished without a trace.
Gu Yue waved her right arm, and the silver color within her room silently disappeared. She went to the window and gently pushed it open. Her gaze traveled outward.
It was already dusk, and the last remnants of the setting sun’s rays were gradually fading. The night was upon them. The thoughts on her mind slowly turned into a hollow nothingness, and her spirits faded. It seemed that at this moment, everything had suddenly become insignificant.
Gu Yue clearly felt that she was slightly lost and perhaps confused.
When Tang Wulin woke up from his sleep, he felt completely refreshed.
He stretched his lazy bones, and his stomach instantly made a sound like thunder. He was very hungry!
Surprisingly, he had not eaten anything before he fell asleep the day before. That was unforgivable!
Tang Wulin suddenly missed Teacher Mu Ye. Although when Mu Ye was with him, he was constantly undergoing the special training which was something like pure torture. However, there was a perk! After every the training session, Teacher Mu Ye would bring him extra nourishing food. Within those two months, he had pretty much tasted every delicacy in the ocean at least once. That was also one of the main reasons his body had progressed so quickly.
The injuries he suffered from when he collided with the black mecha had long since healed. The self-healing ability of his body was very powerful, so Tang Wulin did not have to worry in the least. Everything was completed in a clear and ordered pattern.
He opened the windows and the fresh morning air rushed into the room. The gentle breeze brought a bit of morning dew and gave him a very fresh and revitalized feeling.
He looked to the eastern horizon and waited for the first signs of dawn.
Just then, the windows of the next room also opened.
“Wulin,” came Gu Yue’s voice.
“What’s up?” Tang Wulin asked with a smile.
Gu Yue looked at him and shook her head slightly. “It’s nothing. I just wanted to call your name all of a sudden.”
Tang Wulin broke into laughter. “I think you came by last night, am I right?”
“Mmm. I wanted to ask you out for a walk, but when I saw you were that sleepy, I gave up,” Gu Yue said softly.
“Sure! Then let’s go today. We’ve been given three days to take a break, right? Just as well. I want to observe the local customs and manners of Star Luo City. Shall we invite the others as well?”
Gu Yue shook her head. “I just want to go out with you. Let’s not call the others.”
Tang Wulin was slightly stunned. However, a feeling of warmth suddenly surged within his heart. Although Gu Yue was always somewhat preoccupied with some issue or the other, and she sometimes even gave people the feeling that she disliked strangers, he could clearly feel that sense of reliance she had toward him.
Knowing her for this long, she could have sudden mood swings and keep him at arm’s length. However, whenever he was in some kind of danger, she would always appear by his side at a moment’s notice.
“Alright.” Tang Wulin agreed. “However, after I’m done with cultivating my Purple Demon Eyes later, I want to go grab something to eat quickly. I’m super hungry!”
Gu Yue burst into laughter. “I thought it was strange that you went to bed last night without eating anything. That’s so unlike you.”
“What’s so unlike me?” Tang Wulin asked.
“You’re a glutton, after all.”
“So that’s what you think of me! I’m sad.” Tang Wulin put on an extremely grieved expression.
Gu Yue smiled slightly. “Then don’t have breakfast this morning if you can, and I’ll take it back.”
“There’s no need. I am a glutton.” Tang Wulin instantly spoke sternly and forcefully.
A faint purplish hue melted into his eyes. There was an indescribable warmth and comfort. Tang Wulin had the feeling that his Purple Demon Eyes were on the verge of a breakthrough. After training for so long, this was finally a sign that he was progressing from the first stage to the second stage.
The cultivation of the Purple Demon Eyes was divided into four stages. The first stage was Survey, the second stage was Detailed, the third stage was Mustard Seed, and the fourth stage was Boundless.
It was said that there were only a handful who could cultivate the Purple Demon Eyes to the third stage, let alone the fourth stage. However, the subtle improvements in the Purple Demon Eyes were highly useful in the cultivation of spiritual power and during battles.
Tang Wulin suspected that the main reason his Purple Demon Eyes were about to be improved was due to his body’s potential being stimulated by the Body Sect’s cultivation method. That and the improvement in his spiritual power.
“Gu Yue, how’s your spiritual power now? Do you know?” Tang Wulin asked Gu Yue.
“I don’t know. In any case, it’s higher than yours.” Gu Yue’s reply made it slightly difficult for Tang Wulin to breathe.
“My spiritual power has also increased greatly as of late. Who knows, I might have caught up to you already,” Tang Wulin said, unwilling to appear weak.
Gu Yue rolled her eyes toward him. “You have an overactive imagination.”
“How do you know that I’m not as good as you?” Tang Wulin could not help but blurt that out.
Gu Yue said, “I’m no longer at the Spirit Sea rank.” After she had finished, she closed her windows and returned to her room.
“She’s no longer at the Spirit Sea rank? Don’t tell me she’s regressed…” Tang Wulin had mumbled to himself up to this when he suddenly seemed to choke.
Regressed? Of course, that was impossible. That much was evident from Gu Yue’s battle strength. Besides, a human’s spiritual power grew as they aged. At least, before the age of fifty, a person’s spiritual power would only increase gradually and would not degrade.
Then if her realm did not degrade, it could only mean that…
Heavens! Could it be that she has broken through the Spirit Sea realm and reached the next rank?
The cultivation of spiritual power was much more difficult than that of soul power. Tang Wulin knew clearly what realm came after Spirit Sea.
But that should have been impossible, no? It must be impossible!
After the Spirit Sea realm was the Spirit Abyss realm.
The Spirit Abyss realm was like an abyssal prison, both heaven and hell.
The upper boundary was heaven while the lower boundary was hell. Everything the mind could grasp was gathered into one. Peak spiritual power was fundamental to possessing a legendary spirit soul. At this rank, one could fuse with any level of spirit soul, even orange or red spirit souls. If somebody fused with an orange or red spirit soul, then their remaining power would only be at the Spirit Sea rank. However, if one didn’t have an orange or red spirit soul, it was possible to fuse with a maximum of five spirit souls of any color, with no limits on their rank. Normally speaking, the Spirit Abyss realm was the limit for humans.