The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 602 - Will You Be My Boyfriend?

Chapter 602: Will You Be My Boyfriend?

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Meanwhile, the banquet had already begun. The reigning emperor of the Star Luo Empire, His Majesty Dai Tianling was dressed in a luxurious suit. He held his queen’s hand as they conversed with the diplomatic corps’ officers.
The atmosphere felt extremely cordial. The Star Luo Empire’s royals were mingling with the Douluo Continent’s diplomatic corps. The scene appeared amicable and harmonious.
The melodious sound of music echoed throughout the scene. His Majesty Dai Tianling walked to a female member of the Douluo Continent’s diplomatic corps and gestured for her to join him.
The woman was about thirty years old and extremely beautiful. Her expression revealed that she was overwhelmingly flattered and honored by the invitation. Even so, she humbly accepted Dai Tianling’s hand and went with him as he walked onto the dance floor. They began the first dance of the night.
Tang Wulin could not help but stare blankly at how gracefully they moved. He recalled Gu Yue’s magnificent poise when she was dancing the other day.
‘Where are Gu Yue and the rest?’
Tang Wulin’s eyes searched through the crowd of people absentmindedly. In the distance, the group from Shrek Academy were engaged in a discussion with some young royals from the Star Luo Empire.
Xu Xiaoyan, Ye Xinglan, and Gu Yue seemed to be popular. Yuanen Yehui was dressed in men’s clothing today, so she was naturally more left out.
‘Forget it. It’s better not to go over.’ Tang Wulin considered and made the decision to stay put, not wishing to become the laughing stock among them.
“Murder!” A frail voice echoed by his ears at that exact moment.
Tang Wulin’s sharp senses made him shudder as he jumped up in surprise.
As such, he did manage to react to the situation at once. His body made a half turn as he soon realized that a young maiden in palace-attire nearby was laughing so hard she was almost falling over.
The voice was too familiar. Moreover, the people nearby apparently did not hear it.
It had not been a delusion during the day. There truly was someone who shouted ‘murder’ into his ears.
Tang Wulin looked at the girl as he gnashed his teeth in anger. He walked in purposeful strides toward her.
“Why didn’t you release your martial soul this time? Once bitten, twice shy?” Dai Yun’er looked at Tang Wulin with a beautiful smile on her face.
Tang Wulin spoke furiously, “It was you who tricked me?”
Dai Yun’er shrugged. “Isn’t it as obvious as it can be?”
Tang Wulin asked, “Why?”
Dai Yun’er spoke in a logical and natural manner, “You’re the one who was sleeping. Is it proper for you to nap during such a grand ceremony?”
Tang Wulin was immediately rendered speechless. Indeed, he would never have lost his cool, even if someone were to shout into his ears suddenly, had he not been sleeping at the time.
“Come, I’ll bring you to the dance floor.” Dai Yun’er grabbed Tang Wulin’s sleeve as she was speaking, then she brought him to the dance floor.
This was a royal household banquet after all. Tang Wulin could not bear to struggle out of her grip, so he could only be dragged by her to the edge of the dance floor.
Meanwhile, the first dance had just ended. As the second song played, His Majesty the Emperor brought his dance partner from the diplomatic corps to the edge of the dance floor. He saluted her in a most gentlemanly manner before he bowed out from the floor. The queen stood at the side, smiling as she clapped.
The female member’s charming face was blushing as she returned the handsome emperor’s salute.
After that, the banquet’s dance had officially begun.
Dai Yun’er pulled Tang Wulin as the both of them entered the dance floor.
Tang Wulin stumbled for a moment, while Dai Yun’er had already led him into dancing together.
Tang Wulin could sense from the energy radiating from his dance partner’s hand that this girl who was supposed to be a princess was also a Soul Master. Not only that, her cultivation base ought to be rather impressive as well.
Tang Wulin’s heart jerked as he held her hand, while his other hand supported her waist. He muttered softy, “I don’t know how to dance.”
Dai Yun’er spoke smilingly, “It’s okay, you’ll learn as you go. I’m a professional. Ouch!”
She gasped softly as her foot was stepped on by Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin hastily feigned awkwardness as he explained, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I told you I don’t dance.”
He was not the kind of person who sought revenge for petty grievances, but he was truly cunning. Since Dai Yun’er took the initiative to pull him onto the dance floor, how could he not avenge himself?
Dai Yun’er rolled her eyes at him. “You should be more careful. Ouch!”
Her foot was trod upon once more. Again, Tang Wulin apologized repeatedly.
Dai Yun’er looked up toward him with an ashamed yet furious look. “You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?”
Tang Wulin’s face was innocent as could be. “How is that possible? Why would I step on you on purpose? I told you that I don’t know how to dance, yet you still insisted on dragging me out here. How about we just forget about this?”
Tang Wulin stepped on her foot for the third time. Dai Yun’er was in pain but this time she managed to raise her head just swiftly enough to capture the smile that vanished from the depth of Tang Wulin’s eyes in an instant.
She pouted her little lips, but she did not scream out aloud this time. She did not stop the dance either.
Tang Wulin stepped on her repeatedly for a few more times, but Dai Yun’er did not make a sound remarkably. On the contrary, she led him to dance in all seriousness.
Tang Wulin was feeling slightly ashamed by then. He controlled himself subconsciously. He depended on the foundation he built with the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to follow her steps. Their dance gradually became smoother.
It was unknown since when Gu Yue had been at the side of the scene. She squinted at Tang Wulin and the princess who were dancing there. Her eyes were ablaze, but she did not take any action.
The music ended, and the pair stopped dancing.
Dai Yun’er suddenly burst into laughter as she looked at him.
“I bet it was fun stepping on me!” She spoke with a voice that only Tang Wulin could hear.
Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment, then an ominous feeling abruptly arose from the bottom of his heart.
An eccentric yet intelligent smile flashed past Dai Yun’er eyes. She suddenly spoke aloud, “I’ve always admired Douluo Continent’s culture and Shrek Academy. After witnessing it today, I find it truly extraordinary. Will you be my boyfriend?”
Tang Wulin was staring at her in bewilderment. Just as he was about to reject her proposal, he heard Dai Yun’er’s next words. “However, you’ll need to possess strong powers in order to become my boyfriend. Only the strongest can catch my fancy. I promise that you can be my boyfriend as long as you’re able to become the champion in the upcoming Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition. Work hard!”
She made a ‘work hard’ hand gesture toward Tang Wulin upon saying that, before saluting him with a beautiful smile on her face and taking her leave.
“Oh… I—!” Dai Yun’er had already left the dance floor before Tang Wulin could even explain himself. He had already become the focal point of the entire scene at this exact moment.
Everyone’s gaze was fixated on him including His Majesty the Emperor Dai Tianling, the queen, all the royalties on the scene, and also the diplomatic corps members from the Douluo Continent.
This little girl was a little too savage.
Tang Wulin could clearly sense that there were at least several hundred young royals glaring at him with murderous intent. Their gazes felt like needles poking into his back.
‘I only stepped on you a few times, didn’t I?’
“Sure! Do you plan to stay behind and become the emperor’s son-in-law?” A familiar voice echoed next to his ears.
Tang Wulin turned around and found Gu Yue. She stared at him furiously. Not waiting for his explanation, she turned around and left.
“Gu Yue…” Tang Wulin was about to chase after her when seven to eight youths from the Star Luo Empire came forward and encircled him.
“So you wish to date our Princess Yun’er? Boy, are you trying to get beaten up?” A tall and strong youth pushed onto Tang Wulin’s chest with his arm.
Tang Wulin understood the profoundness of how a hundred mouths could not absolve his guilt for the first time. He truly had no way to explain himself!
“Excuse me, coming through,” Tang Wulin mumbled.
Star Luo Empire’s young royals puffed out their chests and raised their heads. “And what if we don’t move? I’m advising you to drop those ideas right now for your own benefit. Princess Yun’er will never date outsiders like you lot. Her highness is going to choose a husband soon. Young fellow, you’re oblivious to what the situation is here.”
“What are all of you doing here?” An awe-inspiring voice echoed.