The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 608 - Captain, Could You Come Over To My Room

Chapter 608: Captain, Could You Come Over To My Room

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Gu Yue smiled. “You haven’t used your battle armor yet, have you? Xinglan hasn’t even managed to produce her own core battle armor and yet, she’s already helping others in making theirs. Your rerebrace should be completed soon.”
Tang Wulin’s eyes brightened. His first piece of battle armor was on the right hand and forearm, then followed by this piece of rerebrace battle armor connecting from his arm to shoulder. Now, his right arm would have a set of completed battle armor when this piece was finally complete.
The Golden Dragon Claw on his right hand was undoubtedly his strongest offensive point. The presence of completed battle armor would only heighten his abilities to new heights and this would give him a better chance when he faced battle armor masters in the future.
“Let’s go,” Gu Yue said to him as she made the first move to walk outside.
Tang Wulin followed behind with quick strides. The battle today was beneficial to him. He would only continue contemplating the matter after he returned.
Ling Wuxie stood up with great effort as he descended the stage like a dead man. He could clearly see the deep scratches left behind by Tang Wulin when he took the pieces of battle armors off his body. His chest and abdominal armor were the most severely damaged, and he would need a mecha mechanic’s repairing skills to restore the armors. To top it all off, repairing a one-word battle armor was an extremely expensive affair.
The color of his face was ghastly pale, and his entire being seemed to have been beaten out of his senses.
“Discouraged?” a low and aged voice echoed from the corner.
Ling Wuxie raised his head abruptly and looked in the direction of the echoing voice. He called out with a hoarse voice, “Teacher.”
The old man walked in front of him before raising his hand to give Ling Wuxie a ferocious slap
The strong pain that radiated from his face seemed to have awakened Ling Wuxie from the very core of his being.
“Are you discouraged?” the old man’s voice was filled with sternness.
“I’m not!” Ling Wuxie grasps his fists tightly as tears flowed uncontrollably from his eyes.
The old man raised his hand once again but just as Ling Wuxie though he was about to be struck again, the old man wrapped his strong arms around his disciple, cradling him.
His voice sounded low yet bold, “Remember, this is among many of the humiliations you’ll face in your lifetime. In order to wash it away, you’ll have to make sure you become stronger. Don’t look for any excuses. You’ve lost. It’s not terrifying to lose, and it’s nothing if you’re eliminated. Most importantly, you’ll have to identify the reason why you lost the match along with your inadequacy. You didn’t lose because of your failure at showing your strength, but because your opponent did not afford you that opportunity. You lack tactical combat experience so I’m bringing you to Hell Valley next. You’ll properly train yourself there so you can fight for the day you’ll wash away the humiliation you’ve faced today. When, and only when you’ve done that will you be able to wash away the humiliation you’ve suffered today. If you can do that, that’ll be when you’ll become a true powerhouse.”
News of the elimination of a one-word battle armor master, five-ringed Soul King soon made its way through the entire arena. However, this made everyone feel depressed because the youth that had initially created a miracle earlier had now disappeared. Only a small amount of people knew about his contestant number — 333.
The first batch of opponents for Tang Wulin’s companions were all very weak except for the one he fought. Everyone passed the match with ease aside from Xu Lizhi and Gu Yue who did not participate in the one-against-one match.
Still, Tang Wulin’s experience fighting a one-word battle armor master reminded everyone that the soul masters on the Star Luo Continent were definitely comparable to those on the Douluo Continent judging by their combat abilities. The Star Luo Empire that advocates individual heroism spared no effort when it came to cultivating one’s individual strength.
For Tang Wulin to be able to triumph over a one-word battle armor master in a match against each other was an astonishing feat in itself. Wu Zhangkong’s expression appeared a little less cold when he finished his meal. In fact, the way he looked at Tang Wulin now made it seem as if he was exceptionally satisfied with his performance.
It was simply unbelievable that a four-ringed boy was capable of defeating a one-word battle armor master.
“Captain, come over to my room later,” Ye Xinglan left these words behind before she left after finishing her dinner.
Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu’s gazes turned peculiar as they fell upon Tang Wulin.
“What are the both of you looking at!” Tang Wulin said in an unpleasant tone.
Xu Lizhi spoke shyly, “The captain’s second piece of battle armor is about to be complete. Sister Xinglan is inviting him over to complete the battle armor.”
“The second piece of battle armor is completed? Then should the next piece she produces be ours then?” Xie Xie was immediately overjoyed with the idea.
Xu Lizhi spoke in apparent seriousness, “You? Yours is the last one to be complete! I remembered that gaze of yours earlier very clearly. I’m going to tell Sister Xinglan about it tomorrow.”
“Lizhi, are you looking to get slapped?” Xie Xie rubbed his palms together as he gathered himself forward.
Tang Wulin stood up and placed a hand on Xie Xie’s shoulder. Then, he turned around and asked Xu Lizhi, “Do you want to beat him up?”
Xu Lizhi laughed shyly and stood up. “Captain, beating someone up is not that nice. Why don’t you keep him there, I’ll jump up and sit on him before we call this even.”
How could Tang Wulin possibly not anticipate his battle armor when it had been so long since he had obtained his first piece?
It was a huge loss for him to fight against a battle armor master without a set to call his own. It was his dream to become a battle armor master!
Tang Wulin had already thought of a name for his battle armor earlier. He was going to name it… Dragon!
He could name it when he was done gathering a full set of battle armor.
Undoubtedly, it was the Golden Dragon King Bloodline that helped him accomplish all the things he had today. Even if he were to train any harder, he would never possibly possess the powers he had today without the energy that originated from the depths of his bloodline. This was the reason why he wanted to name his one-word battle armor ‘Dragon’.
He would add the word ‘Golden’ in the future. Perhaps, his two-word battle armor would be named ‘Golden Dragon’ or something along those lines.
He ate his dinner quickly, and Xie Xie seized the opportunity to flee when Tang Wulin was not paying attention to him.
Later, Tang Wulin went over to Ye Xinglan’s room while the others returned to their respective rooms.
Ye Xinglan invited him into her room. “The materials have been prepared earlier, we’re going to complete the final production process today.” Ye Xinglan pointed to an object placed on the table in her living room.
Tang Wulin’s eyes immediately gleamed when he saw what it was.
Instead of a pauldron carrying about a rerebrace, he saw both parts connected as one. The connection between both parts was sealed with an ingeniously made soul circuit which would not affect one’s agility at all.
This was designed by Gu Yue for Tang Wulin, while the form of the battle armor was designed by Tang Wulin himself. The soul circuits and engravings that came after were the handiwork of none other than Ye Xinglan.
She was already capable of producing battle armor in stages following the elevation in her cultivation base and a thorough analysis of battle armor production. There was no need for her to produce them in one go any longer.
Producing all of them in one go was truly a difficult feat for her. Moreover, the results would not necessarily be the best. Now, she was capable of engraving a simplified soul circuit before she would complete the process altogether.
Without a doubt, the piece before his eyes that was shimmering with a faint glimmer of starlight had gone through all the necessary preparatory steps. The only thing it lacked was the final production process to complete it.
Tang Wulin looked toward Ye Xinglan as she nodded. “We’ll begin then. Get ready.”
“Alright!” Tang Wulin answered then he backed several steps away.
Ye Xinglan walked and stood before the table. The glimmer of starlight seemed to glow on her body in that split second as the Stargod Sword fell into her hand. Soon, the specks of light on her body glowed as pieces of battle armor shimmered with starlight before swiftly covering her body.
Ye Xinglan’s battle armor was engraved with star-shaped striations that were different from Tang Wulin’s. Her battle armor appeared to be thinner because she was seeking agility. This was so her battle armor could completely fuse with her body.
A gush of her sword’s consciousness condensed and gushed out. However, it did not spread but only condensed onto the Stargod Sword. It was only by witnessing it up close that Tang Wulin could clearly sense the horror contained within its consciousness.
Not only was he improving, but his companions were all improving as well! In fact, Ye Xinglan was even stronger now.
Tang Wulin was not so certain that he could triumph over Ye Xinglan if they went toe-to-toe. It was not only because of her battle armor but her focus as well.
Tang Wulin had known all along that he was not the strongest within the little group they had in Shrek Academy. Gu Yue was probably the strongest one followed by Ye Xinglan, Yuanen Yehui before he came into the picture. Then, there was Yue Zhenyu, Xie Xie, and Xu Xiaoyan. Xu Lizhu was left out because he was an Auxiliary System soul master.