The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 611 - Yuanen & Xie Xie

Chapter 611: Yuanen & Xie Xie

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The sparring ground for the pairs category was much bigger than that for the individual category.
The Star Luo Coliseum was large enough to hold fifteen matches simultaneously.
Hence, the groups were called in fifteen pairs when they were drawing their ballots. The rest of the groups divided through the ballots were then displayed on the soul screen.
The first thing that each group did upon arriving was to check the screen for their own group’s position and which opponents they would be facing.
Tang Wulin and Gu Yue’s group was Number One Hundred and Sixteen. The other three Shrek Academy pairs were given the numbers from one hundred and seventeen to one hundred and nineteen. Their four pairs were numbered consecutively, so it was quite unlikely that they would be facing their own companions. Clearly, this was the special care taken by the Star Luo Empire’s government.
Tang Wulin and Gu Yue’s opponent was Number Sixty-nine. However, they were not the first duo to enter the arena among their companions.
The competition had begun early in the morning. The first to enter the arena from Shrek’s squadron was surprisingly Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie.
“Wait for our glorious return!” Xie Xie shouted, pumping his fist into the air.
Yuanen Yehui shoved him harshly. “Walk faster. We can talk after we have won.”
The crowd could not help smiling when they saw Xie Xie’s look of frustration. Everyone knew that Xie Xie liked Yuanen, but Yuanen was really too rough to him. Their relationship had never progressed. There was no way to tell if Wu Zhangkong intentionally placed the both of them together for this paired match. The combination of Assault System and Agility System in a group was certainly not an obvious choice.
Yuanen Yehui walked with great strides in front. She was still dressed in men’s attire today, while Xie Xie followed behind her sheepishly.
“Yuanen, how are we going to fight later?” Xie Xie asked excitedly, he was eager to have a go ever since he realized he could fight side by side with Yuanen.
Yuanen shot him a look. “Don’t get in my way.”
Xie Xie was immediately exasperated. “Am I that weak?”
As they were speaking, they arrived at the coliseum.
The Star Luo Coliseum was very spacious inside. It felt as if it was boundless. The audience’s cheering as loud as seismic waves startled Xie Xie.
They had arrived at their competition stage which they had drawn under the guidance of the staff. Their opponents were already waiting on the stage.
The opponents were similarly a male and a female, and they appeared to be about twenty years old. It was apparent that they were more mature that Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie.
The judge announced the simple competition rules, “You are not allowed to intentionally cause the death of the opponent in the match. You are not allowed to use mecha. When one side yields, the other side is to immediately cease attacking. The match ends when I decide the victor and loser.”
Looking at the rules, the competition in the Star Luo Empire was undoubtedly less strict than some of the Soul Master competitions on the Douluo Continent. This was to ensure that the competitors could unleash the potential of their combat capabilities, but in comparison, the risk of injury they faced was also greatly increased.
Yuanen Yehui walked ahead. Xie Xie stood by her side as they looked toward their opponents.
Their opponents seemed to be siblings. They had very similar appearances with mediocre looks and dull auras.
Yuanen Yehui did not give any orders to Xie Xie. Xie Xie whispered softly by her ear, “Our opponents should be skilled in working as a team. I’ll be matching your rhythm later.”
This time, Yuanen did not refute him, but she nodded so gently that it was barely noticeable.
“Begin the match!” the judge announced. The first two-on-two match from that Shrek’s squadron participated in had officially begun.
One of the two opposing youths took a step forward. There was a flash of radiance around his body as four soul rings arose from beneath his feet. They were four extremely standardized soul rings, two yellow and two purple. His body was also rapidly undergoing a transformation. His figure that appeared exceedingly ordinary earlier suddenly expanded vastly. He transformed into a giant over three meters tall in an instant. The muscles on his body swelled up with brownish yellow hair growing out of it. His entire body was filled with a sense of potency.
Was it a bear-type martial soul? This should be an Ironback Bear! Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui were both top students from Shrek Academy, so naturally, they were able to identify the opponent’s martial soul at a glance.
The young maiden behind the Ironback Bear Soul Master also released her martial soul. She had two yellow and two purple soul rings. Pale yellow hair began to grow out from her body. Her body did not expand, but her eyes enlarged and a long tail grew out from behind her. Her four soul rings were wound around her tail in an unusual manner.
What sort of martial soul was that? Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui were stunned for a while, as they did not manage to identify it at once.
The Ironback Bear Soul Master roared into the air. His first soul ring was shimmering while the hair on his body was coated in a golden metallic color. His back bulged as he dashed in great strides toward Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie.
Xie Xie dodged as he glided across the ground. His speed did not appear especially fast, but it still seemed unreal in a way.
He glided an arc effortlessly as he circled toward the flank of the Ironback Bear Soul Master.
Just then, the female Soul Master with a long tail suddenly gave out a frail laugh. Xie Xie felt as if his mind was in a mild daze, and then his feet began slowing down.
It was apparent that the Ironback Bear Soul Master and the long-tailed Soul Master worked together as a team very well. He dodged and then suddenly increased his speed. He used the high velocity that was completely inconsistent with his massive build to ram straight into Xie Xie at his side.
The change happened too suddenly. There was no doubt that the long-tailed Soul Master was a Control System Soul Master. Even though Yuanen Yehui was already running toward that Xie Xie, judging by her distance and timing, it was quite apparent that she was too late to reinforce him.
However, it did not appear that she intended to reinforce him. She was not even prepared to launch her Air Cannon.
Xie Xie’s movement slowed down resulting in him stumbling over. The Ironback Bear Soul Master was already closing in on him. He dropped his shoulders and ran into Xie Xie. It could be clearly seen that the muscles on his shoulders bulged like rocks in the split second just before impact.
He was hit! Everyone watched as their two figures collided.
However, an unusual scene unfolded at that moment. After being struck by the Ironback Bear Soul Master, it was as though Xie Xie had no bones. He was blown away as light as a feather. Soon after, he flashed past like a phantom shadow.
His four soul rings had only risen from the bottom of his feet at that exact moment. He had the Light Dragon Dagger in his hand, and it was unknown when his ever smiling face had turned icy cold.
The Ironback Bear Soul Master felt an ominous chill arise in his heart when he saw Xie Xie’s gaze.
Xie Xie whose figure was blown away had only dodged once and arrived onto the Ironback Bear soul master’s side. Just like a phantom, he turned the Light Dragon Dagger around overhand and stabbed at the Ironback Bear Soul Master’s armpit.
The attack seemed simple was actually incomparably swift, like the floating clouds and flowing water. In the split second when the Light Dragon Dagger stabbed forward, radiance suddenly vanished from the surface of the dagger and turned into a dark golden color. There was no sonic boom nor any leakage of soul power, and he did not even employ his soul skill.
It was with such a simple action that his opponent was thrown into confusion.
The Ironback Bear Soul Master had a very quick reaction to the situation. While he was panic-stricken, his right elbow was already striking downward into Xie Xie’s Light Dragon Dagger.
The distinguishing feature of the Ironback Bear Soul Master’s martial soul was that his body was as hard as iron, so any part of it could be used as a weapon.
The iron elbow struck downward. Just as it was about to come into contact with the Light Dragon Dagger, it had suddenly disappeared. With one shuffle of his feet, Xie Xie had already arrived behind the Ironback Bear Soul Master.
A sense of joy flashed past the Ironback Bear Soul Master’s eyes. The name of Ironback was not just for show, but because his strongest defense was on his back. His body suddenly pushed backward. As long as Xie Xie was behind him, he would certainly be vulnerable. The Ironback Bear had a native trait — Shock. If the Agility System Soul Master was hit by Shock, the match would basically be over.
However, he could not feel his back strike anything. His armpit ached. Intense pain radiated from the armpit on his right, the side he had used to attack with his iron elbow. It startled the Ironback Bear Soul Master.