The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 618 - At the Edge of Life and Death

Chapter 618: At the Edge of Life and Death

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Staying completely still, he focused his mind and held his breath. He also did not inform his companions at the first opportunity he got. He knew that the moment he opened his mouth, he would be exposed instantly. If these Green Skeleton Rebellion members acted like a cornered beast and fired the cannonball immediately, then it was all over.
He could only wait for now.
Thick beads of sweat trickled down his forehead. Tang Wulin, for the first time in his life, felt that he was this close to death.
The four Green Skeleton Rebellion members set up the base with practiced movements and placed the fixed soul cannonball within it.
At this moment, the communicator in Tang Wulin’s ear came alive. “Every white fighter, report your situations. The sweeping of the bombs in the interior is now complete. All hands are to swiftly give chase to the fleeing enemies.”
“White One, clear.”
“White Two, clear!”
The sounds of reports came one after another, but Tang Wulin did not move an inch or make a sound. His eyes were fixed on the situation at the top of the wall. His mind quickly calculated all the possible countermeasures that he could take.
“Alright, we’ll retreat.” On top of the wall, wings spread out from behind the Green Skeleton Rebellion’s two-word battle armor master. They flapped forcefully, and he soared into the air. The other three men also hastily put some distance between them and the cannonball.
On the base, patterns of light started shining. Obviously, it had been set to fire automatically.
With the speed of a battle armor master, only ten seconds were needed to get out of the explosion’s blast radius. In other words, the most they had was ten seconds before this rank-seven fixed soul cannonball would be fired.
“This is White Three. The enemy is here. There’s a rank-seven fixed soul cannonball. Everyone, retreat immediately.” Tang Wulin made a clarion call as he dashed out. He had already thrown a Bluesilver Grass vine outward. He twined it around the base and pulled with all his strength.
He had only one plan right now, and that was to alter the direction of fire of this fixed soul cannonball.
Pull! It did not budge, and the light patterns on the cannonball suddenly intensified in brightness!
‘Not good!’ Tang Wulin realized that the situation was dire. Undoubtedly, after this fixed soul cannonball had initiated the firing process, it would self-detonate if any attempt was made to tamper with it.
The time remaining before the cannonball detonated itself was three seconds, which meant Tang Wulin only had that much time to act.
Three seconds was not enough for him to get out of the range of the explosion no matter how he looked at it. In three seconds, everything here would be reduced to rubble.
At the critical moment, Tang Wulin’s mind suddenly went ice cold. He had gone into his calmest mode. His eyes were completely golden now. With a forceful pull on the Bluesilver Grass, he was already on top of the wall. He seized the base with both of his arms and lifted it up with all his might.
The base itself was extremely durable, but the wall was not that tough! Under Tang Wulin’s immense strength, the entire base with the rank-seven fixed soul cannonball, was uprooted from the top of the wall.
Without a moment’s pause, Tang Wulin concentrated all of his power into his right arm. His battle armor gave off a resplendent glow as he quickly swung his body round on the top of the wall.
Just as the first second had ended, he threw the cannonball, along with its base, high into the air.
The instant after throwing the cannonball, Tang Wulin also leaped high into the air. He knew that, strong as he was, the combined weight of the fixed soul cannonball and its base was too heavy. It was impossible for him to have thrown it out of the range of the explosion. He needed to exert even more force.
As soon as he leaped up, a beam of golden light was released from his body. It was the rapidly growing Goldsong. Upon its appearance, Goldsong immediately seized upon a Bluesilver Grass vine. The Bluesilver Grass expanded swiftly and turned completely gold. At the same time, Tang Wulin switched his martial soul to the Bluesilver Emperor. His fourth soul ring shone brightly for the Bluesilver Overlord Transformation!
The vine of Bluesilver Grass which was augmented by the Bluesilver Overlord Transformation and enhanced by Goldsong had instantly transformed into something like a dragon. It slammed against the top of the wall, and Tang Wulin’s body was sent rocketing through the air once more.
The next second was up!
In a blink, Tang Wulin caught up with the fixed soul cannonball in midair. He had been catapulted more than three hundred meters into the sky.
Having reached the cannonball while airborne, he used his arms to push outward with all he had. A giant golden dragon head appeared. It was the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens.
This Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens did not burst into attack, but thrust with all its power.
The rank-seven fixed soul cannonball rapidly shot toward the sky like a meteor. It had swiftly surpassed a height of more than a thousand meters and continued its ascent at great speed.
The cannonball and its base were completely engulfed in the golden dragon head which had manifested through the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens.
“Boom!” A beautiful display of lights burst forth in the high skies. The terrifying explosive force lit up the sky like a giant firework.
The firework had seven colors. The terrifying explosive force ripped through the entire sky, making a tear that resembled a black hole.
Tang Wulin had relied on the momentum and caught up with the fixed soul cannonball at the height of three hundred meters. However, he kept flying until he rose to a height of five hundred meters or so before he struck the cannonball upward.
During this moment, the great explosion of the soul cannonball in the sky had instantly brought with it a terrifying shockwave. It had swatted him down like a fly from a height of five hundred meters.
Tang Wulin felt his chest tighten, as his entire body felt as if he would be ground into minced meat by the shockwave. The clothes he wore were reduced to ashes at once, including the mask on his face. All he could do was release his Domineering Golden Dragon Body. The scales on his body sparkled intensely.
Still, the apocalyptic shockwave was overwhelming. The Domineering Golden Dragon Body flickered for a few seconds before its light was snuffed out. Tang Wulin spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. He was just about to crash into the ground.
At that exact moment, a dark golden figure rose upward and caught the falling Tang Wulin, as though by coincidence. Meanwhile, a blast of dark golden light burst out toward the sky and formed a radiant curtain which prevented the shockwave from reaching the city.
The dark golden armor covered the figure’s entire body. A pair of wings spread open behind him, and his armor flickered with beautiful patterns. It was three-word battle armor.
Black One had made his move!
When he had heard Tang Wulin’s frantic report, Black One had rushed out as soon as he possibly could. Because he was underground before this, making it out of the building had delayed him somewhat.
That was why when he hurried to Tang Wulin’s assigned position, the scene that he saw was Tang Wulin catching up with the fixed soul cannonball in midair, and then striking it upward.
Then came the great explosion that tore the sky apart. If it were not for his prompt appearance, the fall from such a height with the addition of the shockwave’s pressure would have left Tang Wulin crippled if not dead.
The capabilities of a three-word battle armor master were fully on display. The enormous shockwave had been firmly blocked from reaching the city three hundred meters above the ground.
The greatest power of the fixed soul cannonball was at its point of origin. It had exploded in the skies without any obstruction and had spread out in all directions. The ground had been rattled, and the intense sound of the blast had shattered all the glass in a radius of a few kilometers, but the fixed soul cannonball’s destructive power was drained completely thanks to Black One’s timely barrier.
Black One descended from the sky and retracted the wings on his back, but a hint of fear flashed across his eyes after the event. Although he was confident that his three-word battle armor would have protected him from such a massive explosion, but in these busy streets, how many people would have survived? The members of the Battle Soul Hall, even the purple fighters, would definitely have been killed under such circumstances!
A surge of gentle soul power flowed into Tang Wulin’s body. It was the Mysterious Heaven Method. The effects of the soul power which Black One had inserted into his body soon became apparent, calming down his boiling blood essence.
“Good man! Great job!” Black One’s sincere and resolute voice cut through the buzzing in Tang Wulin’s ears.
“Puh!” He spat out a mouthful of blood, but Tang Wulin instantly felt much better.
If it were anyone else, their body would have been shattered after taking the brunt of the shockwave in the air. However, he had relied on his incredible physical capabilities with the protection of his Domineering Golden Dragon Body and was not too badly injured this time. With the Golden Dragon King bloodline’s powerful recovery ability, he would be brimming with energy again by tomorrow morning.
At this moment, a mass of people shot out from within the Star Theatre. When they saw the terrifying glow in the sky, which had still not faded even after such a long time, everyone’s eyes were shocked.
Black One removed his mask and covered Tang Wulin’s face. At the same time, he took off his hooded cloak and covered his body. After all, with the removal of the Golden Dragon Claw and the Domineering Golden Dragon Body, Tang Wulin was as naked as a newborn baby.
“Thank you.” Tang Wulin’s voice was slightly hoarse, but he somehow managed to stand on his own feet.
“It’s me who should be thanking you.” Black One patted Tang Wulin’s shoulder, hugged him and shook him vigorously. For someone of his position and cultivation to have done so, it was clear how emotional he was.
“Reporting to Black One, the sweep is complete. There are no bombs remaining.”