The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 619 - Heavy Reward

Chapter 619: Heavy Reward

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“Reporting all clear. The remaining Green Skeleton Rebellion members have all retreated. We have informed the authorities to hunt them down.”
“Alright. Let’s move back.”
With Black One’s order, three soul cars drove toward them silently. Black One personally held Tang Wulin’s shoulder and brought him to the car which he boarded.
When they passed by the other Battle Soul Hall fighters, they all gave two thumps to the left sides of their chest with their right fist as a show of gratitude and respect to their companion.
His viscera seemed to be on fire and his injuries were quite heavy, but in the current atmosphere, Tang Wulin still felt his hot blood boil. This was, after all, his first time participating in a Battle Soul Hall team operation! The situation had been perilous, but Tang Wulin had no regrets. Whether it was out of self-preservation or the will to rescue others, he had no other options back then.
When he got in the car, Tang Wulin clearly felt that everyone’s gaze was concentrated on him. He was still unaccustomed to this feeling of being the center of attention.
Black One revealed his true self. The other fighters present did not seem surprised. Wearing a faint smile on his face, Black One looked at Tang Wulin and said, “Good job. I’ll record this down as a great merit when we get back. You have saved your brothers’ lives this time.”
Tang Wulin said with a soft voice, “It’s what I’m supposed to do.”
Black One smiled and said, “Judging by your abilities, I think you’re greatly endowed with natural gifts. Your reflexes are fast enough, and you don’t hesitate in critical moments. These are all good qualities. Keep it up.”
“Yes, sir.”
Black One was obviously not used to praising others. When he said those words, all the other fighters looked slightly astonished. At least, based on their understanding of him, this man had never praised anyone before! But if it were not for this White Three, everyone’s lives would have been in danger. When they thought about this, they all felt at ease. Black One’s smile was not his alone. He also represented all the fighters who participated in the day’s operation.
They returned to the Tang Sect’s headquarters in Star Luo City. Black One had first called a Recovery System Soul Master to heal Tang Wulin’s injuries, then he gathered everyone’s fighter badges.
Beams of light data assembled. Some changes were made to the internal data of Tang Wulin’s own fighter badge.
The number of participated operations turned into one.
Contribution points, thirty thousand.
With special contributions, one record of great merit.
These seemingly ordinary bits of data actually signified many extraordinary things. Thirty thousand contribution points were enough for Tang Wulin to purchase another Tang Sect Technique.
Currently, among all the Tang Sect Techniques, Tang Wulin had learned most of them. The techniques he had learned included the four techniques of Mysterious Heaven Method, Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon, Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, and Purple Demon Eyes.
If he were to buy another one, his only option would be the hand-training method, Mysterious Jade Hands.
The quintessence of the Tang Sect during its establishment was mainly hidden weapons. Many hidden weapons were laced with toxins, and the cultivation of the Mysterious Jade Hands could greatly improve the power and strength of one’s hands. They would be immune to poison and as durable as both steel and stone.
It seemed that Mysterious Jade Hands was the most insignificant among the five Tang Sect Techniques, excluding the Hidden Weapons Hundred Separations.
Even so, if it was listed as a Tang Sect Technique, there must have been a reason for it.
As for the Hidden Weapons Hundred Separations, it had been modified by countless generations of Tang Sect members until the present day. Although the name had not changed, it contained a huge amount of refined soul circuit teachings. They had brought the ancient hidden weapons and soul tool core circuits together and understood them thoroughly. Among the various soul tools produced by the Tang Sect, a majority of them were born from the theoretical knowledge contained within Hidden Weapons Hundred Separations.
Hence, it was the most valuable among the Tang Sect Techniques. It also required the most contribution points. But Tang Wulin was a blacksmith and not a mecha maker, which was why he did not have much need for the Hidden Weapons Hundred Separations.
It was even more extraordinary for him to have a great merit within his reward. The biggest advantage of a great merit was that in any Tang Sect branch the bearer had the power to summon Tang Sect disciples a single time. Tang Wulin had been rewarded with the Tang Sect’s gathering call. He could use this call to gather thirty Tang Sect Battle Soul Hall fighters in order to carry out a mission, as they had just done. The prerequisite was that the mission was not against their moral code.
Those were Tang Sect fighters! What did thirty Tang Sect fighters mean?
This was why after Tang Wulin heard Black One’s explanation Tang Sect’s call function, he was completely astonished. This was practically a divine tool!
Black One did not inquire about his name and background. This was a rule of the Battle Soul Hall. As long as it was confirmed that the badge was real and was compatible with the fighter’s own blood essence, they would not rashly ask about another fighter’s origins.
Different fighters had their own professions and lives in different places. The reason for the Tang Sect Battle Soul Hall power was that it was scattered in every corner of the Continent. As to how many fighters there were, only a select few of the Tang Sect’s higher-ups knew.
The unit with the greatest individual strength within the Tang Sect was naturally the Worship Hall. However, the Battle Soul Hall was undoubtedly the organization with the most powerful overall strength.
When Tang Wulin returned to the hotel, it was already late into the night. He was truly fatigued today. The greatest source of tiredness was his own heart. He had once again been on the brink of death, and this time he had no backup plans. If it were not for Black One’s timely appearance, he would at the very least have been greatly injured if not dead.
It had been a truly deadly situation.
However, his heart was also filled with joy. He rejoiced about the time he spent under Teacher Mu Ye where he cultivated at the edge of life and death. Only a person who had wandered at that precarious boundary could calmly react to the situation at hand when faced with impending death and not be paralyzed with fear.
Tang Wulin’s reaction speed back did not seem to show the slightest sign of slowing down. That was the most important factor that saved everyone in the end.
As he sat on his bed, he looked at his hands. A trace of a smile could not help but appear on Tang Wulin’s face. He had just obtained many contribution points, so naturally, he had gone and exchanged them for the cultivation manual of Mysterious Jade Hands without hesitation.
Now that he had the Mysterious Jade Hands, any future contribution points could be exchanged for something else. For example, the heaven-and-earth treasures that he used to break through his seals.
The operation this time had increased Tang Wulin’s sense of belonging within the Tang Sect. It felt wonderful, and he liked it very much.
With that many powerful companions whom he could rely on, the feeling was amazing. Moreover, he had rescued them, which was even more incredible.
He meditated for the whole night. Early in the next morning, when the first signs of the morning sun appeared, a vigorous and energetic Tang Wulin was already standing on the balcony, as he started to cultivate his Purple Demon Eyes.
Strength was the foundation for anything! Any person who had just recently faced dangers would believe in this without a shadow of a doubt.
In order to survive, one must work hard and cultivate oneself!
The first round of the two-against-two battles had already ended. Today must have been the first round for the team battle. He would be participating in the first rounds of the team battle with his companions.
He had a good feeling about this, just like the night before.
He relied on the purple air at the edge of the skies and finished cultivating his Purple Demon Eyes. Tang Wulin forcefully stretched his body. He could clearly feel pulses of warmth which slowly cooled down and traveled from his eyes into the depths of his brain. His spiritual power must have grown again.
The longer he cultivated the Purple Demon Eyes, the greater the effects would be every time he trained. The improvement in his spiritual power was still very important.
Gu Yue had never cultivated Purple Demon Eyes, but her spiritual power was truly great!
Tang Wulin was actually still curious if Gu Yue had really broken through to the Spirit Abyss Realm.
“You went out last night?” Gu Yue looked at Tang Wulin and asked him over breakfast.
“Mmm, I went out for a walk,” Tang Wulin replied with a smile.
“Oh.” The gaze which Gu Yue gave him was slightly strange.
With a bitter smile, Tang Wulin asked, “Why are you looking at me like that?”
“It’s nothing.”
“Tang Wulin, you come out here this instant!” At this very moment, someone shouted bitterly. Tang Wulin was slightly stunned. He turned to look toward the direction of the voice. As it happened, he saw the Star Luo Empire’s princess standing arms akimbo in the hotel’s lobby staring at him with a furious look in her eyes.