The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 620 - Dare to Make A Bet?

Chapter 620: Dare to Make A Bet?

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“Captain, what did you do when you were out last night? Why’s she here this early in the morning?” Xie Xie had instantly connected the conversation between Tang Wulin and Gu Yue with the situation before their eyes.
“Get lost.” Tang Wulin glared at him. He stood up and walked out.
There was someone else standing beside Dai Yun’er. He had a slender build and handsome looks. When he saw that Tang Wulin walking toward him was obviously a few years younger than himself, Dai Yueyan felt as if his eyes had opened up as he gave his little sister a sidelong glance.
He thought to himself, ‘No wonder little sister can’t get over this guy. He’s really attractive. From the outside, he’s flawless. Plus, he came from Shrek Academy. It’s no surprise little sister is interested in him.’
“What business do you have here, princess? Also, don’t you think that it’s unbecoming for one of royal blood such as yourself to be screaming and shouting in public?” Tang Wulin truly did not have a good impression of this princess.
Dai Yun’er scoffed. “What’s so unbecoming about it? I came as an ordinary person, not as a member of the royal family. I’m not here representing the empire.”
“Then what reason does the princess have for calling me out?” asked Tang Wulin.
Dai Yun’er said, “Tang Wulin, would you care to make a bet with me?”
“That’s it?” Tang Wulin raised his brows and asked.
“Yup,” Dai Yun’er nodded vigorously.
“I don’t. The princess may take her leave,” Tang Wulin turned around and left.
“You…” Dai Yun’er felt as if she had just landed a punch on cotton wool. She was so infuriated that her small face went pale.
Standing beside her, a hint of a smile flashed across the bottom of Dai Yueyan’s eyes. This young man was interesting! No wonder Yun’er was forced to concede defeat to him. This was quite intriguing…
“Tang Wulin, stand there and don’t move.” Dai Yun’er took two quick steps. She reached out her hand and made to grab Tang Wulin’s arm.
Tang Wulin swayed his slightly and evaded her grasp. “May the princess have some self-respect. It is improper for a man and a woman to touch so freely.”
“Tang Wulin, I really want to kill you right now!” Dai Yun’er said through gritted teeth.
Tang Wulin spoke with an upright air, “Your Highness, should I interpret that as a threat from you toward a diplomatic envoy?”
Dai Yun’er was already at the limits of her temper. She turned to look at Dai Yueyan. “Fourth brother, look at how despicable he is. Why aren’t you helping me?”
Dai Yueyan walked over feeling somewhat exasperated. He looked at Tang Wulin with a calm expression. An unseen pressure was immediately released from his body.
Tang Wulin turned around. Fourth brother? Dai Yun’er’s brother would naturally be a prince of the Star Luo Empire.
“Hello, I am Dai Yueyan.” Dai Yueyan’s simple greeting did not include the introduction of his title. Hence, Tang Wulin did not feel an instant dislike for him.
“I see. The princess went home and complained. Do you have anything to say on the matter? In any case, I don’t think I’ve ever done anything to the princess before,” said Tang Wulin with a smile.
Dai Yueyan’s heart skipped a beat. Under the pressure of his own domineering presence, this boy was surprisingly unfazed. From that alone, he could already determine his overall cultivation base.
“Good day, Tang Wulin. The truth is my little sister meant no harm. She only greatly admired the grand name of Shrek Academy as the best academy on the Continent. That’s why she wanted to have an exchange and compare notes under the name of a wager. That’s all.”
“Oh?” Tang Wulin’s heart fluttered slightly. This fourth prince’s style was much better than the little girl. There were no loopholes in his speech.
“Then how does the prince wish us to have this exchange and comparing of notes?” asked Tang Wulin.
Dai Yueyan said, “I heard that all of you are also participating in this year’s Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition. What a coincidence, my companions, little sister, and I also wished to participate in this year’s competition. I believe that we’ll meet each other in the competition in the near future.”
Dai Yun’er continued, “Whether it’s the solo competition, paired competition or the team competition, as long as you guys can win once, then we’ll count it as your win. Especially the team competition, aren’t you guys from Douluo Continent, the greatest advocates of this? We’ll bet on the winning and losing of the team competition. Do you dare make the bet?”
Tang Wulin shrugged. “Didn’t I already tell you the answer just now? This is your home ground. There are a lot of things which you guys can do. Why would I ever want to make a bet with you? Also, Your Highness, gambling is not really an honorable activity. As a member of the royal family, you should make yourself an example for others.”
“You’re scared! Is everyone at Shrek Academy as timid as a mouse like you?” Dai Yun’er sneered.
Tang Wulin’s brows furrowed together slightly. “I’m only speaking for myself. I can’t represent the academy. If you’re that bored, why don’t you go back and do some cultivation?” With these words, he turned around and returned to the breakfast hall. He had not finished his meal.
Dai Yun’er was enraged. She almost ran up to him, but she was pulled back by Dai Yueyan.
“That’s enough, little sister.”
“Fourth brother, why aren’t you helping me?” Dai Yun’er said with an angry expression.
Daii Yueyan shook his head in frustration. “Little sister, you’re not your usual self. You have a Spirit System martial soul. You’ve always been calm. Why are you so impulsive today? Acting so rashly won’t solve the problem. This young fellow from Shrek Academy is very interesting. We’ll take it slow. There’s no rush.”
When she heard Dai Yueyan’s words, Dai Yun’er was taken aback. He was right. Since when did she turn this reckless? Normally, she would be the one playing the others, so why had she been played by someone else?
“We’ll meet them in the competition.” Dai Yueyan patted his sister’s shoulder and pulled her away from the venue.
He was definitely not someone who would leverage his own position to bully others. If he wanted to avenge his little sister, he would do it fairly and openly.
“It seems that this princess has taken a liking to you!” Yue Zhengyu said to Tang Wulin with an expression that was delighting in his misfortune.
Tang Wulin ignored him and carried on with his meal.
“But that’s alright as well. If you don’t have any pressure, then this competition would have been meaningless, no?” Yue Zhengyu laced his hands behind his back and looked to be at ease.
The team battle. Because Gu Yue had refused to take part in the battle, the seven others would participate in the contest. The team battle required one substitute contestant at the time of registration, so they had to list Gu Yue as such. She would have to be present at the competition grounds.
The appreciation of the team battles was evident in the amount of human traffic outside the Star Luo Coliseum. Compared to the two days before this, the crowd was noticeably thinner.
Tang Wulin had heard that the reason that the Star Luo Empire citizens did not like team battles was because they thought that such battles were too chaotic. Ordinary people could never hope to observe it clearly. When one thought about it, it actually made sense.
The solo competitions were one against one. Even normal people could see the action. Team battles confused the eyes. Although they had higher technical content, they were not really as satisfying as watching a one-against-one match.
They went into the competition grounds and entered the waiting area to have a look at the order of their participation.
At that moment, the waiting area was already packed with contestants. Although there were not as many teams as the two competitions before this, more people took part in one match of a team battle!
Every team was eight members strong.
Tang Wulin and the others quickly found the order of their participation. Team battles required a larger area, so only five competitions could be consecutively held within the coliseum.
Tang Wulin and the others were the third team to battle. Their position was still slightly on the early side. They would not have to wait too long.
Just when they had confirmed the order, suddenly, the noisy waiting area abruptly quietened down.
The sudden change also slightly stunned the people from Shrek Academy. They instinctively turned their heads and looked.
At the entrance of the waiting area, a group of people was slowly making their way in. There were eight of them in total. All of them wore crimson clothing. There was a black picture on their chest that looked somewhat strange. It had an overall round shape, with an opening on one side, like a huge mouth. It displayed its sharp teeth and looked impressive in its domineering manner.
“The people from Monster Academy have arrived,” someone in the crowd whispered. The words managed to reach Tang Wulin.
Monster Academy? The Monster Academy that was established based on Shrek Academy’s rules?
Red clothing? Could that have been their school uniform? They truly complemented Shrek Academy’s green-colored school uniforms! Was there not a saying that went, red on green, utter nonsense…
This was indeed quite intriguing.
On Monster Academy’s side, the person who led the way was a large and tall man. He was bald and stood at a height of two meters. His shoulders and back were wide. When he stood there, he resembled a hill which blocked everyone behind him.
Such a doughty aura. Tang Wulin felt silent chills running down his heart.
He seemed to have seen a dash of dark red in this person’s eyes.
When this man walked in, the initially crowded waiting area immediately thinned as the people made way for him, allowing him to take his great strides into the waiting area.
Tang Wulin and the others stood at the side. They quickly saw the others who followed behind this bald, brawny man.
When Tang Wulin saw the second person, his gaze quickly froze. He had just met him that morning. Was that not the fourth prince of the Star Luo Empire, Dai Yueyan?
What shocked him even more was at the back. There were eight members from Monster Academy, and the one who walked at the end of the line was astonishingly the princess of Star Luo Empire, Dai Yun’er.