The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 631

Chapter 631: The Valiant Dragon’s Roar, and the Suppressed Bloodline

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Beams of golden light shot out from Tang Wulin’s body. The blood flowing out of him abruptly stopped. His trembling body suddenly stilled. A loud and clear dragon’s roar echoed within the area that was covered by the five soul rings.
The dragon’s roar did not come from his body this time. It was Tang Wulin himself who roared into the air.
Was he in pain?
Could the pain he felt now be compared to the agony he went through when he broke through the Golden Dragon King’s Seal?
Could the pain he felt now be compared to the agony he went through when his parents left?
Could the pain he felt now be compared to the agony he went through as he was lingering on the brink of death again and again when he was practicing the Body Sect’s secret method?
No! The pain he felt now was nothing!
It was not known when Tang Wulin’s eyes had turned completely golden.
His pair of Golden Dragon Claws smashed into each other violently. His spirit steadied at the crisp ringing sound, and the Devouring Halo was shattered!
A golden soul ring bloomed out in front of him after that. Every single one of his scales stood erect. Streams of golden light interweaved into a large net and collided into the Destruction Halo’s effect ferociously, decimating it.
How about the Reversal Halo?
At the sound of the valiant dragon’s roar, the enormous golden dragon head arose as Tang Wulin thrust his palms toward the sky. It snapped its mouth and crushed the Reversal Halo. Tang Wulin stepped out of the halo’s shroud like a man reborn.
He took a step forward, and the Debilitating Halo broke. He took two steps forward, and the Soul Power Stripping Halo vanished.
His entire body was emitting a dazzling golden glow, while his pair of Golden Dragon Claws was shimmering with cold radiance. He walked step by step toward Su Mu in such a manner.
Every step he took was firm and powerful without any hesitation.
‘Your soul skills are nothing more than this. I have already tested all five soul skills. Then it will be your turn to feel my strength.
Su Mu’s pupils which had become blood red suddenly shrank. The five huge tails behind his back waved about once again, as five halos shot out and covered Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin did not stop to endure this time. The courageous sound of the dragon’s roar echoed once again.
In the split second when the five halos dropped down, his pair of Golden Dragon Claws had already collided into each other. The Devouring Halo was the first one to be broken at the chime. Streams of golden rays were released from the shining scales on Tang Wulin’s body. The Destruction Halo was torn to pieces before it had even touched the ground.
Tang Wulin brandished his pair of Golden Dragon Claws brazenly as he braced the Reversal, Slow and Soul Power Stripping Halo. The Golden Dragon dashed forward proudly and boldly.
In the waiting area, Monster Academy’s group of people were stunned. At that point, Tang Wulin appeared so domineering within their eyes. He destroyed five halos, rendering them useless upon impact.
How was this even possible? He would have to be unbelievably powerful to accomplish this.
The ethereal golden brilliance transformed into a mist that surrounded Tang Wulin. A layer of faint blood-colored fog surged out from Su Mu’s body almost at the same time.
The contrast between the two of them was stark. As Tang Wulin approached step by step, the golden fog surrounding him shined brighter and brighter, while the blood-colored fog on Su Mu’s body became increasingly dimmer.
“Bloodline suppression!” Long Yue’s eyes showed a sense of solemnity for the first time.
The fog was the bloodline source emitted from their bodies. Even though he could not truly sense their bloodline fluctuation at present as he was watching through the screen, he could tell by the changes to the fog around their bodies that Tang Wulin’s bloodline power had already completely suppressed Su Mu’s bloodline.
“This is impossible. Su Mu has the Nine-tailed Fox bloodline. Even we have no way to suppress him completely due to the strength of his bloodline. How is it possible that this Tang Wulin can subdue him?”
Long Yue’s pupils shrank for a moment, then he spoke his words by enunciating with a pause after each word, “The! Real! Dragon! Bloodline!”
There was no doubt that the dragons were once the continent’s overlords. Almost every martial soul that was related to the dragon species was destined to be powerful.
The majority of the martial souls that were related to the dragons originated from the Elemental Dragon species. The thickness of dragon-type bloodline in one’s bloodline would determine one’s power.
On the other hand, the Real Dragon Bloodline was a complete dragon-type bloodline. In other words, the person’s body was flowing with the blood of a full-sized dragon. It was only in such situations that a person’s bloodline would be known as the Real Dragon Bloodline.
The Nine-tailed Fox bloodline was absolutely the highest grade bloodline available, at least on this stretch of the Star Luo Continent. However, it was the underdog when their bloodlines collided. Despite Su Mu’s cultivation base exceeding his opponent’s, he was still overwhelmed. This proved that the bloodline in Tang Wulin’s body was far greater than Su Mu’s. Long Yue could only think of the words Real Dragon Bloodline and nothing else.
Dai Yueyan’s expression immediately changed upon hearing the words Real Dragon Bloodline. Of course he understood what it signified. Could it be said that this fellow from Shrek Academy truly had the Real Dragon Bloodline? He was only fifteen years old, yet he was capable of subduing Su Mu in an ordinary battle.
Tang Wulin was getting closer and closer to Su Mu on the competition stage. He was just a stone’s throw away. The clash of their bloodlines became more and more intense as the distance reduced.
The golden-colored mist on Tang Wulin’s body was glowing more intensely, while the red fog on Su Mu’s body had almost dissipated already. His original body was revealed.
If this had been a direct confrontation between their soul skills, perhaps Tang Wulin would not have been able to gain the upper hand so quickly. However, Su Mu was in trouble because his final, most powerful soul skills fusion was strengthened by his bloodline source.
He relied on his bloodline power to simultaneously trigger and fuse all five soul skills before launching his strongest attack.
On the other hand, Tang Wulin could sense the change in his bloodline source after he endured the first attack. Since when did he ever lose in a battle of bloodlines? Thus, his first step to resisting Su Mu relied on using the Golden Dragon Claws’ collision to trigger his own bloodline.
The Golden Dragon King Bloodline source broke the Nine-tailed Fox’s bloodline source so thoroughly that the five soul skills separated and even disrupted one another. Only then Tang Wulin could break the soul skills one by one.
This was how a superior bloodline dominated.
“Release your battle armor. If you don’t, you’ll lose.” Tang Wulin stopped walking when he was thirty meters away from Su Mu. His pair of Golden Dragon Claws were lowered by the sides of his body. The tips of the claws were pulsating with golden light.
Su Mu stared at Tang Wulin with an icy cold gaze, but then he shook his head. “I’m five years older than you. My self-respect wouldn’t allow me to defeat you if I were to rely on the battle armor’s strength. I have lost this one-to-one match. However, we’ll still meet in the competition later, when the delegation and my companions enter the battle together. My self-respect won’t matter anymore at that point, because I won’t be representing myself, but my team’s honor. If you’re capable of meeting me again, you’ll see my battle armor then.”
The bloody color in his eyes faded when he was done speaking. The five gigantic tails behind his back slowly vanished, then he announced toward the judge, “I accept my defeat.”
The entire audience stand had already burst out in an uproar when Su Mu’s said those words! Who would have thought that the third among the Monster Academy’s Eight Heavenly Kings, the Fox King Su Mu, would lose? Moreover, he had accepted his defeat in such a straightforward manner.
Those with discerning eyes could naturally tell that Su Mu accepted his defeat because he had not released his battle armor. He would almost certainly have won with the battle armor’s reinforcement. However, he did not do so because of his pride. He did not want to use his battle armor to fight against Tang Wulin.
As he watched him leave, Tang Wulin no longer sensed Su Mu’s elegance, but his arrogance! Yes, only an arrogant person would make such a choice.
He did not lose! A look of exhilaration filled Tang Wulin’s eyes. Then he raised his Golden Dragon Claws.
Golden radiance shimmered. He had won! Victory in the second round of matches!