The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 632 - Not by Sheer Luck

Chapter 632: Not by Sheer Luck
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The entire spectator stand was in a clamor. Who would have thought that Su Mu would lose the competition? He lost to an opponent who was hardly known. He, on the other hand, was the Fox King Su Mu! He was ranked third among the Eight Heavenly Kings, and the number one Control-type soul master in Monster Academy. Yet he lost, and he lost absolutely.
Su Mu returned to the waiting area. He had regained his calm demeanor.
Dai Yueyan walked in quick strides toward him. “Su Mu, are you alright? Is your tail…”
Su Mu shook his head. “I’m not seriously injured. I’m fine. I’m sorry everyone for my loss.”
Dai Yueyan hastily spoke, “Losing a round in a match is nothing, we can always win the next round. But, why didn’t you use your battle armor?”
Su Mu shook his head. “He’s younger than me by five years. If I were to use my battle armor, heh-heh.”
Long Yue walked in front of him and patted his shoulder. “Don’t you worry. Go home.”
Su Mu’s expression stiffened, then he nodded and walked outside.
Long Yue’s voice echoed from behind. His voice was no longer playful, but dignified. “If anyone were to lose in the upcoming matches for dismissing the opponent, then, don’t blame me for being ruthless in disqualifying you from becoming Monster Academy’s Heavenly King.”
Su Mu’s expression changed. Long Yue saw it. At long last, Long Yue had seen through him.
One could hardly be heard in the waiting area with the noisy bustle outside when Tang Wulin returned to his comrades.
When he strode into the waiting area, all the contestants who were waiting for their turn looked at him as if he was a monster.
Xie Xie rushed over and gave Tang Wulin a big hug. “Captain, you were so cool! You’re awesome! You’ve truly won!”
Tang Wulin rolled his eyes and felt a little uncomfortable. “What do you mean by truly won? Oh yes, who mentioned about the ten thousand year spirit item? Don’t forget it.”
Yue Zhengyu lowered his head and spoke in dejection, “Since when have you become so powerful? When did the Golden Dragon Claw become two? This match shouldn’t be considered a win. Your opponent didn’t even release his battle armor. Even if you were considered the winner, you didn’t win gloriously! You didn’t truly defeat your opponent.”
“Accept reality!” Gu Yue responded in disdain. “Do you think that he really didn’t release his battle armor? He spoke boldly in a dignified tone, but in fact, he didn’t even have the ability to drive the battle armor.”
Tang Wulin was stunned. “What do you mean?”
Gu Yue explained, “He was too confident in his soul skills. When his Reverse Light Ring was broken by the Golden Dragon Dreadclaw, his tail could have protected him. However, his five tails were all severely injured. If my guess is correct, his battle armor is certainly related to his tails. Some of his tails were almost severed by half, and all his five tails were affected. How could he have used his battle armor? If a violent collision happened when he was using the battle armor, any of his tails may break. His power would be greatly reduced. Hence, Tang Wulin won this competition fair and square. His opponent deserved to lose for dismissing Tang Wulin.”
Tang Wulin suddenly saw the light as it seemed like his opponent actually had a high regard for him! However, he could not help thinking about how he was always lucky to be dismissed by his opponent. Otherwise, if Su Mu was slightly more cautious and armed with his battle armor, it would be difficult for Tang Wulin to win.
Of course, he had another card that he had yet to play because he had been on guard against his opponent’s battle armor. During the fight, Tang Wulin did not unleash his Bluesilver Emperor.
Yue Zhengyu was dejected. A ten thousand year spirit item was not cheap for him!
“Let’s go quick. It’s quite chaotic since Tang Wulin defeated Monster Academy’s people,” Yuanen Yehui reminded everyone. She was the oldest in the group and level-headed as well.
Tang Wulin felt cold in his heart. This was Star Luo Empire’s territory. His victory over Monster Academy had certainly resulted in a big impact on them.
The eight of them did not dally any further, but left the waiting area and quickly returned to their hotels.
As for the second round matches, Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, Yuanen Yehui, Yue Zhengyu, and Ye Xinglan had all passed the individual matches. However, Gu Yue, Xu Xiaoyan, and Xu Lizhi did not participate in the individual matches. Xu Xiaoyan’s main ability was her control, whereas her attack was weaker than the rest.
The entire Star Luo City was in a commotion at present. Su Mu who was ranked third among Monster Academy’s Eight Heavenly Kings had failed. Even though he failed under the circumstance of not using his battle armor, he was still considered to have failed! Moreover, he lost to an opponent whose cultivation base was lower than himself.
This was unbelievable and turned out to be an unexpected win in this year’s competition.
The control system was capable of restricting the assault system. Besides, Su Mu was also reputed to be the number one control-type soul master in Monster Academy. Yet, he suffered defeat under such a condition. Tang Wulin, on the other hand, rose to fame. Soon, news about him began to spread throughout Star Luo City and even as wide as the entire Star Luo Continent.
Shrek! The name was on everyone’s mind. They only recalled that there existed such a top academy in the distant Douluo Continent.
This was their first confrontation that is now widely known to all, also the fact that Monster Academy had lost to Shrek Academy.
There were many differing voices following that. Some were scolding, some cursing, and there was even an occasion where a group of people attacked the Grand Star Luo Hotel. Consequently, the attack was dispersed by the government’s military personnel.
However, there were a few analytical minds who performed a detailed analysis of the battle.
“Hello everyone. I’m Fang’er and the commentator of the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition for the third time. The recent match has led to a controversial dispute. Therefore, I hope that everyone will keep calm and focus on the competition that has turned out to be exceptionally exciting. Also, I’ll be giving an analysis of the competition.”
Fang’er was a beauty who had an influential position in the Star Luo Continent soul masters’ world but not because of her powers or abilities. When her martial soul was awakened, her soul power had not been born so she did not qualify as a soul guide master.
However, she had a passion for the soul master’s profession. Even though she did not manage to become a soul master, she had spent all her time and energy in studying soul masters. She was self-taught, and in the past decade, she learned everything about soul masters beginning from elementary up to advanced courses. She had a profound understanding of the soul master, battle armor, and mecha. She published many theses and received critical acclaim from the soul masters’ world.
As a beauty who was decidedly straight to the point, she became famous throughout the whole continent after she was involved in giving her comments about the soul masters’ competitions. Later, she won accolades as a commentator in Star Luo Empire’s soul masters’ world.
She had given the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition’s commentary at sixteen years of age and received recognition for her work. Now, at age twenty-two and for the third time, she was the commentator for the competition.
She was seen as a goddess in the eyes of both the ordinary folks and soul masters. Fang’er spoke through a public broadcast system which immediately drew the attention of the spectators.
On the soul screens, Fang’er’s image appeared. She was dressed in white and looked immaculate with her coiffure combed into perfection. Her face with a fair complexion appeared pinched, but her large round eyes were full of vigor. Two dimples were noticeable when she smiled which made her particularly attractive.
Even the rowdy folks who caused the disturbance were watching the screen. Their attention had been diverted.
“I think everyone is eager to know how Monster Academy’s Su Mu lost the competition. One factor was accidental while another was inevitable. So, I’ll do my best to analyze the competition for everyone’s benefit.”
Fang’er’s expression turned stern. She had always felt to be a commentator for a soul master’s competition was a sacred task. It was also a noble profession for her.
“I’ve watched the competition’s recording in detail three times. Even though I still haven’t managed to unravel all the secrets yet, I’m quite confident about the information I’ve gained which I’m going to share with all of you now. I’d like to emphasize that this is just a competition, so I hope that no one will be nationalistic on this matter. At the same time, I hope that everyone can view this objectively. I’d also like to say that all the commentaries that I’ve made represent only my opinions and not any other authority’s.”
The frame changed into the competition’s scene after she had spoken. It was a recording of Tang Wulin and Su Mu’s fight.
The recording was paused at the moment when the two contenders were about to engage in their battle.