The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 634 - Two-Against-Two. A Round-Robin Tournament

Chapter 634: Two-Against-Two. A Round-Robin Tournament

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The silence room.
Su Mu sat cross-legged on the bed. Before him, five big tails were swaying gently. Currently, their hairs were unfolded and they looked supple. On each big tail, there were several wounds so deep that the bones beneath were visible. The tail which suffered the most serious injury was more than two-thirds broken. It seemed as if it would break apart at any moment.
The gentle halo had a faint red glow which pulsed rhythmically on top of the tail. It spurred the healing, but the pain was unbearable.
Someone sat opposite Su Mu, and his fists were balled tightly. It was Dai Yueyan, the fourth prince of Star Luo Empire. He was also the Tiger King of Monster Academy’s Eight Heavenly Kings.
The prince was truly irate and his breathing was erratic.
He only knew about the severity of Su Mu’s injuries upon seeing Su Mu. No wonder he did not utilize his battle armor. If he had used his battle armor, maybe his tail would have broken off. That would have been a drastic blow.
However, not only did losing the battle gave Su Mu a great blow, it also put the entire Monster Academy under immense pressure.
Fang’er’s post-competition analysis had piled on the pressure but Monster Academy did not respond. The others might not know Fang’er’s background, but how could Dai Yueyan not know?
Fang’er was spewing nonsense about not representing the official party when she was clearly a party member. In fact, she was voicing her father’s opinion. It was obviously the father’s intention to reveal the competition’s situation to spur Monster Academy.
In Star Luo Empire, although Monster Academy was held in high regard, it was a far cry from Shrek Academy on Douluo Continent. Monster Academy relied on the official party for its expenses. As for the competition’s outcome, there was no doubt that Dai Tianling was not pleased.
“Tang Wulin!” Dai Yueyan squinted his eyes which beamed a narrowly focused light.
The second round of the one-on-one competition took two days to complete. Half of the contestants were disqualified which reduced the number of participants. However, there were still a few knockout rounds that had to be completed until the total number of participants was down to a hundred and twenty-eight participants. It was only then that they would be divided into eight groups to take part in the group matches.
The group matches were done in a round-robin fashion. The top eight with the highest cumulative points would then proceed to the knockout rounds in the final stages.
Hence, the whole competition process was long and tedious. For one to become the champion, one would have to go through almost twenty battles.
The previous Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition had run continuously for two months.
The two-on-two competitions and team competitions were similar, but there were fewer teams that participated. Naturally, the competitions proceeded faster.
Tang Wulin’s luck was back to normal. Since the third round, he had not face any challenging opponent.
During the next ten days, he won battle after battle passing the preliminary stages to finally reach the round-robin tournament. His four comrades who took part in the solo competitions were similarly successful.
In the two-on-two competitions, the four pairs from Shrek Academy also had outstanding performances. All of them entered the round-robin tournament.
The solo competition was on a two-day hiatus, whereas the team and two-on-two’s round-robin tournaments had begun.
“This morning, everyone will be participating in the first round of the round-robin for the two-on-two. In the afternoon, we’ll have the first round of the team competition. Everyone must try to maintain their stamina. In the round-robin tournaments, we don’t have any weak contenders. Take care not to injure yourselves.”
Compared to ten days ago, Tang Wulin appeared more balanced..
This was their first time participating in such a grandiose competition. After twelve days, they gradually adapted to the competition’s ambience.
Tang Wulin was under intense pressure because he had to face the jeering crowd in every match he took part in. He became the center for the scorn of the crowd before, during, and even after the match.
Fang’er’s post-competition commentary was exclusively done for his matches. Her commentaries were always penetrating, and she gave an accurate analysis every time.
Till now, Tang Wulin had not utilized his Bluesilver Emperor. He had always relied on the power of the Golden Dragon King bloodline which involved using his immense strength to fight his battles.
For the two-on-two competitions, there were eight teams in each group. It was neither lucky nor unlucky for Tang Wulin and his teammates The lucky part was that Gu Yue, Xie Xie, Yuanen Yehui, and himself were all in the same team whereas the unlucky part was that there was also a team from Monster Academy in this group.
In the two-on-two round-robin tournament, only two teams from each group could enter into the top sixteen of the final match. In other words, one of their three participating teams would not qualify.
Tang Wulin had kept an eye on the two Monster Academy students when he first saw them. The two had valiant strengths.
The boy was Hua Lantang while the girl was Ye Zhi. Both of them had cultivation bases of five rings and above. Although they had never used any battle armors in their previous battles, Tang Wulin was certain that these two were Battle Armor Masters.
The combination of two one-word Battle Armor Masters was certainly a formidable challenge. The possibility of defeating them both was close to impossible.
Among the other groups, Tang Wulin also noticed the contestants from Monster Academy. They had two other teams which was one team fewer than Shrek Academy.
One of those teams was the combination of Su Mu and Dai Yueyan. Su Mu specialized in control whereas Dai Yueyan specialized in assault. The two of them cooperated well and their strengths were indomitable.
The other team had Long Yue as their leader. However, Tang Wulin was surprised that this team comprised of Long Yue and Dai Yun’er who had the weakest cultivation base among the Eight Heavenly Kings of Monster Academy.
Long Yue partnered Dai Yun’er so as to boost her popularity and widen her battle experience. With Long Yue by her side, winning their first few matches turned out to be a piece of cake. They hardly met any threat.
The group in which Dai Yueyan and Su Mu were in did not have any team from Shrek Academy, whereas in Long Yue and Dai Yun’er’s group, there was the pair of Xu Xiaoyan and Yue Zhengyu. Ye Xinglan and Xu Lizhi were in another group. This scenario was advantageous to Shrek Academy. If all their four teams were in the final sixteen, the strongest pair would be Tang Wulin’s team.
Since it was a round-robin tournament, every team within each group must fight with all the other teams. Today was the first round of the round-robin tournament. However, this time Tang Wulin would not be battling alone.
This was the most interesting match in this round of two-on-two. It was regarded as the fight for the group’s championship.
‘We must win!’ Tang Wulin made a resolute decision.
They hope to qualify in this round with Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie. Hence, they had to first defeat Hua Lantang and Ye Zhi.
In the round-robin tournament, if the number of wins and losses of two teams were the same, then the referee would look into the relationship of the outcomes. If the referee could not determine the victor from the relationship of the outcomes, then they would look at the time used throughout their matches.
Hence, if Tang Wulin wanted to make sure that Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie’s team is in the final list, it would be best to defeat his pair of opponents in the shortest time possible. Only then would they have the best chance.
Tang Wulin and Gu Yue stood shoulder to shoulder on the competition stage. For some unexplainable reason, whenever Gu Yue was beside him, Tang Wulin would feel at peace.
Opposite them, Hua Lantang and Ye Zhi were already on the stage.
Hua Lantang was an ordinary-looking youth of medium stature. If not for Monster Academy’s uniform, it would be difficult to recognize him among the crowd.
Unlike him, Ye Zhi was attractive. She would have looked every bit as gorgeous as Dai Yun’er had she been younger. Now, she looked mature and was past her prime.
When the two stood together, they did not seem to be compatible. However, they were holding hands. Obviously, they were not only comrades, but also a couple.
For that reason, they gained Tang Wulin’s attention. Hua Lantang must have some innate attraction for him to be fancied by Ye Zhi.
Tang Wulin had observed their previous battles. Between the two, Ye Zhi was a support system Utility Soul Master while Hua Lantang was an assault system Battle Soul Master. Ye Zhi was also the only support system among the Eight Heavenly Kings.