The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 636 - Dragonwolf Martial Soul

Chapter 636: Dragonwolf Martial Soul
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Hua Lantang was already an expert at the rank of a five-ringed Soul King. When his strength and agility were both enhanced sixty percent, he was a formidable foe.
This was the power of Douluo Continent’s best Utility Martial Soul.
If this was a team battle, then her enhancing effects would be greater. If experts like Long Yue, Dai Yueyan, and Su Mu had certain attributes enhanced as much as sixty percent, they would be terrifying to their opponents!
According to legend, if the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda could evolve to the extent of the Nine Treasures Glazed Pagoda, even the dead would be revived. It would be an existence that went against the will of the heavens.
“Bang!” Tang Wulin and Hua Lantang collided.
Tang Wulin felt the impact and his forward momentum was disrupted abruptly. Similarly, Hua Lantang was stopped in his tracks by the collision. Both of them rebounded off each other simultaneously. No one gained any advantage.
“Tang Wulin’s strength is dominant. Under the strength and agility enhancement of the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda, Hua Lantang has exceeded the strength of an assault system Battle Soul Master of the same rank. However, it appears he’s on par with Tang Wulin.”
Fang’er’s commentary expressed astonishment. Obviously, she was surprised at what had transpired before her very eyes.
A purple light flashed across Hua Lantang’s eyes and his body’s agility increased suddenly. The second soul ring on his body burst forth with light. His body flickered seven times.
This was his second soul skill, Dragonwolf Kill!
A sharp gleam glistened on his pair of wolf claws. The seven beams of purplish lights emanating from his body had the aura of death.
Tang Wulin stood frozen. He snorted then stomped brazenly on the ground with his right foot to reverse his blood essence.
In the next instant, a deep dragon’s roar sounded. Inexplicably, when he heard the dragon’s roar, Hua Lantang slowed down. Shortly after, a circle of golden light followed by eight little golden dragons spread out from beneath Tang Wulin’s feet.
The golden light and purple light swiftly interacted with each other. The purple light diffused instantly. Beams of golden light spread upwards slowly. On Hua Lantang’s body surface, arcs of electricity appeared as he was rocked viciously and sent flying.
How did that happen?
Ye Zhi was flabbergasted. Even the commentator Fang’er paused for a while. What had occurred before them was completely beyond anyone’s comprehension.
When he unleashed his soul skill, Hua Lantang was under the enhancement of the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda. His strength and agility were increased sixty percent. However, when his soul skill collided with Tang Wulin’s, it disintegrated instantaneously. What happened?
Ye Zhi reacted quickly. She had been Hua Lantang’s partner for so many years that they could almost read each other’s minds. At critical moments, they would not hold back.
The third and fourth layers of the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda flickered with light simultaneously. “There’s magic in the Seven Treasures. The third is called soul, and the fourth, resist.”
The third soul skill was a soul power enhancement whereas the fourth soul skill was a defense enhancement.
After the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda-type martial soul joined the generation of soul tools, there was a complication which was the enhancement of the battle armor could not be applied to the martial soul.
Maybe it was the will of the heavens that the capability of the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda had to be curbed so that the battle armor had no way of enhancing her martial soul. Hence, Ye Zhi’s one-word martial soul served only two purposes. One was for her own defense while the other was to enhance her soul power.
The enhancement method which she unleashed was at the rank of a five-ringed Soul King. However, the duration of her soul skill and enhancement method were at the rank of a seven-ringed Soul Saint.
Two rays of light fell on Hua Lantang’s body. Hua Lantang’s soul power and defense were increased tremendously. Simultaneously, he also reacted with lightning speed.
His flung his hands backward. Pieces of battle armor appeared in an instant. Then, they flew toward his body and merged together.
He did not want to repeat the same mistake and lose, as Su Mu did to Tang Wulin.
He did not understand why his soul skill had crumbled as swiftly as it did after it collided with Tang Wulin’s. He felt a subtle but powerful force which originated from Tang Wulin that disabled him completely from unleashing his cultivation base. If he was not enhanced by the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda, this feeling would have been more apparent.
Nonetheless, he had to overcome the problem at hand. Under the four great enhancements of the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda together with his own battle armor, he had complete confidence in overcoming the various strategies that Tang Wulin employed. It would be impossible for Tang Wulin to defeat him.
At this very moment, an unforeseen situation arose.
A slender palm suddenly materialized on Hua Lantang’s tough and broad shoulders. Shortly after, a silver light flashed and Hua Lantang disappeared together with the figure which had appeared suddenly.
The battle armors that were supposed to merge with Hua Lantang had suddenly lost their target. They hovered uncertainly in midair.
At the same time, a blue-colored vine appeared silently. Tang Wulin’s true soul ring finally made its debut in front of Star Luo Empire’s audience.
Three purples and one black. The four soul rings flickered. In the next instant, vines shot outward swiftly and weaved themselves into a giant net in midair. It had amazingly wrapped itself around all the battle armors which Hua Lantang had released moments ago and tightened itself.
This was the setback regarding an ordinary one-word battle armor. Ordinary one-word battle armors were crafted externally. Although it was connected to one’s bloodline and soul power, it had to undergo a donning process.
Since Tang Wulin and his companions knew that their opponents were most likely battle armor masters, they inevitably came up with some countermeasures.
The battle strategy that they employed was specially devised for Monster Academy’s Eight Heavenly Kings.
Without a doubt, that slender hand was Gu Yue’s. Gu Yue’s Spatial Retreat could drag any submissive person with her, but this was obviously impossible to carry out on an opponent. That was the reason she teleported behind Hua Lantang and waited for the opportunity to seize him unknowingly when he was shocked by Tang Wulin’s battle strength.
Hua Lantang’s battle armor naturally followed after its owner. However, Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Emperor had entwined and imprisoned these battle armors with the Bluesilver Grass. It was highly improbable Hua Lantang could don his battle armor.
It was a first for Star Luo Empire’s citizens to witness such an ingenious way of countering a one-word battle armor master.
Hua Lantang felt his vision blurred. In the next moment, he had appeared in a different place. In front of him, the opponent was no longer Tang Wulin, but a young girl.
The enhancement of the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda on his body was still effective. He yelled and his pair of wolf claws slashed Gu Yue’s shoulders.
Gu Yue sneered and a silver light flashed before her eyes. A figure stood sideways before Hua Lantang effectively blocking his way. A thunderous dragon’s roar erupted afterward.
Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens!
The others might not know why the Dragonwolf martial soul could be suppressed. However, it would be equally surprising if Tang Wulin and Gu Yue did not know either.
In fact, when Tang Wulin knew that his opponent’s martial soul contained a dragon-type bloodline, he had already thought of a way he would fight this battle.
Ever since the Golden Dragon King bloodline awakened, it had never let Tang Wulin down. Each time he went up against a powerful opponent in battle, provided the opponent has a dragon-type bloodline, his opponent would definitely be suppressed by his Golden Dragon King bloodline. The smaller the difference in their cultivation bases, the greater the suppression.
There was only a little difference between the cultivation bases of his opponent and himself. Moreover, he had broken through the fifth seal of the Golden Dragon King bloodline. His aura became more powerful. Naturally, its suppression toward the Dragonwolf martial soul was felt.
“Boom!” The collision was more direct this time.
Although he was under the enhancement of the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda, Hua Lantang staggered seven to eight steps backward before he managed to balance himself.
However, he was now battling against not just Tang Wulin, but both Tang Wulin and Gu Yue.
A large blue fireball reached him before he managed to regain his footing. The fireball exploded in front of him and gave off a deafening sound.
At this moment, Hua Lantang displayed his strength as the Eight Heavenly Kings’ Wolf King.
The third soul ring on his body seemingly lit up. The scales on his entire body was a sheen of some bizarre metal. His arms shielded him from the explosion of the fireball. The explosion had lit up his entire body in a ball of blue flames but it was quickly extinguished.
The third soul skill, Diamond Dragonwolf!
Currently, his body had a sixty percent defense enhancement. In addition, he had the defensive power of the Diamond Dragonwolf. He took the brunt of Gu Yue’s blue fireball head on.
At the same time, another beam of light shot toward him from far away. It was meant to target his body. The fifth enhancement had arrived.
The Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda, the fifth soul skill which was an attack enhancement.
At once, Hua Lantang’s body burned with a purplish flame. Purple light swirled within his eyes and his arms enlarged tremendously while his body shook. He bypassed Tang Wulin and reached Gu Yue in an instant. His pair of wolf claws slashed Gu Yue at the same time.