The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 637 - Controlling the Competition

Chapter 637: Controlling the Competition

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His agility, strength, attack, defense, and soul power were all enhanced by sixty percent. Even if he did not have his battle armor now, Hua Lantang’s cultivation base was on par with a six-ringed Soul Emperor expert.
No matter where the suppression from his opponent came from, as long as he defeated them all, would that not solve the issue?
Thus, Hua Lantang decided to use the simplest and most direct way to battle.
“Your opponent is me!” Tang Wulin snorted. His body swayed as he appeared before him. Although he was not as fast as Hua Lantang in terms of speed, Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track was the nimblest of footwork. Hua Lantang used the simplest method to block Gu Yue while Tang Wulin unleashed another Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens!
Wolf claw and dragon claw collided with each other! Both of them staggered backward in unison. Surprisingly, they were evenly matched.
Tang Wulin, who had broken through the fifth Golden Dragon King’s seal was definitely powerful in terms of absolute strength. In addition, he had the suppressive effect of his bloodline. Even with various enhancements, Hua Lantang was still quite weak overall.
Hua Lantang’s fourth soul ring lit up instantly. His eyes suddenly brightened and his body became illusory. An illusory shadow in the form of a dragon flayed off his body. Shortly after, a greyish-black small dragon leaped up from behind him and merged together with that illusory dragon shadow.
The illusory dragon shadow materialized and transformed into an armored dragon covered in greyish-black scales. It flew straight toward Tang Wulin.
Everything happened in a flash. Hua Lantang had unleashed it when both of them staggered backward.
The armored dragon was a fearless species among the land dragons. Undoubtedly, this was a soul skill created by the fusion of a spirit soul with a soul skill.
Hua Lantang was a daring opportunist who never failed to capitalize on his opponent’s mistakes.
A deep dragon’s roar sounded from Tang Wulin’s body at the same time. A humongous dragon head appeared on top of his head. It lowered its head and in its next move crunched the seemingly ferocious armored dragon with its mighty jaws. The spirit soul only managed to wail once. It was struggling to escape.
Meanwhile, the huge dragon head flashed with a golden light. A clicking sound was heard and the armored dragon spirit soul shattered instantly. Then, it was sucked by the gigantic mouth and swallowed into its belly.
Hua Lantang grunted. The soul rings on his body at the third and fourth spots shattered instantly. Consequently, he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.
His spirit soul was destroyed and swallowed. The attached soul ring crumbled with it, naturally.
In fact, soul spirits were indestructible unless the Soul Master died. Such situations do not normally occur. Even if one’s spirit soul was shattered, it could still rely on the main body to regenerate itself. It was baffling that the destruction of Hua Lantang’s armored dragon had led to the shattering of his two soul rings.
Not one to miss a golden opportunity, Tang Wulin hurled his arms. Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon. An immense suction force whisked Hua Lantang off toward Tang Wulin.
At the same time, Gu Yue’s body flashed and she teleported to Hua Lantang’s back. Her fair palm smacked him squarely on his back.
A distance away, Ye Zhi looked on as Hua Lantang was directly hit by Gu Yue’s palm. There was nothing she could do. She had executed all the enhancements that she could. Nonetheless, she never thought that Gu Yue and Tang Wulin had a technique of swallowing spirit souls. This was simply unbelievable.
The Diamond Dragonwolf had disappeared with the shattering of the soul ring. Hua Lantang could only rely on his own tenacity and the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda’s enhancement to ward off Gu Yue’s attack. Tang Wulin’s pair of golden dragon claws had already slashed his chest.
Hua Lantang grunted. His eyes flickered with a resolute glint. The fifth soul ring on his body finally shone. A layer of light as pitch black as ink promptly engulfed his body. Pitch black blades shot out from his pair of sharp claws and hacked at Tang Wulin. This was his most powerful means of attack, the Dragonwolf Perish Clutch. The attached special effect was the disintegration of all elements. It could only be used for close range attacks and had a terrifying destructive power. He, however, did not use his Dragonwolf Perish Clutch to block Tang Wulin’s golden dragon claw. Instead, he took a stance of burning jade and stone. His arms rapidly elongated amidst the cracking sounds his bones made. Though Tang Wulin had a headstart, he caught up with Tang Wulin.
Nevertheless, he did not expect Tang Wulin to suddenly turn his head in Ye Zhi’s direction.
Ye Zhi witnessed her lover being caught in a pincer attack. Anxiety was written all over her face when she saw a pair of purple eyes. With her spirit considerably shaken, all her enhancements broke off that very instant. Nonetheless, she regained her senses immediately. As she turned pale with fear, she hastily re-initiated her five soul skills.
But, she was too late!
Tang Wulin needed for her to be disrupted for just a moment.
At that very instant, Dragonwolf Perish Clutch reached Tang Wulin, while Gu Yue’s palm seared Hua Lantang’s back.
His second golden soul ring which he had never unleashed before this competition finally shone with a resplendent glow which gave the scales on Tang Wulin’s body a golden luster akin to a mirror’s surface.
Dragonwolf Perish Clutch slashed mercilessly on Tang Wulin’s chest. However, what unnerved Hua Lantang was that the scales on Tang Wulin’s body sparkled. The flashing light dazzled his eyes. He felt as if his Dragonwolf Perish Clutch had merely scratched a hardened alloy. The special effect of Disintegration was non-existent!
In the next instant, Tang Wulin’s golden dragon claws landed on his chest. When the claws were about to hit true, Tang Wulin’s ten fingers suddenly straightened. He did not scratch Hua Lantang’s body with the tips of his claws but instead turned the scratch into a smack. His palms seared themselves onto Hua Lantang’s chest.
“Boom!” Hua Lantang’s body flew backward like a cannonball. He was in midair as fresh blood spouted wildly from his mouth. Even he himself could hear the sounds of his bones breaking.
All of this happened in an instant. From the initial collision to Hua Lantang flying away after being severely hit. The duration of the entire match was truly brief.
The instant Hua Lantang was flung out, the whole coliseum fell silent. Tens of thousands of Star Luo City’s spectators became dead silent that you could hear a pin drop. Even Fang’er who had been talking rapidly during her commentary stopped abruptly. It took a while for her to grasp what she had just witnessed in the competition.
Was it over?
Hua Lantang laid on the floor. He was in a stupor. Although the beams of light from the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda had shone on his body, they were undoubtedly not of much help anymore.
The enhancement which was disrupted greatly reduced the power of Hua Lantang’s attack on Tang Wulin’s body. It also weakened Hua Lantang’s defensive powers and other attributes significantly. Similarly, the effect of the Dragonwolf Perish Clutch was incapacitated. If Tang Wulin had not held back at the final moment, Hua Lantang would have turned into a corpse by now.
Ye Zhi was stunned. No matter how powerful her supportive abilities were, she was still only a support system soul master! That meant she had no offensive abilities of her own. How long could the defensive powers of her battle armor hold out?
Gue Yue had already targeted Ye Zhi. A large fireball materialized in her hand.
“I surrender!” Ye Zhi made the decision without hesitation. Then, she immediately removed her personal barrier and ran over to Hua Lantang at a cracking pace. Compared to the life of her lover, the competition was insignificant. When she saw Tang Wulin’s heavy attack on Hua Lantang, she could not help but felt a lump in her throat.
She carefully examined Hua Lantang’s body. With her surrender, the competition stage’s protective barrier was disabled. The medical personnel hurriedly went on stage to treat the unconscious Hua Lantang.
Tang Wulin turned around and looked at Gu Yue with a smile. He stretched out his right arm to release his Bluesilver Emperor. The pieces of battle armor shot toward Hua Lantang and fell silently beside him.