The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 638 - Tactical Attainment

Chapter 638: Tactical Attainment

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Gu Yue stretched out her palm and exuberantly high fived Tang Wulin. They were both smiling broadly, but they did not say a word. There was no need.
Fang’er let out a sigh of relief on the platform. She said in a deep voice, “This was a well-executed match. Yes, Hua Lantang and Ye Zhi had been the targets since the beginning. I truly did not expect Tang Wulin and Gu Yue’s fighting method to be so terrifying.”
If Tang Wulin was said to have won his first match because Su Mu had carelessly dismissed him, then how about this match? Did Hua Lantang carelessly dismiss him as well?
Not really. He had focused all his efforts on the fight from the moment he came on the stage. He had not been careless at all. Even with his five-ringed cultivation base and so many enhancements, Hua Lantang still did not manage to gain the upper hand when he was fighting Tang Wulin. Even his battle armor had been disabled by Tang Wulin.
‘Was Tang Wulin’s martial soul a plant-type? Was it a twin martial soul? Perhaps… those three purple and one black soul ring are a part of his true martial soul?
Fang’er’s thoughts were in a state of confusion. She had been studying martial souls for so many years, but she was at a complete loss as to how to explain what was happening to Tang Wulin’s body.
She needed to calm down and make a thorough analysis before she could provide an accurate conclusion, but it was definitely too soon.
In the waiting area, there was a glare in Long Yue’s gaze. Dai Yueyan’s face was filled with shock. He would never have believed that the golden combination of Hua Lantang and Ye Zhi could lose just like that.
“It doesn’t make sense! They obviously did not exploit their powers at all. What’s going on with Hua Lantang today? Why was he acting like a wuss?” Dai Yueyan’s face was filled with confusion.
“He was suppressed. It must have been a bloodline suppression,” Long Yue’s deep and low voice echoed. Everyone from the Monster Academy shifted their gaze onto him.
“Bloodline suppression? What do you mean? That Tang Wulin possessed a very powerful bloodline? Was it the dragon-type bloodline?” Dai Yueyan was extremely intelligent. He understood as soon as he heard Long Yue’s words.
Long Yue nodded gently. “It should be. The martial soul of three purple and one black soul ring should be his true cultivation base. He’s only a four-ringed Soul Ancestor. Those two golden soul rings must have come from his bloodline’s strength. If I’m right, he would be the soul master with the strongest bloodline power that we’ve ever seen, even stronger than Su Mu’s Nine-tailed Fox bloodline.”
“How about when compared to you, Brother Long?” Dai Yun’er could not help asking.
Long Yue sniggered. “It’s hard to tell. However, one’s cultivation base will determine the strength of one’s bloodline. Hua Lantang was caught off guard and his bloodline was suppressed, resulting in his inability to unleash his power. Whatever the case, none of you picked up that Tang Wulin’s teammate actually played a vital role in this competition. She had the fire attribute and space attribute in a double elemental control. Her spiritual power is extremely strong too.”
“Do you mean Gu Yue?” Dai Yun’er asked curiously.
Long Yue nodded. “She hardly paused at all when she was using spatial teleportation. That’s not something a space attribute soul master can easily do. She is very skilled in elemental control. She’s spared no effort in this battle. You didn’t notice that she didn’t even release her soul rings, yet she could easily help Tang Wulin in achieving the victory.”
It was true that Tang Wulin and Gu Yue had been drawing the support from spatial teleportation since the beginning of the competition earlier. They launched a series of battle tactics. One of the most important steps was when Hua Lantang was about to put on his battle armor, Gu Yue carried him away from his position by force. Only then was Tang Wulin able to use the Bluesilver Grass to bind around the battle armor and prevent it from reaching Hua Lantang. If Hua Lantang had had the enhancements provided by us battle armor, he would not have been defeated so easily even with his bloodline was suppressed.
“Those fellows from the Shrek Academy are really sneaky!” Dai Yun’er spoke resentfully.
Long Yue sniggered. “That’s not cunning. That’s battle tactics. Tactics are a part of one’s skills. Shrek Academy deserved its reputation of being the number one academy on the continent with its profound inner secrets. I’d really like to see how far they can go.”
Hua Lantang was lifted off the competition stage on a stretcher after he was given emergency aid. He suffered from severe injuries, but his life was not in a critical state. His sternum and eight ribs were broken, and his internal organs were injured too. He needed some time to recuperate.
Tang Wulin’s had controlled himself when he attacked his opponent. It was just good enough to affect their upcoming group match, but not enough to truly harm Hua Lantang. They were the Douluo Continent’s envoy. Even though the rules of the competition would not have penalized him, he could never actually kill the opponent. This was just a competition.
Tang Wulin and Gu Yue’s victory had undoubtedly boosted the morale of the Shrek Academy’s people. So what if the opponent had battle armor? One-word battle armor masters still had their own weakness. It was precisely due to their battle armor not being completely fused together to their bodies, which made it a problem for them to put it on. If one could seize such an opportunity, then it would be a simple battle strategy.
Almost all the soul masters would have a certain level of dependency on their armor after they completed them. This was an inevitable situation, but it also posed an opportunity for others to exploit. During an intense battle, if the opponent disabled their battle armor, then the battle armor master would certainly suffer from a huge emotional blow without the armor’s reinforcement.
Tang Wulin and Gu Yue made use of this. The strategy was simple and direct, yet extremely effective. Even though the opponent would become wise to it after they used this tactic once, but that was enough in a two-on-two match. Only the pair of Hua Lantang and Ye Zhi was truly capable of threatening them. Of course, there was also Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie.
It was not until the next round of matches had already begun that the audiences gradually started reacting to the situation. They were not causing a commotion, but many were whispering to one another.
If once was due to carelessness, then how about twice? Monster Academy had lost in a one-on-one match, and then, to everyone’s surprise, they lost to the same opponent again in a two-on-two match. Tang Wulin’s image in the audience’s eyes suddenly changed.
The youth who came from Shrek Academy possessed powers that were too deep to be fathomable in their hearts. How terrifying was he that even Monster Academy’s students could not last long in his hands?!
The competition continued, but Fang’er was simply sitting there as she was already too dumbfounded to continue her commentary in the other matches. She had originally come just for Tang Wulin’s match today.
She watched the recording of the match over and over again, hoping that she could notice every single detail.
Every fiber of her being was shaken when she saw that Tang Wulin had turned around to look towards Ye Zhi. Additionally, the scales on his body transformed into a mirrored surface.
This was a tactical decision beyond comparison! He had not focused on the opponent in front of him when he was facing such a powerful attack from the Dragon-Wolf Perish Clutch. He turned around to interrupt the amplification. This displayed his absolute confidence in his defense without the slightest doubt.
Wait, those eyes that turned purple in an instant…
What was that gaze spurting with faint purple light? Was that the Tang Sect’s Purple Demon Eyes?
The Tang Sect technique had enormous clout on both the Douluo Continent and the Star Luo Continent. In fact, their sphere of influence on the Star Luo Continent far exceeded the Duoluo Continent.
There were very few people capable of joining the Tang Sect.
Thus, Fang’er could identify Tang Wulin’s Purple Demon Eyes in a short moment. So it turned out he was using the Purple Demon Eyes to interrupt the enhancements provided by the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda to subdue the enemy and achieve victory.
Everything from being able to predict the enemy’s moves right from the beginning, using strategy to restrict the battle armor afterward, until interrupting the reinforcement in the end was carried out by a fifteen-year-old youth. How great were his tactical skills and combat experience?
Moreover, Fang’er could see from the slow-motion replay that Tang Wulin’s expression was extremely calm from the beginning to the end. There was not an ounce of emotion on his face whatsoever. His eyes were even filled with confidence and determination all along.
It could be said that he was under the assumption that he would certainly win this match from the beginning to the end.
Believing was also a power, and this had come from Shrek Academy’s student! He had such strong power!
‘Tang Wulin, what is your limit? Could it be that we truly have no one capable of getting in the way of your advancement? Or is it that only the leader of the Eight Heavenly Kings, the Dragon King Long Yue, can stop you from moving forward? If you have truly come to that stage, then you have already won.’
Of course, Tang Wulin was unaware of Fang’er’s thoughts. He had already returned to the waiting area quietly. His companions’ matches had not ended, so he would wait for them to finish. At the same time, he could also observe the situation for the upcoming matches.
He was extremely satisfied with his performance in the competition, but it had not made him proud or arrogant. He understood clearer than anyone else that upon closer inspection, his victory in this match was made easier due to his bloodline suppression to Hua Lantang. Otherwise, how could he have dealt with a five-ringed Soul King powerhouse so simply?