The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 639 - The Holy Appearance

Chapter 639: The Holy Appearance

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Hua Lantang was Monster Academy’s Soul King. He was no ordinary soul master. Had his bloodline not been suppressed, he would have been capable of fully unleashing his powers, and defeating him would have been far more difficult. This was before his battle armor was even taken into account.
The corners of Tang Wulin’s lips cracked into a smile. It would be great if every Monster Academy student had a dragon-type martial soul. He wondered if the fellow named Long Yue had a martial soul that was related to dragons.
Gu Yue nudged him gently. “Don’t take any chances.”
Tang Wulin was shocked. “How do you know what I’m thinking? Could it be that you are skilled at mind reading?”
Gu Yue sniggered. “This isn’t mind reading. It’s because I understand you very well. Alright, watch the competition. Yue Zhengyu and his partner are about to enter the arena.
Yes, Yue Zhengyu, and Xu Xiaoyan were entering the arena for the following matches. They were participating in the two-against-two round-robin just like Tang Wulin and Gu Yue.
The biggest threat to their squad was undoubtedly the pair that was Long Yue and Dai Yun’er. They did not meet each other during the first round, but perhaps, they would do so later on in the competition.
Xu Xiaoyan and Yue Zhengyu were not as steady as Tang Wulin and Gu Yue. The both of them walked to the bottom of the stage. Yue Zhengyu stretched out his hand and grabbed Xu Xiaoyan’s arm. He touched the tip of his foot to the ground, and he was airborne. Both of them leaped onto the competition stage.
Their opponents were a pair of men who looked exactly the same. They were both tall and muscular. One look and it was clear that these men were strength-type soul masters.
Yue Zhengyu whispered something in Xu Xiaoyan’s ear softly. Xu Xiaoyan nodded in reply.
“In the following match, another pair of Shrek Academy’s students will be appearing on the scene. Their names are Yue Zhengyu and Xu Xiaoyan. Yue Zhengyu participated in a one-against-one match earlier. The battle in his match was magnificent, and his martial soul is also the exceedingly rare, top-graded martial soul, the Holy Angel. With a four-ringed cultivation base, he’s rather powerful and was lucky enough not to have faced a particularly skillful opponent during his one-against-one match. Thus, we’ve yet to truly determine the limits of his strength.”
Fang’er had already regained her composure after her analysis of Tang Wulin and Gu Yue’s match earlier. She planned to continue studying it later on due to Tang Wulin’s special case.
At that moment, Yue Zhengyu and Xu Xiaoyan entered the arena. There was no chance that there were any pushovers in the round-robin tournament. Their opponents would always be skilled enough that the match would be worth commentating on.
“The contestant Xu Xiaoyan rarely attacked during the earlier two-against-two match. According to our analysis, she must be a control-type soul master with a soul tool martial soul that is similar to a magic staff. She rarely displays the full extent of her abilities, and she has a four-ringed cultivation base.”
“Next, let’s take a look at their opponents. They’re fighting against the brothers Lei Xing and Lei Tian. Coincidentally, I’m acquainted with both of them, which is why I understand them well. Both Lei Xing and Lei Tian are twenty years old this year, so they’re just within the participating age limit. Their soul power is around rank-45, but their battle armor has yet to be fully completed. That’s why they’re not real one-word battle armor masters. The martial souls of these brothers are exactly the same as well. They are the Heavenly Thunder Axes. Moreover, since they’re twins that grew up together since infancy, they can cooperate extremely well with each other. This duel will pit strength against strength. The match is about to begin, so let’s wait and see.”
The twin brothers Lei Xing and Lei Tian had already sprinted forward in quick strides on the competition stage with serious expressions on their faces. Although they were overconfident in their abilities, Shrek Academy’s reputation had been building over the past few days. Tang Wulin had bested Su Mu, then he defeated Hua Lantang and Ye Zhi in the two-against-two match, thus vastly elevating the prestige of Shrek Academy’s entire student body.
It was quite unlucky for them to be facing such a pair of opponents in the first match of the round-robin tournament. In any case, they would never give up so easily. Those who were capable of entering the round-robin tournament had their own secrets. Their goal was to win this match and advance into the final sixteen of the two-agsinst-two category.
“Begin the competition!”
The twin brothers Lei Xing and Lei Tian raised their right hands simultaneously at the judge’s announcement. Two streaks of electric currents rose in unison with the soul rings underneath their feet.
The two brothers’ soul rings were exactly the same, with two yellow and two purple rings each. Bluish purple lightning shimmered on their right hands as one battle axe appeared in each person’s grasp.
Each battle axe had a short handle and was about three meters long. The handle and the head were of equal length. Streaks of a bluish purple lightning pattern glittered on the axe head and it was emanating a destructive aura.
Such a martial soul clearly seemed to be best suited for close quarter combat, but in reality, was that really its purpose?
The Heavenly Thunder Axes in their hands dropped down simultaneously. Their first soul rings glowed as two streaks of lightning struck at Yue Zhengyu and Xu Xiaoyan in an instant.
The speed of the lightning was too fast. Moreover, the most dangerous part of the lightning was its explosive power, which was even more impressive than a fire attribute.
As they released their martial souls, Yue Zhengyu straightened his body and he had already placed himself in front of Xu Xiaoyan. His martial soul was released while his four purple soul rings shone brightly. The wings behind his back then spread out.
A stream of golden light descended from the sky and illuminated his body. That was the Holy Light. The two streaks of lightning vanished like a clay ox plummeting into the sea after it dashed into the Holy Light.
The wings behind Yue Zhengyu’s back flapped once. With little more than a single flash, he had crossed half of the competition stage. He reached out his right hand and the Saint Sword was conjured into it as his second soul ring shimmered.
“Such a powerful Holy Light. Even with a martial soul with such immense explosive force like the Heavenly Thunder Axe, its lightning was extinguished within the Holy Light,” Fang’er made a commentary with precision.
The twin brothers Lei Xing and Lei Tian were startled as well. Yue Zhengyu was too fast. The instant acceleration produced from his pair of wings made it appear as if he was truly teleporting.
The two brothers synchronized with one another as the Heavenly Thunder Axes raised high up in their hands dropped down simultaneously. This time they used their third soul rings.
Two streaks of bluish purple light suddenly glowed on the surface of the Heavenly Thunder Axes. The lightning circled back and covered their bodies in an instant.
The surface of their skin turned bluish purple immediately. The twin brothers who were already very strong and burly seemed to be releasing a layer of lightning-like battle armor onto their bodies simultaneously.
It was their third soul skill – Heavenly Thunder Possession!
Not only that, they tossed out streams of light towards their back. These lights fused into them rapidly and protected the right sides of their bodies. This was their battle armor.
Both of them had a total of three pieces of armor each, including a cuirass, a pauldron and a vambrace.
The corners of Yue Zhengyu’s lips twitched. He was thinking in his heart, ‘Is there a need to go that far? The match has only just begun! Was it really necessary for both of you to release your battle armor?’
‘This is all the captain’s fault! These opponents are so scared they’d run from their own shadows, yet why am I the unlucky one?’
His heart was filled with helplessness, but Yue Zhengyu had already arrived before the twin brothers.
The Saint Sword in his hand slashed out. Surprisingly, Yue Zhengyu’s sword was not slashing towards either of the twin brothers Lei Xing and Lei Tian, but between them.
His sword appeared to be extremely simple, but that thick light element combined with the Holy Light before it exploded in an instant. The intense radiance was so bright that the Lei brothers could not help squinting. The Heavenly Thunder Axes in their hands slashed towards Yue Zhengyu from both sides.
The brother’s combat capability was vastly enhanced with the amplification of the Heavenly Thunder Possession and the addition of battle armor. They were even capable of resisting and fighting a five-ringed Soul King. Moreover, the main special feature of the thunder attribute was its explosive power. If it was fully unleashed, all would be blown away, regardless of the strength of the opponent’s attribute.
However, something that was completely beyond their expectations happened.
Yue Zhengyu’s sword appeared to be slashing at an empty spot, but a vortex suddenly appeared in between the brothers in a ghastly manner. The suction made their bodies swayed once. The Heavenly Thunder Axes were still slashing towards Yue Zhengyu but their speed had slowed down by half.