The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 640 - Implicit Cooperation

Chapter 640: Implicit Cooperation

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The wings on Yue Zhengyu’s back glowed brightly as his intense holy aura transformed into an overbearing force that enshrouded the two people.
His martial soul could be described more precisely as holy, but not light attribute. It was more intense when compared to the light element.
The Lei brothers were suppressed by the Holiness, their speeds were immediately slowed by half.
Yue Zhengyu swaying like a ghost seized the opportunity to bore in between the two brothers . He managed to dodge the two Heavenly Thunder Axes without any difficulty.
Simultaneously, he lifted the Saint Sword in his hand gently and prodded Lei Tian’s right armpit.
He did not use his combat capability to resist or fight forcefully, but he adopted a little trick.
“This is the Tang Sect Technique known as the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track!” Fang’er almost shouted.
The audience was shocked upon hearing ‘Tang Sect Technique’. Could this Shrek Academy’s student who came from Douluo Continent be a disciple of Tang Sect as well?
Needless to say, Yue Zhengyu was indubitably displaying the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track.
His movements were flawless. Coincidentally, when he was passing through the twin brothers, the wings on his back pushed out both sides and smashed their shoulders expediently. The impact lingered for a while. The Saint Energy on his wings collided with the Thunder Energy on the Heavenly Thunder Possessed bodies of the twin brothers. The impact of the collision was not strong, but it made them stumble.
Meanwhile, no one noticed a golden soul ring materializing on the ground silently not far away from Lei Xing’s feet. Lei Xing did not notice it either even though it was not covered by his feet. When he lost his footing after the collision, he accidentally stepped onto the golden soul ring.
Immediately, golden shackles shot up from beneath his feet and bounded them tightly. The lightning radiance and Heavenly Thunder Possession were rendered useless at this moment. There was no way to stop the golden shackles’ attack.
This was…
The audience including Fang’er discovered the addition of a dazzling Star Staff in Xu Xiaoyan’s hand. She was standing at the far side as if she was not participating in the match. The Star Staff was twinkling with dazzling brilliance. She was the one who had released the Starwheel Shackles.
Lei Xing felt the tightening around his body that he could hardly move. He was urging his soul power desperately in his attempt to struggle free but the shackles were too strong for him.
Lei Tian staggered around as the Saint Sword stabbed his armpit. He hastily turned to his side swinging the Heavenly Thunder Axe in his hand. Concurrently, his instinct was diverted to the area beneath his feet. Something had happened to his elder brother. He hoped that there was no similar control soul skill beneath his feet!
One careless move might possibly lead to the loss of the battle between the powerhouses. Moreover, Lei Tian’s power was weaker than Yue Zhengyu’s.
Yue Zhengyu whispered to Xu Xiaoyan earlier to win the fight quickly and decisively. Since their opponents were twins, Yue Zhengyu and Xu Xiaoyan would be in a lot of trouble if their opponents had the ability of martial soul fusion.
The Heavenly Thunder Axe and Saint Sword collided. For a split second, Lei Tian discovered that the battle axe he flung out was chopping at nothing. The Saint Sword had disappeared during the collision.
However, the Saint Sword reappeared in the next moment and pierced his waist.
Yue Zhengyu was utilizing a battle trick. The enemy saw the weapon in his hand so it was easy to fool the enemy into thinking it was a real weapon. On the other hand, one’s soul power would be reduced each time one launched a soul skill in actual combat. Very few people would launch all sorts of weapon-type soul skills repeatedly because it would take a long time to launch even one.
Lei Tian who was distracted, undoubtedly, made such a mistake.
Yue Zhengyu took advantage of his opponent’s blind spot which Lei Tian revealed when he used his Heavenly Thunder Axe. The Saint Sword disappeared, then reappeared to capitalize on the opening and pierced straight into Lei Tian’s armpit.
Lei Tian’s armpit on this side was not protected by battle armor. Despite the Heavenly Thunder Possession’s defense being rather impressive, the Saint Sword’s saint power still managed to breach an opening. Scorching hot energy flowed into Lei Tian’s body in the next moment.
Lei Tian gave out a muffled humph. The Heavenly Thunder Possession that surrounded his whole body was promptly broken. In the next instant, his body was ablaze in golden flames.
Yue Zhengyu’s body spun around rapidly. His pair of feathered wings flapped seven times continuously at lightning speed. Each flap carried him higher from the ground. The flapping of his wings made the flames on Lei Tian’s body burn more intensely. With the last flap of his wings, Lei Tian was blown away.
Yue Zhengyu’s aura was elevated to its peak following his high speed spin. His hands grasped the Saint Sword as he descended from the sky. The third soul ring on his body glowed brightly when he suddenly made a slash.
The sky seemed to crack open at this moment. A ray of dazzling golden light flashed from the sky and subsumed into the Saint Sword with an unparalleled force that cut into Lei Xing’s shoulder. He could choose to attack Lei Xing’s unarmored shoulder but Yue Zhengyu chose the side with the battle armor instead.
The moment when he was slashed by the sword and bound by the Starwheel Shackles, Lei Xing had lost all responses as he turned into a golden color.
“The match has ended!” The judge’s anxious voice echoed.
Even though there was no rule nor regulation in determining the combat level of this two-on-two match, the judge had to protect the contestants as best as he could when victory or defeat was established.
The Saint Sword in Yue Zhengyu’s hand waved once. The golden light on Lei Xing’s body was guided away immediately leaving his charred body lying on the ground.
If the sword had slashed Lei Xing’s unarmored shoulder just now, the outcome would be drastically different now.
Yue Zhengyu spread his wings as he touched the ground slowly. The Saint Sword in his hand had vanished. He put his right hand’s index and middle finger together, then he waved at Xu Xiaoyan in the distance.
Xu Xiaoyan returned a pleasant smile.
The battle had ended! It was a victory! Shrek Academy had won yet again.
“This is not a victory of absolute suppression. The twin brothers Lei Xing and Lei Tian had already displayed their weaknesses since the beginning. They didn’t use their most explosive-type attacks. Their attacks had been too conservative. Yue Zhengyu’s combat capability was exceptionally strong while his combat expertise was discerning. His partner was even more terrifying. Even though she attacked only once, it was enough to secure victory. Her control-type soul skill was terrifying indeed,” commented Fang’er with admiration.
There was not much suspense in this match. The level of Yue Zhengyu’s Holy Angel martial soul exceeded the Heavenly Thunder Axe by far. In addition, his prowess in combat made the match one-sided.
Tang Wulin’s face showed a faint glow. He was smiling because Zhengyu had progressed as well.
In fact, everyone was progressing really well. They were each other’s companions, but also each other’s rival at the same time.
Yue Zhengyu headed back to Xu Xiaoyan. He raised his hand and high-fived her. They smiled as they gazed at each other and got off the stage.
How did Shrek become so strong?
The whole audience had the same thought.
The two consecutive matches allowed Shrek Academy’s contestants to exhibit their remarkable abilities that suppressed their opponents until they were unable to counterattack. Their opponents in the second match, in particular, were completely suppressed for the whole match. If it was not for Yue Zhengyu’s compassion, the Lei brothers would be corpses by now.
“Big brother!” A Monster Academy’s student stood up with a solemn expression as he looked toward Long Yue.
Long Yue smiled knowingly and waved his hand at the student. “The higher you are, the harder you fall. Don’t fret, take it slow. I’m also hoping to see how far these Shrek Academy’s students can go. Don’t you think that the competition is getting more exciting because of such opponents?”