The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 642 - Luck that Defies the Heavens!

Chapter 642: Luck that Defies the Heavens!

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From thinking about his teacher Mu Ye who was missing, it occurred to Tang Wulin that Teacher Wu had not been around recently. He appeared during that one occasion at the beginning of the competition, but he did not give any guidance on battle tactics to anyone at all.
Tang Wulin answered, “I shall ask.”
He took out his soul communicator which was given by the authorities when they arrived in Star Luo Empire. He dialed Wu Zhangkong’s number.
“What’s going on?”
For some strange reason, when Tang Wulin heard Wu Zhangkong’s emotionless voice on the other end of the line, his heart felt warm. At least, Teacher Wu was fine.
“Teacher Wu, we’ve been occupied with the competition recently. Our results are good up till now. Would you like to give us some advice on battle tactics?” Tang Wulin asked.
Wu Zhangkong was silent for a moment before he answered, “We shall discuss further when all of you are in the finals. There is nothing much to advise you in the round-robin matches.”
He hung up without even saying goodbye.
“So what did Teacher Wu say?” Yue Zhengyu asked.
Tang Wulin repeated Wu Zhangkong’s words.
Xu Xiaoyan sniggered. “Teacher Wu is truly irresponsible! How can he treat us this way? How much confidence does he have in us?”
Yuanen Yehui spoke as if she was deep in thought, “I think this shows Teacher Wu’s confidence in us. He’d like us to be less dependent on him.”
“Makes sense,” Xie Xie piped in.
Yue Zhengyu pursed his lips. “You’ll think that anything Yuanen Yehui does or says makes sense.”
Xie Xie did not find it offensive. In fact, he replied with pride, “So?”
Yue Zhengyu sighed. “Yuanen! I think that a man that isn’t manly doesn’t deserve you.”
“I’ll kill you.” Xie Xie pounced on Yue Zhengyu and strangled him.
Yue Zhengyu did a twist and flung Xie Xie away. Xie Xie was not Yue Zhengyu’s match at all when it came to comparing their strengths.
Yuanen did not even bother to look at the two wrestling away. “I’m full. I’m heading back first.”
“I’m full as well.” Ye Xinglan stood up.
Yuanen was level-headed, while Ye Xinglan kept more to herself but was headstrong. Otherwise, both of them were quite similar in their ways.
Tang Wulin spoke, “We’ll need to work hard without Teacher Wu’s guidance. The opponents in the following matches will be strong, but we’ll be just as strong if not stronger.”
At the hotel.
Wu Zhangkong stood in front of the window and looked out into the distance. His face was calm as he muttered to himself, “All of you probably know that I don’t have much to teach you. You’ll need to continue walking the path by yourselves. This is the only way to progress.”
The Shrek squad managed to pass through the first round of the two-on-two and seven-on-seven matches. The individual matches’ group competition was about to begin.
The participants were busy checking out their group listing.
Tang Wulin discovered that there was an opponent he needs to pay attention to in his group. It was the fourth prince Dai Yueyan! He was also known as the tiger king Dai Yueyan from Monster Academy’s Eight Heavenly Kings!
Yue Zhengyu felt uncomfortable because there was an opponent he did not wish to meet in his group. It was the dragon king Long Yue!
It so happened he was in the same group as Long Yue.
“You’re going to be fine. It’s just a group match isn’t it? The final four individuals from the group match will proceed to the next round. You can choose to give up the match against Long Yue as a last resort. Could it be that you’re afraid of missing out in the next round?” It turned out to be a schadenfreude for Xie Xie when he saw Yue Zhengyu’s group listing.
Yue Zhengyu turned around with a solemn expression that was never seen before. “The participants from Holy Angel’s clan are allowed to fail but not us. I’ll verify Long Yue’s power on everyone’s behalf.”
Xie Xie widened his eyes. “You’re not serious, are you?”
Yue Zhengyu rolled his eyes. “Do you think I’m kidding? It’s not like we’ve not met powerful opponents before. How can you be so sure I’ll lose?”
Xie Xie gave Yue Zhengyu a thumbs up. “This is the first time you’re acting like a man. However, I think I’ll do the same if I were you.”
“F*ck… Off you go. Don’t try to associate me with you.”
“Alright. Don’t quarrel anymore. Zhengyu, are you really going to challenge Long Yue?” Tang Wulin asked in a gruff voice.
Yue Zhengyu nodded. “Hmm. If I intentionally avoid him for our first meet, how am I supposed to look at my other opponents in the eye? It may be scary to lose, it’s even scarier to lose one’s courage.”
“Good, I have you back!” Xu Xiaoyan waved her little fist at him strenuously.
Yue Zhengyu smiled. His eyes were scorching brilliantly. ‘He’s just Long Yue, isn’t he? So what if he’s a genius? Perhaps I’m a genius too.’
The first round of small group matches officially began!
The battle formation of each small group in the preliminary round was planned and displayed before the competition. Shrek Academy’s group presumed that everyone would do alright except for Yue Zhengyu’s group. His first round’s opponent was unexpectedly Long Yue!
“It’s just your luck! Did you spend too much time with the captain recently?” Xie Xie gathered next to Yue Zhengyu and whispered.
Yue Zhengyu frowned. How could he not be stressed knowing that he was going to face Long Yue?
Everyone watched Long Yue’s earlier matches. This contender was terrifying! He was definitely stronger and more powerful than all his opponents.
He had not released his martial soul in the competitive matches so far. Yes, Long Yue had not even released his martial soul since the beginning of the competition till now, yet he totally defeated his enemies.
Thus, the Shrek squad did not know his soul power and cultivation base level. This was their utmost concern.
He was an inscrutable opponent!
Yue Zhengyu disregarded Xie Xie. He crossed his leg and sat on the ground in the waiting area. He closed his eyes to meditate so as to calm himself. He wanted to be in form to fight Long Yue in their upcoming match.
Tang Wulin stood next to Yue Zhengyu, yet he was eyeing Yuanen Yehui. Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu were from the same class. She was also the one who understood Yue Zhengyu the most undoubtedly.
Yuanen Yehui was frowning as she shook her head gently toward Tang Wulin.
Everyone was spending so much time together that everyone understood each other quite well. Externally, Yue Zhengyu was a person who enjoyed joking with his peers, but he was willful and proud on the inside. When he first met Yuanen Yehui and sensed the dark energy in her, he did not hesitate to attack her. This was the characteristic of the Holy Angel’s clan. The honor was more important than lives for them. The Holy Angel was the supreme existence in their hearts.
There was a soul master who cultivated into god from the Holy Angel’s lineage once. Even though the person became a villain in the end whereby his God’s post was stripped, someone else managed to become a god in the clan.
Such a martial soul was also known as the god martial soul was the most supreme existence on the Douluo Continent.
Of course, not all the god martial souls were powerful. For example, Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Grass. The Tang Sect’s first ancestor Tang San became the Sea God. One of his martial souls was Bluesilver Grass. Hence, Bluesilver Grass was a kind of god-tier martial soul in a way.
Tang Wulin did not talk Yue Zhengyu into giving up his match. He could tell from Yuanen Yehui’s gaze that Yue Zhengyu had made up his mind. He knew Yue Zhengyu was never one to give up easily. Nevertheless, this would be his most difficult match of all.
The competition began.
Shrek Academy’s participants entered the arena according to their turns.
There were only five people participating in the individual match. Yuanen Yehui was the first to enter the match. She defeated her opponent efficiently. Then, it was followed by Xie Xie and Tang Wulin. They each defeated their opponents to receive the accumulated points without a hitch.
“Yue Zhengyu versus Long Yue!” The sounds of digital audio echoed in the waiting area. Everyone who was in the waiting area looked toward Shrek Academy’s contingent.