The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 643 - The Dragon King

Chapter 643: The Dragon King

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It was apparent that the participants were aware of the match that was about to commence. It was going to be another battle between Shrek Academy and Monster Academy. Only this time, the strongest powerhouse of Monster Academy would be one of the contenders.
During the previous two battles, Shrek Academy was victorious. This made them famous, but what about this battle? Would Shrek Academy’s representative be able to defeat Long Yue?
If Monster Academy were to lose this match, then this year’s competition would end prematurely. If the strongest and most powerful dragon king were incapable of stopping Shrek Academy’s advance, then there would be no one who can stand up to them.
Yue Zhengyu leapt up from the ground. His eyes parted slightly but there seemed to be a dazzling golden light shimmering within his eyes.
The aura on his body was retracted. He tidied up his attire before he strode with confidence toward the sparring arena.
Shrek Academy’s contingent stood together. They thumped their right hands against their chests as a patriotic gesture to send Yue Zhengyu off.
Yue Zhengyu’s lips cracked into a gentle smile. “Relax, and wait for good news!” He stepped out of the waiting area upon saying that and walked boldly toward the competition stage.
This was the match which drew the most attention. The audience in the entire Star Luo Coliseum was anxious at this moment. Everyone in the audience knew that Monster Academy could not afford to lose. If they lost this match, then Monster Academy would be completely annihilated.
The dragon king Long Yue who ranked first among the Eight Heavenly Kings versus the Holy Angel soul master Yue Zhengyu from Shrek Academy. Knowing who turned out to be the victor would be of paramount importance for the whole competition.
The air was thick with anticipation. On the platform reserved for the honored guests, Star Luo Empire’s emperor Dai Tianling was in attendance.
Even though His Highness the emperor did not voice out his thoughts, the fourth prince had convinced him that Long Yue would not lose. However, the outcome of this match was far too important for Star Luo Empire’s government.
No matter what, Long Yue could not afford to lose the match.
Thousands of common folks were aware of the presence of Douluo Continent’s entourage by now. Shrek Academy’s students were the representatives of Douluo Continent. Their ages were younger than Star Luo Continent’s participants. If Monster Academy was ignominiously defeated, this would covertly prove that they were weaker than Shrek Academy.
The historians understood that Monster Academy’s origin was related to Shrek. Of course, it was not an issue if Monster Academy was better than their predecessors. But, if they were defeated badly, then their government would be under scrutiny.
An old man in a long white robe sat next to Dai Tianling. The antiquated attire worn by the elderly man was rarely seen. His face wore an unsophisticated look while his body was lanky. He had a full head of long white hair which was combed back all the way past his shoulders. His eyes were unusually clear that it did not sit well with his wrinkly face. It seemed odd that such alert and sharp eyes belonged on an old man’s face.
Yet, it was those very mismatched eyes that made him particularly charming. He sat there calmly. At one glance, he seemed to be an ordinary old man. Yet, Star Luo Empire’s emperor was sitting by his side! Dai Tianling did not overshadow the old man’s presence in the least despite sitting beside him.
It was precisely such an old man whose appearance seemed so mismatched that it shocked those who were in his presence.
The distinguished old man was none other than the President of Monster Academy. He was Star Luo Empire’s legendary and mighty Grand Tutor, also known as the number one man of Star Luo Empire’s soul masters’ world, the Divine Domain Douluo En Ci.
En Ci was a legend in Star Luo Empire. No one knew where he came from, but it had been thirty years since when he first appeared on the continent. He was only a three-ringed Soul Elder at the time. He was an unknown Soul Elder who was barely thirty years old that no one paid attention to.
However, his developmental history was nothing short of miraculous. At the age of thirty, he enrolled for an examination at Monster Academy. Naturally, it was near to impossible for him to be enrolled for the examination at his age.
Consequently, En Ci said something controversial as he sat outside Monster Academy. He said that if anyone below three soul rings was capable of defeating him, then he would leave.
Following that for the next eighteen days, every elite with less than four soul rings in Monster Academy came, yet not even a single person was capable of triumphing over him.
In the end, En Ci was reluctantly admitted into the academy and became a member of Monster Academy.
Very few people actually knew what En Ci did or where he went after joining Monster Academy. When he finally reappeared, he was already thirty-five years old. At the same time, he was a rank-60 and six-ringed Soul Emperor!
Within five years, his cultivation base was quickly elevated to the thirtieth rank as if he was on a rocket. It was an unbelievable occurrence in the soul masters’ world.
In another five years, it was nine soul rings with the title of Douluo.
When he was fifty years old, he stood at the peak among the soul masters. He became the strongest, most powerful ninety-eighth rank Hyper Douluo within Monster Academy. He was only a step away from becoming a Limit Douluo.
He began to produce his own battle armor at this point. He underwent all the processes of forging, designing and producing the battle armor by himself. In another five years, he became a Three-word Battle Armor Master.
There was no Divine Craftsman on Star Luo Continent. In other words, it was impossible for a Four-word Battle Armor Master to exist going by the present scenario.
However, En Ci spent ten years using his spiritual and soul power to nourish and refine a few rare metals on his Three-word Battle Armor’s soul core. He was eventually elevated to the level of a Four-word Battle Armor Master.
As to whether he managed to reach the ninety-ninth rank Limit Douluo at the end, no one really knew. When his cultivation base had elevated to the ninety-eighth rank, he was already the number one powerhouse on the entire Star Luo Continent.
According to hearsay, this legend was at thirtieth rank when he was thirty years old because his martial soul was exceptionally rare. It was a form of martial soul that was difficult to cultivate during the early periods. It could only be elevated to three soul rings upon having practiced for more than twenty years. However, once he achieved a breakthrough to a three-ringed cultivation base, all the barriers beyond would no longer exist. It was like a hot knife cutting through butter. From then on, he became a legendary figure.
At forty-five years of age, he was already Monster Academy’s president. It had been sixty full years till today. He had a lofty position in Star Luo Continent soul masters’ world. Even Dai Tianling would address En Ci respectfully by the name of Grand Tutor.
Dai Tianling was his immediate disciple in the early years. This reflected En Ci’s status which was worshipped profoundly.
“Teacher, how is it you are free today?” Dai Tianling found out that his teacher was coming after he had arrived on the scene. Out of respect, he gave up the main seat to En Ci, but En Ci stopped him saying that protocol needed to be followed.
En Ci smiled. “I’ve always wanted to go to Douluo Continent to visit Shrek Academy but I’ve not the courage. Today seems to be the day. I’ve watched how Long Yue has grown from a child. I’m here to see how good the talents cultivated by Shrek Academy are.”
Dai Tianling smiled and spoke, “So it turns out the teacher is curious as well! So, who do you think will win?”
En Ci sighed softly. “I’m over a hundred years old. My peak has been achieved. I’ll still visit Douluo Continent regardless of this competition’s results. I want to take a look at Shrek Academy since this is what every generation of Monster Academy’s president wished. However, how many people are capable of taking the first step? If I don’t go now, I’m afraid that I’ll lose my courage to go.”
Dai Tianling was shocked. “With your cultivation base, could it be you’re still worried about…”
En Ci shook his head gently. “The further you walk in the soul masters’ world, the more you’re filled with reverence. We have yet to see the limit from the beginning to the end. Where there is hope, there is a future. I’m going to visit someone in Shrek Academy. I’m going there with an attitude to learn.”
Dai Tianling who was shocked inhaled the surrounding cold air. In his heart, his teacher was like a moat that could not be crossed. He had never met such an attitude from his teacher. Could it be that Douluo Continent was truly…
En Ci smiled. “There’s no need for you to worry too much. Although I don’t think I’m capable of achieving victory over there, I can still protect myself quite well. I’ll need to wait until I have a true heir before I can search for another world nonchalantly. Even though I don’t see it yet, I’d still like to try.”
Dai Tianling nodded. “Teacher, I really envy you.”
En Ci shook his head and spoke, “Your ambition is beyond the present. You need not envy me. However, you can be at ease knowing that Long Yue’s natural endowments are on par with my level back in those years. His presence will at least protect Star Luo for another century.”
This was the first time Dai Tianling had ever appraised a person. He could not help gazing into the arena looking for Long Yue who had just ascended the stage.