The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 644 - A Grinding Sensation

Chapter 644: A Grinding Sensation

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As it turned out, Long Yue was an outstanding child in the teacher’s eyes. If this were the case, he truly could not afford to lose the match. If he were to lose, then would it not prove that Monster Academy lagged behind Shrek Academy?
The relaxed expression on Yue Zhengyu’s face vanished as soon as he went on the stage.
Long Yue’s hefty figure proved overwhelming in Yue Zhengyu’s heart like a mammoth mountain.
As Shrek Academy’s student, it was highly improbable that he could make a wrong judgement. He knew that when he first saw Long Yue.
He was well aware of Tang Wulin’s strength. Tang Wulin could withstand one or even two Yuanen Yehuis transformed into the Devil Titans. But, Tang Wulin was not as strong as Long Yue. Moreover, Long Yue had not utilized his full strength yet.
How strong was such an opponent who had yet to unleash his soul ring in the competition?
Long Yue was smiling as usual. He did not appear any different from his earlier fights against other opponents.
The judge looked at both parties. He could not help but took a deep breath since, he too, knew that Monster Academy could not afford to lose this match. However, the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition was meant for the entire Star Luo Continent. He would not allow anyone to cheat in the competition as he had to be fair to all the contestants.
“Three, two, one. Begin!”
The fight between the representatives of the two great academies commenced as soon as the judge gave the word. This was Long Yue’s first fight with an opponent from Shrek Academy.
Yue Zhengyu took a large stride forward the moment the judge said ‘Begin’.
Long Yue who was standing opposite raised his brows. His initial gaze at Yue Zhengyu kept up with Yue Zhengyu’s movements.
The simple movement of taking a stride forward was significant for Yue Zhengyu. His entire being underwent a transformation capable of creating an upheaval on heaven and earth when he took that step forward.
A layer of golden soul ring emerged on the surface of his body followed by the arising of the intense Holy aura. His face had turned into a faint golden color, while his eyes were flaming with golden brilliance. The force of his body increased tremendously as the faint golden color turned into a dense and bright golden color. There were flames flaring wildly around his body.
Long Yue’s gaze soon turned into a stare. The Shrek Academy’s student was no ordinary opponent.
He followed up with a stride forward as well. When Long Yue took his step forward, it was followed by an appearance on the stage that shook heaven and earth.
At the sound of a thump, the stage shook violently once. Thereafter, it felt as if the whole world was shaking.
There was a mountain so high that Yue Zhengyu could not see the peak. The mountain toppled toward him. He could not help releasing a muffled humph as the immense force made the flames around his body flicker violently. Four soul rings arose from underneath his feet at lightning speed. A stream of golden light surged into the sky and transformed into the Holy Light that was capable of supporting heaven and earth. Only then did he manage to stabilize his stance so that he would not fall backward.
‘Such terrifying aura! He had only taken a small step yet he suppressed me until I could hardly breathe.’
Yue Zhengyu had pondered over the tactics for this match when he meditated in the waiting area earlier. He was familiar with Long Yue’s power. Thus, he understood that the usual confrontation of fighting fire with fire would not benefit him. He had to use a different approach to defeat the opponent.
Hence, he released his aura first when the match began. He had hoped that he could use his aura to suppress the opponent before he struck to gain an advantage.
He did not expect Long Yue’s aura to be so overpowering.
The collision of their auras could not be felt outside of the protective shield. Thus, the audience could only see Yue Zhengyu and Long Yue each taking a step forward. Next, golden flames flared on Yue Zhengyu’s body, followed closely by a beam of golden light that surged skyward. On the other hand, there was no visible change on Long Yue.
Quite a large number of people who were anxious began chanting prayers in their hearts for Long Yue.
Tang Wulin was absorbed in observing the match on the screen. He could not help frowning when the flares around Yue Zhengyu’s body showed signs of scattering.
Long Yue’s aura was so powerful.
Yue Zhengyu took a deep breath. With his chest puffed up, the golden flares on his body became increasingly powerful. The angel wings on his back spread open and flapped gently. His aura increased once again. He relied on the Holy Light’s reinforcement to control his aura in order to breakthrough the mountain that was tyrannizing him. The holy aura was back in action.
Long Yue smiled as he took another step forward.
Yue Zhengyu felt an intense grinding sensation on his body. The mountain before him gradually became more imposing as if a giant hammer was dropped from the sky. His Holy Light was compressed to the point of being scattered in all directions.
Yue Zhengyu raised his right hand while screaming simultaneously. His second soul ring glowed as the saint sword appeared out of thin air shimmering with a sword’s metallic radiance!
The golden light slashed past the front of his body. The pressure on him was split in two by the powerful holy aura. Soon after, changes began to appear on Yue Zhengyu’s body.
A faint white layer of radiance was released from Yue Zhengyu’s body after which his left and right vambraces, left and right rerebraces, followed by the pauldron and cuirass emerged with a white jade-like gloss that covered his whole upper body.
Those armors were as pure and white as jade. There was a layer of dense and fine golden striations faintly visible on the armor. Yue Zhengyu’s aura was elevated in an instant.
It was his battle armor!
Long Yue’s eyes revealed a sense of astonishment.
Fang’er was the commentator for the day. Words came out of her mouth without her realizing it. “This is the One-word Battle Armor made of spirit alloy. I can’t believe there’s anyone capable of doing that.”
“I’ll explain this briefly for everyone’s benefit. When a set of One-word Battle Armor is made under normal circumstances, it’s in a form that’s independent of the body. That’s why one will need to physically put it on as was the case in the two-on-two match between Hua Lantang and Tang Wulin. During the time Hua Lantang took to put on the battle armor during the match, his battle armor was immobilized by Tang Wulin. This had prevented Hua Lantang from elevating his power.”
“On the other hand, Yue Zhengyu’s five-piece battle armor is different which you’ve just witnessed. This set of five-piece battle armor is also a One-word Battle Armor, but his is more like a Two-word Battle Armor which emerged from inside his body. This will only happen when the body is fused with the battle armor.
Such a One-word Battle Armor is not only stronger than the ordinary One-word Battle Armor, but is more crucial in that there’s no need to forge again when the battle armor evolves into a Two-word Battle Armor. It will only need to evolve from its original foundation. The One-word Battle Armor forged from spirit alloy is the work of a great artist! I didn’t expect a Shrek Academy’s student to be capable of that.”
Yue Zhengyu and Yuanen Yehui produced their own battle armors. They did the design and production on their own although Tang Wulin assisted them in forging the armors.
Hence, Tang Wulin was unaware that Yue Zhengyu owned five pieces of One-word Battle Armor.
This was a rather prodigious elevation for Yue Zhengyu. No wonder he was so confident of himself. The One-word Battle Armor made from spirit alloy had a larger amplification on his body compared to the ordinary One-word Battle Armor. On top of that, Yue Zhengyu possessed a high-grade martial soul.
Yue Zhengyu’s aura surged violently and broke the pressure upon him. The wings on his back flapped once strenuously. His body was akin to a golden arrow that appeared in front of Long Yue. The saint sword in his hand slashed down as his first soul ring’s Holy Light glowed.
The astonishment in Long Yue’s eyes had barely gone when he suddenly raised his right hand to block Yue Zhengyu’s attack.