The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 646 - Legend of the Mountain Dragon King

Chapter 646: Legend of the Mountain Dragon King

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“It was because the planet created by the Dragon God was completely covered in water. The Dragon Clan was not afraid of water, but the sea was not a suitable home. Consequently, the Dragon God created the ninth Dragon King and instructed him to transform his body into a continent, so it could become a nesting ground for the Dragon Clan. He paid a great price for the descendants of the Dragon Clan. The Mountain Dragon King’s clan was meant to become solid ground and form the continents to assist the Dragon Clan in breeding and growing, but that made their own breeding highly problematic. The Mountain Dragon King’s clan had very few members. Moreover, they would transform themselves into lands and continents as soon as they were fully grown. The Dragon God was so grateful for their contribution, he bestowed the Mountain Dragon King’s lineage with a covenant. It was “the Mountain Dragon takes the crown”. In other words, every Mountain Dragon could be bestowed with the royal title once it was fully grown. They lost their freedom, but they earned a prestigious position. They were finally honored as the leader of the Nine Great Dragon Kings of the Dragon Clan in the end!”
Gu Yue’s words left Tang Wulin and his companions dumbstruck.
Ye Xinglan, who was always self-contained, could not help asking, “Gu Yue, such a legend should only belong to the Dragon Clan right. I’ve never read about this in the academy’s library. How did you know about this?”
Gu Yue answered, “There are some exceedingly ancient writings in the Spirit Pagoda. This was recorded in there. I thought that it was just a legend, but I finally realized after witnessing Long Yue’s transformation earlier that this was actually true. The Mountain Dragon’s lineage truly does exist. Moreover, some human beings can even possess the Mountain Dragon martial soul. Most certainly, this must be the Mountain Dragon King martial soul.”
“The Mountain Dragon King’s lineage was inherited at an extremely slow pace. That was why they were not only real dragons, they had the purest bloodline. They were a genuine dragon clan that was closest to the second generation of Dragon Kings. If real dragons still existed today, then any Mountain Dragon that made an appearance would certainly become the leader of all the Dragon Clans. This fellow Long Yue is really terrifying.”
Tang Wulin inhaled a deep breath as he looked at Long Yue on the screen. The expression on his face was baffling.
Originally, his heart was overjoyed the moment he heard Long Yue announce that his martial soul was a Mountain Dragon, because Tang Wulin’s bloodline power had an extremely intense suppressing ability over other dragon-type martial souls. But after listening to Gu Yue’s explanation, he understood that the Mountain Dragon King martial soul was not that simple. It was difficult to tell who was capable of suppressing who!
“Gu Yue, have you ever read about the Golden Dragon King’s legend in that ancient recordings? Was the Golden Dragon King one of the Nine Great Dragons?” Tang Wulin asked.
Gu Yue nodded. “Of course I’ve heard about it before. The Golden Dragon King’s legend is even more impressive than the Mountain Dragon King. I’ll tell you more after the match.”
Meanwhile, the battle on the competition stage had already become white-hot. Long Yue’s force had elevated to a terrifying level after he had revealed his Mountain Dragon King martial soul.
The entire competition stage was shaking ever so slightly because of his presence. It was fear—the fear and admiration radiating from the land.
Yue Zhengyu had never met such an opponent before. As he stood before Long Yue, his heart despaired that victory was out of reach.
Long Yue’s eyes were fixated on Yue Zhengyu when he suddenly laughed wildly. He bent over and smashed his right fist onto the ground. The first soul ring on his body glowed following that.
“Mountains!” His first soul skill was the Mountains!
The competition stage’s ground cracked as small mountains surged out if the ground akin to the tips of swords. It was as if the mountains were connected to the sky and ground, and they covered the entire competition arena in a split second.
Yue Zhengyu’s reaction was not slow. He managed to release his fourth soul ring at once.
In reality, he was aware that it was impossible for him to triumph over the opponent when Long Yue revealed his martial soul. Nevertheless, among his companions, he would certainly not be the last to face Long Yue. Therefore, he would try his best to ensure that his opponent displayed more of his abilities. Even if he could not triumph, his companions could observe carefully and prepare themselves to fight Long Yue in the future.
These were Yue Zhengyu’s thoughts. He wanted to try his best to delay the match, so that as many of the Mountain Dragon King martial soul’s soul skill could be released as possible. This way, his companions would get a better understanding of Long Yue’s abilities.
The Holy Angel martial soul’s fourth soul skill, the Angel’s Descent, was released!
The dazzling golden light enshrouded Yue Zhengyu’s whole body. With a flap of his shining wings, he had already turned gold from head to toe. Intense Holy Light burst out from his body.
The mountains surged skyward and chased after him. He was constantly changing his movements in the sky in an attempt to dodge the barrage of attacks that came one after another continuously.
The opponent was too powerful. It was utterly impossible for him to dodge everything due to the rate of the mountains’ attacks and the wide area they covered.
Streams of Light of Judgement shone down continuously to smash against the mountains. Yet, the mountains that covered the entire competition arena were even more overwhelming than the dazzling radiance.
Yue Zhengyu flapped his wings. He had finally found an opening to cross through the mountains and dashed in front of Long Yue. He held the Saint Sword in his hands as he descended from the sky.
The enhancing effects from all five pieces of his battle armor instantly concentrated into the Saint Sword. The Holy Light and the Light of Judgement combined together completely. The fusion of four great soul skills made his entire body burn with scorching hot Holy Fire.
He understood that he did not stand much of a chance. Things being what they were, he could not afford to waste any opportunity. He would have to attack with every ounce of his powers to test this Mountain Dragon King’s skills.
Long Yue cracked into a smile as he looked at Yue Zhengyu descending from the sky. The second soul ring on his body glowed. “Rivers!”
All of a sudden, the sky seemed to have collapsed. Countless rivers dropped down from the sky in an instant like the overflowing of the Milky Way.
Yue Zhengyu’s body and his Saint Sword were engulfed by the terrifying downpour in a split second, and he was blown away by the impact. He was like a blade of fragile grass as he was facing all the attacks and lashing of the terrifying rivers.
The Mountain Dragon King martial soul was so terrifying. Those were only its two initial soul skills, yet both were all wide-range attacks from every direction. Additionally, the strength of the attacks filled the entire audience with shock.
The Star Luo Emperor Dai Tianling was no exception. All along, he was aware that Long Yue was very powerful, but he had never known how much.
Leave alone the fact that he was a twenty-year-old Soul Emperor, just what was his martial soul? It was truly formidable to witness.
En Ci’s face was smiling faintly all along. The smile on his face grew wider as he stood and watched Long Yue on the competition stage. This was his favorite disciple, and also the disciple solely guided by himself.
The Mountain Dragon King martial soul cultivated at a rapid speed, but very few knew about the tremendous stress that Long Yue suffered during the process of cultivation.
The world had its laws of nature. There was certainly a price to pay for being powerful, just like Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King Bloodline that threatened his life at all times while constantly making him stronger.
The Mountain Dragon King martial soul shared some similarities. Even though it was incapable of threatening his life, Long Yue still suffered tremendous agony during the entire cultivation process.
The Mountain Dragon King sacrificed its body to transform into mountains, rivers and continents. His cultivation direction was his own body. His body would first need to withstand such incredible strength, only then he could truly flaunt the Mountain Dragon King’s power!
Hence, every time Long Yue’s body was elevated and gained a new soul ring, it was a terrible spiritual and physical ordeal for him.
Long Yue was extremely determined. He had pushed through the experience again and again. The Monster Academy’s resources had always favored him in this. He had consumed a large amount of heaven-and-earth treasures, such that his body could reach the level he was at now.