The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 647 - Yue Zhengyu’s Loss

Chapter 647: Yue Zhengyu’s Loss

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Still, En Ci worried about Long Yue who was the exact opposite of himself during his early days. It was difficult for him to cultivate at the beginning but it became easier as he progressed. His cultivation speed only slowed when he was at the ninety-fifth rank.
Long Yue was different. His cultivation speed was swift at the beginning because he was inherently filled with soul power. His power made a significant leap each elevation thereafter.
In the course of time, Long Yue’s cultivation speed began decreasing substantially after his cultivation base was elevated to six soul rings. It was a horrendous ordeal for him each time his soul power was elevated one rank. He had to withstand much pain and agony.
For that reason, Long Yue was called Madman Long. No matter how strong his willpower was during the process of cultivation, his personality was duly affected due to the harsh continuous torment that he underwent.
If it were not because of Long Yue’s determined willpower, he would have turned insane already.
En Ci was figuring all sorts of ways to help Long Yue continue elevating. He would encounter problems when Long Yue continued elevating beyond seven soul rings. Even this Divine Territory Douluo did not have absolute confidence in helping his disciple to continue cultivating after seven soul rings. Once Long Yue had a spiritual breakdown, he would experience a physical breakdown as well. This was the price one paid for being powerful.
One of the reasons why En Ci was headed to Douluo Continent was for the sake of Long Yue. He had read from some ancient records that there were some special heaven and earth treasures on Douluo Continent which could be helpful to Long Yue’s future cultivation.
On the competition stage.
Yue Zhengyu felt an intense pain as if his whole body was about to crumble. His whole being including his bones and meridians were in excruciating pain.
He seemed not to be fighting against a soul master, but the whole of Nature.
This was truly frightening! Long Yue had the capability to make him disappear without a trace.
The gargantuan figure which was domineering over the entire world appeared silently before Yue Zhengyu.
“For the sake of Tang Sect, admit your defeat,” Long Yue spoke gravely. The smile on his face had vanished, and in its place, a thirst for blood was growing stronger gradually.
Usually, he kept his emotions in check, but his suppressed emotions became uncontrollable whenever he used his martial soul’s strength.
Just like his martial soul Mountain Dragon King.
The Mountain Dragon King was one of the Nine Great Dragon Kings. His lineage wallowed in desolation while the rest of the Eight Dragon Kings’ descendants had easy lives. Had the Dragon God bestowed upon him an honorific, would he be contented?
The occasional occurrence of natural disasters was the Mountain Dragon King’s venting of his emotions.
Where the Dragon Clan existed, there would be the presence of the Mountain Dragon King. Natural disasters would follow suit.
Thus, it was a catastrophic calamity when the Mountain Dragon King revolted.
Yue Zhengyu clenched his teeth as he controlled his wings with great effort. He looked at Long Yue. “I’m not going to admit defeat yet.” The golden light on his body was already much dimmer as compared to before. This was the suppression caused by their differences in strength between two exceptionally strong powers.
How could he admit his defeat so easily as a student of Shrek Academy?
“Oh yeah? So be it then!” At the sound of a deep roar, Long Yue swung his fist forward as he punched straight at Yue Zhengyu’s chest. He was five meters tall. So, in proportion his fist was as large as a wash basin. His phenomenal strength squeezed the compressed air until it combusted spontaneously.
Yue Zhengyu held the saint sword with his hands. The Holy Fire burned on his body once again as the saint sword pierced with all its might.
“Boom…” His body smashed onto the protective shield in the distance.
A look of wildness flashed past Long Yue’s eyes but vanished immediately. His left leg took a stride forward as if he was going to do something. Apparently, he was trying hard to control himself.
He spoke coldly, “Tang Wulin broke eight of Hua Lantang’s ribs, so I shall return the favor today. That’s all!”
He turned around and walked toward the other side of the arena. In the arena, all the mountains and rivers gradually shrunk, rivers changed into streams, then vanished silently. At the same time, he was steadily shrinking.
The arena’s surface was smooth. It seemed as if nothing happened. Yue Zhengyu’s body slid down slowly from the protective shield. His vision darkened and he lost consciousness.
The audience gaped at Long Yue’s martial soul. What they witnessed shocked them to the point that they almost lost their ability to speak.
Similarly, Monster Academy’s students stood looking at one another in the waiting area. Their looks were similarly filled with shock.
They were aware that seven of them from Monster’s Eight Heavenly Kings could not compare to Long Yue alone. They were ashamed and felt unworthy when they could not match Long Yue’s incredible power.
The disparity was just too great for anyone to imagine. That was the peerless Long Yue also known as the Mountain Dragon King Long Yue.
The match ended. The victor and the defeated were determined.
Shrek Academy’s squad members and medical care personnel rushed onto the stage simultaneously.
Just as Long Yue mentioned, Yue Zhengyu had eight broken ribs. He was seriously wounded, but fortunately it was not life threatening. Obviously, he could not participate in the following two-on-two matches.
Gu Yue could still be his substitute in the group match, but definitely not for the two-on-two match.
Tang Wulin ended Hua Lantang and Ye Zhi’s two-on-two outing, while Long Yue ended Yue Zhengyu and Xu Xiaoyan’s. It was an eye for an eye.
The tidal wave-like jubilant sounds echoed through the entire Star Luo Coliseum.
Fang’er swallowed some saliva with difficulty as she muttered to herself, “I can’t analyze the later part of this match. The Dragon King is truly worthy of his title Dragon King.”
This was her first time witnessing Long Yue’s martial soul and his control over mountains and rivers. This event illustrated Long Yue’s strength which had already surpassed the strength level of a soul master.
Dai Tianling gave Long Yue a standing ovation. As the emperor, his heart was filled with admiration.
Monster Academy would have bright prospects in the future with such an exceptional talent. More importantly, Long Yue and Dai Yueyan had a good relationship. A monarch should always have the support of a top-grade powerhouse, only then could he enforce law and order in his empire. He had captured the throne with the support of his teacher.
“Teacher, thank you for your contribution in cultivating such excellent talent for the empire. I have decided to increase Monster Academy’s resources by ten percent to assist you in cultivating more young soul masters in the future.”
En Ci was the only person who did not stand. He was still sitting and he smiled. “Thank you, Your Highness.”
The cheers felt like mockery to Shrek Academy’s contingent. Tang Wulin helped Yue Zhengyu up since he was immobilized by his broken ribs.
Xie Xie stood by Yue Zhengyu’s side. He had clenched his fists in rage.
Ye Xinglan raised her head and looked toward the frantic audience. She was staring at them with cold eyes.
Yuanen Yehui pursed her lips tightly.
Xu Lizhi’s good-natured smile had disappeared and was replaced by a gloomy expression.
They were not only facing the opponents in the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition, but were also facing the entire Star Luo Empire at the same time.
Time, climate, geographical and human conditions were not on their side. They were listening to each cheer, mockery and insult on the competition stage. What was happening was also lashing at their souls.
In the audience box.
“Don’t go.” Elder Cai grabbed Wu Zhangkong’s shoulder.
Wu Zhangkong was furious. “They need me now.”
Elder Cai smiled. “A good metal needs to be thoroughly tempered and remolded. A human being is just the same. This is the best training for them. We must believe in their resistance to pressure. If they don’t wither into the silence, then they will certainly burst forth from the silence. Think about this, will they encounter such a situation if we were on Douluo Continent? Will they face such a trial there?”