The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 651

Chapter 651: Tang Sect’s Ten Thousand Year Spirit Items

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There was no way one could move up the ranks by merely completing missions in the Battle Soul Hall. It could only be determined by the Battle Soul Hall itself. Thus, there was no other way to enter the Battle Soul Hall other than winning the favor of someone inside.
In reality, the Battle Soul Hall had extremely strict criteria when it was choosing a warrior, screening the warrior’s natural endowments, powers and moral character. Only then would it finally decide if the prospect would be allowed to join their ranks.
Tang Wulin had become somewhat familiar with Star Luo City’s Tang Sect headquarters after his previous visit. At least it was not like his first time when he could not even recognize the place after he had entered.
He arrived at the location for contribution point exchange.
The scale of this place was greater than the Tang Sect’s headquarters in Shrek City. All sorts of words and numbers flashed across the big screens with a plethora of items for exchange on display.
These items could be divided into broad categories including hard to find recordings of cultivation, soul devices, rare metals, mechas and much more.
Tang Wulin started searching meticulously and found the location to exchange spirit items.
He could actually choose to bid for the item in an auction shop, but the bidding process would take up too much time. Moreover, the price of items there was actually even more expensive than at the Tang Sect.
Given such difficulties, he felt that the Tang Sect was the most dependable place to turn to.
He clicked on the search box, then he checked the spirit item box and entered the keywords ten thousand year!
The search began, and streams of data immediately started pulsing on the screen. Tang Wulin searched in all seriousness.
There was so much data. The Star Luo Empire’s Tang Sect headquarters deserved its reputation. There was a wide variety of the ten-thousand-year spirit items. He had no choice but to add another keyword before he continued his search.
Ten-thousand-year Dragonscale Fruit!
This time, there were far fewer results. It did not take long before a total of eleven search results appeared.
The first result was ‘Ten thousand year Dragonscale Fruit, age ten thousand six hundred year, exchange rate twenty-one thousand contribution points’.
The second result was ‘Ten thousand year Dragonscale Fruit, age eleven thousand five hundred year, exchange rate twenty-two thousand three hundred contribution points’.

The final result was ‘Ten thousand year Dragonscale Fruit, age ninety-seven thousand eight hundred year, exchange rate three hundred and forty thousand contribution points’.
Tang Wulin gulped when he read the final result. That was some good stuff! This was a Dragonscale Fruit that was almost one hundred thousand years old! He did not expect that the Tang Sect’s headquarters would have it. What a shame that it was clearly too expensive. He could not afford to exchange for it.
His gaze returned to the first row of results once again.
He gathered the Tang Sect contribution points which he had accumulated, in addition to the contribution point reward he had received from the Battle Soul Hall’s mission previously minus the Mysterious Jade Hands he exchanged. He could exchange for the first ten thousand year Dragonscale Fruit with the remaining contribution points.
That was it. It was better to have a smaller gain than none at all.
Tang Wulin clicked the select button, then he used his Tang Sect badge to verify his identity before paying with contribution points.
The only thing he could do now was to wait. A ten-thousand-year ranked spirit item would take some time to be delivered.
He decided that he should search for the ten-thousand-year Sapphire Root.
This time, there were only three results for his search.
The first result was: Ten thousand year Sapphire Root — age thirteen thousand nine hundred years — exchange rate forty-three thousand five hundred contribution points.
The second result was: Ten thousand year Sapphire Root — age twenty-one thousand six hundred years — exchange rate one hundred thousand contribution points.
The third result was ‘ten thousand year Sapphire Root, age fifty-four thousand years, exchange rate three hundred and fifteen thousand contribution points’.
Besides the first result, these prices were all astronomical! Even the forty thousand contribution points for the first result had far exceeded anything Tang Wulin’s would be able to afford right now.
A forced smile emerged on his face following that.
The sixth layer of the Golden Dragon King Seal required four types of ten-thousand-year spirit item. The ten thousand year Dragonscale Fruit was one of them, the ten thousand year Sapphire Root as well. However, it was rather difficult for him to accumulate these spirit items based on his current financial capability right now.
Tang Wulin thought about it, then he found a member of the Tang Sect’s staff. “Hello. I would like to inquire as to where can I can sell some precious materials to our Tang Sect?”
The staff member answered respectfully, “Our honorable white warrior, will you please go to our assessment center and display your sale item for appraisal. The staff member there will inform you of the procedure.” They immediately guided Tang Wulin to the direction of the assessment center.
Tang Wulin was not in a rush to head there. He waited for his ten thousand year Dragonscale Fruit to be delivered, then he kept the Dragonscale Fruit before he headed towards the assessment center.
The assessment center was an extremely spacious hall. Its inside even felt like an enormous warehouse. There were a lot of staff members bustling about in there.
A warrior’s superiority was revealed at this exact moment. A warrior was given priority in any part inside the Tang Sect.
Coincidentally, there was no other warrior queueing in front. There were specific Tang Sect staffs who ushered Tang Wulin to the front as soon as he entered through the door. They inspected his warrior badge in order to verify his identity.
“Please, how can I help you?” the staffing member asked with a smile on his face.
Tang Wulin hesitated for a moment, but he still clenched his teeth and spoke, “I have a damaged black mecha that I wish to sell to the sect. Please help me to assess how much contribution point can I exchange it for.”
“Black mecha?” A sense of astonishment was revealed in the staff’s eyes. There were many people selling items in the assessment center and also no lack of people performing the assessment, but there was rarely anyone selling mecha, at least the staff had never seen anyone did so.
The black mecha was a hyper mecha preceded only by red-colored divine mecha. It was difficult to gauge its price as even its material was extremely expensive. If a mecha master was capable of producing his own black mecha, it was as precious as his life.
Tang Wulin nodded and spoke, “May I?”
“Of course you can!” The staff had already regained his consciousness at present, he hastily spoke, “Please follow me this way.”
The staff guided Tang Wulin to a spacious spot. Tang Wulin raised his hand and released that black mecha he seized from the Green Skeleton Rebellion from his storage ring.
In reality, the mecha was not considered too severely damaged. Only its pilot station was pierced by the Golden Dragon Claw. That aside, most of its system was still in perfect condition.
If it was not due to the lack of condition in the Grand Star Luo Hotel, Tang Wulin had since attempted to restore it.
The Tang Sect assessment center’s staff was very professional. They soon invited a few mecha mechanic and started assessing the entire black mecha.
The rest of the Tang Sect disciples who were queueing and waiting were dumbstruck. They did not expect that someone was even selling black mecha. Moreover, the black mecha seemed to be in an extremely perfect condition.
Even though every high-level mecha was customized according to a person’s situation and it was not made suited to anybody else, but this type of human form mecha still had its commonality. One could modify it a little for his own use and it was absolutely many times easier than producing a brand new black mecha!
This was a fine item that could not be simply measured with a price, yet someone was even selling it.
A senior staff walked in front of Tang Wulin. “Do you truly wish to sell off this black mecha to the sect?”
Tang Wulin gave a forced smile and nodded. “Yes, I am short of contribution points, otherwise I don’t wish to sell it either.”
The senior nodded. “That’s a pity. The mecha’s quality is extremely impressive on its own. It’s also preserved in a rather complete condition. There’s a Green Skeleton Rebellion mark on it so it should be your war trophy right. Impressive!”
Tang Wulin answered, “I am not worthy of such compliments, only by chance. Can I know how much contribution points is this mecha worth?”
The senior spoke, “Generally, a black mecha is at least worth three hundred thousand contribution points. A human form mecha is worth a little bit more. However, your mecha is originally damaged. On the other hand, it belongs to the Green Skeleton Rebellion so it is fitted with a self-destruct system. It will be extremely troublesome to modify or remove the system. The cost of doing so is also very high and dangerous. At the same time, you also know that the items sold in the assessment center will be calculated at a reduced price. Hence, we can only give one hundred thousand contribution points for the black mecha. An additional ten percent is given because of your white warrior’s identity, so it’s worth one hundred and one thousand contribution points. This is the highest price we can give you.”