The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 652 - Selling the Black Mecha

Chapter 652: Selling the Black Mecha

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Tang Wulin felt a searing pain upon hearing that. If he had a choice, he would not wish to sell this black mecha! However, he had no other choice now as he had to make some preparations beforehand.
“Of course, this mecha is meant for close-quarter battles, but it’s not armed. If you can find its weapon, then we’ll add on another twenty thousand contribution points.”
Tang Wulin shook his head. “There’s no need. We’ll just go with the price of one hundred and ten thousand contribution points as you’ve mentioned.”
Tang Wulin could never give up the weapon. It was still useful to him.
The transaction was quite simple. Soon, there was one hundred and ten thousand contribution points added to Tang Wulin’s sect card. This was the largest amount of contribution points he had accumulated since he joined the Tang Sect.
With the contribution points on hand, he returned to the exchange center. He bought the cheapest ten thousand year Sapphire Root without the slightest hesitation. Then, he continued his search and spent over fifty thousand contribution points to exchange for another type of ten thousand year spirit item.
He still lacked one item. It was a bottle of ten thousand year dragon-type soul beast’s blood.
At present, Tang Wulin’s remaining contribution points was less than twenty thousand. He felt a little fortunate so he was hoping that the ten thousand year dragon-type soul beast’s blood was not too expensive.
The first search result appeared: one bottle of ten thousand year five elements dragon blood, age eleven thousand six hundred years, exchange rate forty-eight thousand contribution points.
The expression on Tang Wulin’s face stiffened. He was short of twenty over thousand contribution points!
Even though he still had some valuable items on him, those items were not for sale! The majority of the spirit forging and fuse forging metals he forged, he gave to his comrades. The remaining ones were of lower quality. Although he could still exchange it for some contribution points, it would not be enough to cover the shortfall.
Fortunately, he still had some time. He could accept some blacksmith work to accumulate contribution points. At the level of spirit forging, every piece of spirit forging metal especially those made of spirit alloys were worth quite a lot of contribution points.
Tang Wulin kept the three spirit items which he exchanged, then he accepted a few more missions before he boarded a soul taxi to return to the hotel.
Tang Wulin felt awful about having to part with his hard-earned contribution points. Hence, he felt some writhing pain and discomfort in his heart on his way back. A miser could never stand the pain of losing money.
My black mecha! Tang Wulin was sighing. If only he had adequate time to take it apart, just the precious metal and core array were worth more than the contribution points he got for it.
Anyhow, he had a change of heart when he discovered the black mecha was a device that could self-destruct. Once the device was triggered, there was a high possibility that everything would be destroyed. He felt much better when he thought of this.
“That’s not right.” A familiar voice echoed in Tang Wulin’s mind at this moment.
“Old Tang?” Tang Wulin closed his eyes and he could see Old Tang in his spiritual world.
He could tell that Old Tang meant business for he sensed the seriousness in his spiritual voice.
“Wulin, I can sense your eagerness. However, that’s not right. The Golden Dragon King Seal is not to be neglected. It was good that you were capable of passing the fifth layer seal’s trial by depending on your body’s strength. However, you should not seek quick success by immediately attempting another breakthrough. It may cost you your life,” Old Tang spoke in a solemn tone.
Tang Wulin was quiet. It was apparent that Old Tang had known of this.
“But, I’m afraid that I can’t defeat the opponent without going through with this. Old Tang, I’ve been trained with the Body Sect’s cultivation method. My body is much tougher than before. I should be able to withstand the process of another breakthrough to the sixth layer seal. Look at how relaxed I was when I achieved the breakthrough to the fifth layer seal!” Tang Wulin was trying his best to sound at ease.
“That’s not how it works. Firstly, every seal of the Golden Dragon King that brings with it for you an elevation of the Golden Dragon King’s essence places a tremendous stress on your body. Although it’s capable of bringing you power, it’ll threaten your life at the same time and take you one step closer to death. You’ll need more accumulation and potent power. I must tell you that after you’ve achieved a breakthrough of the first nine layers, the latter nine layers will be a trip to hell. You ought to lengthen the time to achieve your breakthrough to the first nine layers as much as you can, so you’ll be better prepared. How can you reverse the process and speed up the breakthrough of your seal? This will bring you disaster, for sure!”
Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. “So, you’re saying that it’ll be even more difficult to achieve a breakthrough after the first nine layers?”
Old Tang spoke again, “The first nine layers are just the Golden Dragon King Bloodline’s residual energy. It’s not its origin strength, while the latter nine layers are its purest form of origin strength. It’s best for you to achieve the Title Douluo rank cultivation base before you begin to break through to the latter nine layers. Perhaps then, you’ll have a better chance of surviving the process. You’re only at four soul rings now and you’ve already broken through the fifth layer seal. It’s already very fast. If I weren’t in a deep sleep at the time, I’d never have allowed you to even break through the fifth layer seal so soon. You should let Nature takes its course and wait until the seal breaks by itself when your body has already achieved an adequate level of strength. Put aside the issue of whether you can survive the sixth layer now, even if you’re capable of withstanding the process now that you possess the sixth layer’s power. You’ll still need to break through to the seventh layer within three years and complete the breakthrough of the following two layers before the age of twenty-five. In short, you’ll need to complete the first nine breakthroughs by the age of twenty-five. Then, you will have to face the terrifying trial that follows.”
“Do you think that you can achieve the Title Douluo rank cultivation base by the age of twenty-five?”
Tang Wulin was speechless. It was almost impossible without a doubt. It was already unbelievable for a talented genius like Long Yue to achieve six soul rings at twenty years old. Of course, it was going beyond the impossible for him to achieve nine soul rings by the age of twenty-five. Unless he relies on some out of this world heaven and earth treasures to accelerate the process, his foundation would be unstable.
“This is just a competition. What’s more important? To win the competition or to lose your life? Do you not understand what it means to weigh the importance of something?” Old Tang spoke sternly.
Tang Wulin did not utter a word.
“Alright, give up the idea. It’s good that you’ve prepared these spirit items in advance. You’ve also gained some time from the earlier breakthrough. Still, you must maintain your current cultivation for another two to three years before you break through to the sixth layer. This way you can buy more time for yourself. According to your present cultivation rate in addition to the awakening of the Bluesilver Emperor, you can possibly achieve the Title Douluo ranking by the age of thirty. Thus, you must not complete the first nine layers’ breakthrough before you achieve the Title Doulou.”
Old Tang’s voice ended. Tang Wulin could not help frowning hard when he opened his eyes once again.
He had withstood the agony of breaking the seal more than once or twice. There were also a number of long-term negative consequences from breaking through by force. It seemed like he must not act recklessly!
He would not have sold the black mecha if he had known earlier!
‘Oh! Oh! Oh! What a huge loss!’
Tang Wulin did not feel good when he returned to the hotel. ‘Forget it, forget it. I’ll seize the time now to complete more blacksmith missions to earn some contribution points and repent later.’
Old Tang’s words were filled with wisdom. It made Tang Wulin dropped the idea to break through the sixth layer seal within a short period of time. He could only continue his cultivation now.
The Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition carried on until the final stage. The coliseum was packed like sardines. It was difficult to purchase tickets for the competition. The scalpers were selling tickets inflated at four times the original price, but the tickets were still selling like hot cakes.
After all, this was a grand event that only happened once every three years in Star Luo Empire. The atmosphere was buzzing with intensity.
The elimination match was different from the previous matches.
The Star Luo Coliseum would not be conducting multiple matches simultaneously during the elimination phase of the competition. There was only one competition stage remaining in the coliseum, and it was much bigger than before.