The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 653 - Boos from the Crowd

Chapter 653: Boos from the Crowd

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The diameter of the competition stage was just a meter short of five hundred meters. If two people were on it, they would look like two ants on the surface of a round table. The gigantic protective barrier was more than two hundred meters high. It gave a feeling that it connected the heavens and the earth.
The view of the competition grounds was visible from any angle. Giant screens floating about in the air broadcasted close-up footages of some of the matches.
Before the knockout rounds, there was a break in the competition for three days. That was all the time taken to set up the stage for the competition.
All the matches, whether it was the one-on-one, two-on-two, or the team battles, would take place at this location. Each time the competition reached the stage of the knockout rounds, it would be all the rage. It was also the moment of wild excitement.
Out of the top sixty-four contestants, the thirty-two contestants who would proceed to the next round would be decided today. Each contestant would receive generous rewards, and after each round, the rewards would be doubled.
The contestants who had made it to the top sixty-four would be potential targets for recruitment by the various consortiums and clans.
Many young Soul Masters wanted to participate in the competition so that they could establish their names among the multitude. Then, they would have a firm foundation for their future development.
To be able to participate in the final stages of the competition, these sixty-four Soul Masters were already deemed successful.
There were only three from Shrek Academy whereas there were easily more than five from Monster Academy. This was the first time in Monster Academy’s history where they had the least number of participants in the final stages of the solo competition.
The competition grounds was moved to another venue where there was ample space within the coliseum. The waiting area was much bigger too.
The lavish waiting area was set up at the edge of the competition grounds. Above it was the platform which was the ideal place to observe the competition.
The one-on-one competition was held today. All the sixty-four contestants were getting ready in the waiting area.
There were sixty-four luxurious and expensive sofas neatly arranged in the waiting area. A wide array of food and drinks were available. The waiting staff wore immaculate uniforms and were well trained. They were efficient in serving the needs of the contestants.
The waiting staff were young, beautiful, and full of vigor. Every one of them wore a faint smile, and their services were impeccable.
Those waiting here were the younger generation favored by the gods themselves. In the history of the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition, there were many instances of romances which ended in marriages between the waitresses and the contestants. To these waitresses, it meant having better livelihoods. So, they were truly passionate about their jobs and service toward the contestants.
“Captain, this is the sixth waitress lingering in front of you. How do you feel about all this?” Xu Xiaoyan snickered as she spoke to Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin felt helpless. He was asked, for the sixth time, whether he wanted any fruits or drinks.
Truthfully, among the sixty-four contestants who were male, there was none who could match his looks.
Young, handsome, and powerful. All these are powerful attributes to attract the ladies.
Tang Wulin turned his attention to Xiaoyan and said, “Xiaoyan, don’t concern yourself with irrelevant distractions.”
The five contestants from Monster Academy sat on the opposite side. Dai Yun’er was currently pouting expressing her displeasure.
“Yun’er, what’s wrong?” Dai Yueyan sat beside his sister to ask out of concern.
Dai Yun’er gave a snort. “I can’t stand anyone who is promiscuous.”
The waitresses serving near them dared not flirt out of respect for the princess. After all, everyone knew of the princess’s temperament. Moreover, Dai Yueyan was a potential candidate for the emperor’s throne. As for Long Yue, although his strength was shocking, nobody dared to go near him due to the aura he projected. With a bald head and a body full of power and grandeur, most of the women kept their distance from him.
Dai Yueyan laughed hysterically. “I think there’s a problem with your thoughts. Why don’t you think about what you’re going to do if he’s your opponent in the competition?”
Dai Yun’er raised her small fist. “I’d pummel him until all his teeth fall out, of course!”
“Hahaha!” Long Yue guffawed. “Well said, Yun’er. Brother Madman supports you. Do your best!”
Dai Yun’er said, “According to the drawing lots competition procedures, he’ll be fighting me in the next match if he wins this match. Just wait and see, all of you, see how I’ll beat him up.”
When Dai Yueyan saw that his little sister was so full of hot air, he could not help but shook his head.
Following the flow of the competition, if Tang Wulin emerged victorious in the first two rounds, his opponent would be Long Yue in the third match. However, Tang Wulin and Long Yue were not in the same division. Both of them would only meet in the finals.
For Monster Academy’s contestants, the final stages were equally important. They were under more pressure than those contestants from Shrek Academy.
After all, this was Star Luo Continent. They were thousands of miles away from Douluo Continent. Even if the whole of Shrek Academy lost, news of it would not reach their homeland, not to mention their ages were five years younger than Monster Academy’s students.
On the other hand, Monster Academy could not afford to lose! Dai Yueyan had never worried about becoming the champion. As long as it was Shrek Academy that entered the semi-finals, Monster Academy would be considered the winner.
As for himself, he wanted to stop Tang Wulin from proceeding further, no matter what.
At this moment, a figure of light descended from the sky onto the stage.
There was a light that beamed down from the skies of Star Luo Coliseum. A figure accompanying the light descended slowly.
She wore a pale yellow attire and looked graceful and collected. Her delicate facial features were complemented with a faint smile.
“Hello everyone, my name’s Fang’er. I’m honored to be the host and guest commentator for the final stages of the competition.”
It was Fang’er! The gaze of the audience was immediately on her. For some time, the deafening cheers resounded throughout the competition grounds.
In this year’s competition, Fang’er’s incisive and precise commentating, with her unrivaled beauty helped her growing popularity. Hence, the organizing committee decided to employ her to commentate during the final stages of the competition.
Fang’er landed at the center of the stage under the focus of the light beam. She bowed and curtsied toward the platform.
“Since we’re in the final stages of the competition, the competition will get fierce and intense. After all, a single mistake could cost a contestant to be eliminated. Today’s the first day of the final stages of the one-on-one competition. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish every contestant success in their matches. Naturally, what’s more important is to show your skills and capabilities.”
Thunderous applause followed. After Fang’er bowed toward the platform for the second time, she walked forward slowly.
On the stage, all the spotlights shone brightly. Although it was daytime, the spotlights made the stage glow and drew the spectators’ attention to it.
This was the first day of the solo competition in which the top sixty-four contestants were participating. There would be sixteen matches today, and another sixteen matches tomorrow.
Among the matches held today, Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui would be making their appearances. As for Xie Xie’s match, it would be held tomorrow.
“Next, allow me to introduce the first pair of contestants for the knockout match. I believe everyone has been keeping an eye on one of them. He hails from Douluo Continent, the origin of Star Luo Empire. At the same time, he’s the captain of the team from Shrek Academy which is also the top academy on Douluo Continent. Tang Wulin.”
The first match of the knockout rounds was Tang Wulin’s match which was arranged by the organizing committee.
Shrek Academy had grabbed the attention of Star Luo Empire’s denizens, second only to Monster Academy. As the captain of Shrek Academy and the powerful opponent who defeated Monster Academy’s Su Mu and Hua Lantang, the attention Tang Wulin attracted was, needless to say, immense.
Hence, the organizing committee had placed his name on the first match of the knockout round, whereas for tomorrow’s final match of the knockout rounds, Long Yue would make his appearance.
All this was done to heighten the attraction of the competition. When Fang’er made the announcement on the platform, the entire coliseum resounded overwhelmingly with a… Boo!
Amidst the jeers, Tang Wulin stood up and walked out of the waiting area.
The gaze and attention of the contestants from Monster Academy were on him. Long Yue had a smile on his face while Dai Yun’er was gnashing her teeth in anger. She was known to harbor a grudge. She could not forget the look on Tang Wulin’s face when he rejected her. Every time she thought about this, she would be seething with hatred.
“Then, who would be Tang Wulin’s opponent? Let’s welcome one of the outstanding geniuses from Royal Star Luo Academy, also known as the rising star of Star Luo, Sima Xian. He’s twenty years old, an outstanding talent nurtured by Star Luo Empire. Back then, he was also accepted by Monster Academy, but he chose to stay with Royal Star Luo Academy to further his studies for personal reasons. Today, he’s already accomplished in his studies. He hasn’t been defeated in this year’s competition yet. The first match of today is a battle between two powerhouses.”