The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 655 - Absolute Suppression

Chapter 655: Absolute Suppression

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Those were brownish red scales. Every scale had a shape which resembled a hexagon. The only difference between his scales and Tang Wulin’s was that his scales were flat, and there were no protruding edges.
With a covering of the scales, his aura changed again. His body size increased with the combination of his body and tail length exceeding five meters. His speed was as fast as a soul train in a mad rush.
There were the planned series of combination attacks. The martial soul Bullhorn Dragon was an assault system. With the addition of Gravitational Control and its tremendous speed, Sima Xian had many different ways of battling at his disposal.
He was almost upon Tang Wulin. The domineering aura of his made the space on the whole stage seemed like it was pressing toward Tang Wulin. It had looked like a head-on collision, but in actuality, the air stirred by his wild dash was compressing inward and limiting Tang Wulin’s movements. Sima Xian who was wildly rushing forward at a blinding speed was swaying his head as well. He seemed to be able to change directions within a small area instantly. Hence, it would be very difficult for Tang Wulin to evade his attack. Even if Tang Wulin managed to dodge Sima Xian’s attacks, he would still be suppressed by Sima Xian’s aura.
In a battle between powerhouses, once a person’s aura was suppressed by the opponent, it would be difficult for the person to turn the tide in the battle.
A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin’s face. He did not dodge. When he saw that the thickset body of a Bullhorn Dragon was almost upon him, he stepped forward to face Sima Xian head on.
He just took a single step forward, and a deep dragon’s roar rose from his body. The roar resembled the sound of the awakening earth when the Land Dragon flipped its body. A bright golden light burst forth from his right foot. Amidst the dragon’s roar, he stomped heavily on the floor.
Tang Wulin’s timing was perfect. Although it was difficult to dodge Sima Xian, likewise, it would be difficult for Sima Xian to slow down or stop abruptly.
Hence, when Tang Wulin stomped the floor with his right foot, Sima Xian had entered the boundary of the golden light rays.
“Boom!” The competition stage rattled violently. Eight little dragons emerged at the spot which Tang Wulin stomped on. All the eight little dragons raised their heads and their brilliant golden bodies shot upwards. There was a powerful, arrogant aura of a superior existence.
At the sound of the dragon’s roar, the compression force of the surrounding domineering air weakened suddenly. The Bullhorn Dragon had charged into the boundary of the golden radiance of Tang Wulin.
At that moment, Sima Xian felt the vigorous blood essence within his body and his rich soul power losing their effects all of a sudden. A tremble which originated from the depths of his soul made him lose control of his body instantly. The blood essence within his body seemed to be frozen.
He had already unleashed his maximum! During such situations, it would be a disaster.
A huge force rose up from below, but the scales on the Bullhorn Dragon’s body had shrunk. What the audience saw was a huge body that was pressing forward with indomitable will suddenly stopping the moment it entered the golden ring of light.
The visual impact between the movement and its sudden stopping was just too great. There was shock registered on everyone’s faces. Then, they saw Sima Xian’s colossal body being jettisoned upward to the sky. He was being shot up by the eight little golden dragons. Arcs of golden lightning swirled around his body and flickered with a strong glow.
“What’s this? Why did Sima Xian’s soul skill look like it was interrupted? And what Tang Wulin displayed didn’t look like a soul skill. It looked more like the ability of an original skill. When Sima Xian concurrently unleashed three soul skills under such a high-speed attack, how could his soul skills be interrupted simultaneously? He was even controlled by force! My god! To him, this must certainly be a disaster.”
The voice of Fang’er commentating was like firecrackers setting off. She spoke extremely fast and could hardly control her emotions. Her tone of disbelief clearly revealed that she found it difficult to comprehend the scene that unfolded in front of her.
In the waiting area, the smile that was on Long Yue’s face suddenly disappeared. He sat upright and stared at the stage.
Many years ago, he had beaten up Sima Xian. He was familiar with Sima Xian’s abilities. Although there was a huge gap between their abilities, among his peer Soul Masters, he was respected. He did not have the nurturing of Monster Academy which might have limited the development of his abilities. Despite that, he was comparable to the Eight Heavenly Kings. There was not that much of a difference in their skill levels.
Forced control! That was most fitting to describe the scene on the stage..
An assault system Battle Soul Master had been forcefully controlled when he met his opponent. This happened during a fight with an opponent who had a lower cultivation base than himself. This was truly unbelievable!
Then, they saw Tang Wulin leaping into the air.
Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth. He stomped his foot on the floor. It was as if he foresaw what would happen. Thus, when Sima Xian shot up toward the skies, Tang Wulin followed after him.
Sima Xian’s Gravitational Control which he had unleashed had been forcibly negated by the stomp of Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth.
Tang Wulin stretched his arms and his pair of Golden Dragon Claws extended on both sides of his body. He resembled a majestic hawk spreading its wings.
Meanwhile, Sima Xian’s body was completely paralyzed. He could not even control his own body, and the blood essence within him surged. The violent collision made him felt like his viscera were on fire.
Currently, he had regained his senses from the unexpected event just now. But, all he could do was curl up his body as much as he could and release his soul power to his surroundings. His next moves will have to wait until he had counteracted Tang Wulin’s attack.
The Golden Dragon Claws balled into fists. He did not use the sharp claws to slash his opponent. Instead, he hit downward with both fists. When Tang Wulin’s arms were swung backward from the top of his head and body forming an arc, the deep dragon’s roar on his body turned vigorous. It was as if the giant dragon had awakened.
Many spectators reacted by closing their eyes. Sima Xian who had been brazenly struck resembled a spiral as he came crashing down onto the stage. Together, the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth and the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens formed a combination of indomitable force. When he crash landed on the stage, the whole stage gave off a shattering sound which shocked everyone.
A huge, deep crater appeared in the center of the competition stage. Countless crack lines emanated rapidly in all directions from the crater.
Tang Wulin’s body flashed and he suddenly altered his direction in midair. He dropped to the ground on both legs and made a dull thump upon landing.
Under the sun’s rays, the scales on his body flickered with an attention-grabbing golden light. His pair of Golden Dragon Claws flickered with an ominous gleam.
The entire coliseum fell utterly quiet. In their judgment, he was no longer human. He was practically a ferocious beast in the form of a human!
Sima Xian, within a few moments after the introduction, who had been known as the most outstanding genius of Royal Star Luo Academy had lost his battle.
The medical staff rushed onto the stage immediately. On the platform, Fang’er’s jaw dropped.
She was sure that if Tang Wulin had wanted to kill Sima Xian just now, he would only have to use his pair of dragon claws. He would most probably have torn Sima Xian into pieces.
What kind of strength was this? He was up against a five-ringed Soul King. Sima Xian’s opening moves showed no signs of underestimating his opponent. However, with a single strike, Tang Wulin had ended the match.
Under this circumstance, Sima Xian did not even have time to unleash his battle armor.
In the realm of Soul Masters, the existence of battle armors were definitely the most powerful embodiment of strength. For Soul Masters of the same rank, the possession of a battle armor or its non-possession would translate into a disparity in strength that was leagues apart.
Ever since Tang Wulin joined this year’s competition, he seemed to have completely overturned this single rule.
Every battle armor seemed to have lost its meaning before him because there had not been a single Battle Armor Master who could unleash the powers of a battle armor effectively in a battle with him.
During the first one-on-one match, his opponent managed to don his battle armor but did not have the chance to unleash a single attack. So, ended the match.
Then there was Hua Lantang’s battle armor. He did not even manage to don his battle armor. Currently, Sima Xian was in a worse condition. He did not even manage to release his battle armor.
The matches which Tang Wulin took part in had ended quickly. Also, the succeeding match was more startling than the preceding one.
Initially, many among the Star Luo Empire audience had mocked him for not participating in the match against Dai Yueyan. Currently, everyone was quiet as a mouse.
Was it truly a human who stood on the competition stage? Was he not a fierce beast?
The outcome of the match had been decided. The referee announced Tang Wulin’s victory.