The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 657 - Yuanen Battles the Shadow King

Chapter 657: Yuanen Battles the Shadow King

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The rivalry between Monster Academy and Shrek Academy had gone on for a few matches. They had no doubt that Long Yue was the top powerhouse in this year’s competition, and he would definitely be the champion. However, as one of the Eight Heavenly Kings, his seven other comrades had not tasted victory battling with Shrek Academy’s students. They felt demoralized.
Finally, he was matched with a contestant from Shrek Academy. He wanted to prove to the denizens of Star Luo Empire that it is not always about Long Yue in Monster Academy. There were others who were capable as well.
“Contestant Teng Teng, hailing from Monster Academy. Nickname, Shadow King, an agility system battle soul master.” Fang’er had only given a simple introduction about Teng Teng as she didn’t mention what his soul ranking or martial soul was. After all, the fight had not started yet. There was still a need to maintain the secrecy of the contestants.
Yuanen Yehui waited calmly. She was hardly attractive, so when Teng Teng looked at her, he could not help frowning. Winning against such an opponent apparently would not require him to display his strengths!
Since he knew who is opponent was before the lots were drawn, he had watched some of Yuanen Yehui’s matches. In the previous matches, Yuanen Yehui had always used her Titan Giant Ape martial soul. This emaciated-looking soul master was surprisingly a strength type which was shocking.
So what if an agility system was restrained by an assault system? Teng Teng believed that with his agility, everything else was insignificant.
“Let the match begin!”
With the referee’s announcement, the audience sat upright giving their full attention to the match.
Even if Royal Star Luo Academy had lost, there is no way Monster Academy would lose to Shrek Academy. Monster Academy must win this match!
The spectators had overlooked the age difference between these two representatives of their respective academies. They only hoped for one thing — victory.
He took a step forward and five soul rings rose from beneath Teng Teng’s feet. His five purple soul rings shone with a brilliant glow. His body swayed and the third soul ring on his body flickered. Then, there were three of him where he stood!
Shadow Clones!
The three Teng Tengs strode forward in unison. Their speeds were extremely fast. As they sprinted forward, afterimages followed closely behind them. In the blink of an eye, they were a hundred meters away. Simultaneously, the trio launched their attacks on Yuanen Yehui from three different directions.
At the same time, four purple rings rose from under Yuanen Yehui’s feet. The first and third soul rings flashed together. Her body swelled. It was the Diamond Titan.
Her body had ballooned swiftly. It swelled so much that her clothes were torn save for her highly elastic leotard covering her body. In an instant, she had turned into a five-meter tall giant.
In the time she took to transform, Teng Teng was already upon her. The three figures flickered alternately and were charging forward at Yuanen Yehui. Those series of afterimages formed a triangle around Yuanen Yehui. The afterimages were connected with each other. At some point, even Teng Teng’s Shadow Clones were barely visible.
Undoubtedly, it was not a soul skill, but a high ranking skill of the agility system. It was manifested after the soul master’s speed reached a certain threshold.
Teng Teng wielded daggers that were pitch black in each hand. Those were not his martial soul, but his soul tools.
In the solo competition, all sorts of equipment were allowed. If battle armors were allowed, naturally, soul tools were also allowed.
His martial soul was related to his nickname which was the Shadow King, Hence, his martial soul was his shadow!
That was why his Shadow Clones were different from everyone else’s. Xie Xie’s Shadow Clones were forcibly separated from his body by his high-speed movements. However, they had limited capabilities.
On the other hand, Teng Teng’s Shadow Clones were formed through his martial soul. Even though they were clones, they were identical to the original in every aspect!. The clones were his martial souls. During a battle, these clones were more formidable than the clones formed by high-speed body movements.
The skill which he was currently utilizing was called Shadow Connection. The most important thing for an agility system soul master was to never let the opponent know where one truly was.
In such a scenario, the audience were exhilarated to witness the dazzling display of skills of the contestants.
“Currently, Monster Academy’s contestant Teng Teng is displaying a high-end skill of an agility system soul master. With his own super high-speed motion coupled with the effects of his Shadow Clones, he formed countless overlaps of himself. This made it difficult for his opponent to determine his precise location. At the same time, he can exploit his opponent’s weakness. Once there is an opportunity, he would not hesitate to give his opponent a thunderous blow.”
“Contestant Yuanen Yehui’s ability is shocking. Such a martial soul is undoubtedly very powerful. It must be the Titan Giant Ape. The Titan Giant Ape is the overlord in the forest. It’s a top-class martial soul. Against contestant Teng Teng’s clone attacks, how will contestant Yuanen Yehui fight back?”
Fang’er commentated excitedly. The fight between powerhouses usually did not take very long. Once an advantage was established, it would be difficult indeed for the other contender to turn the tide of the battle. The first collision between the two contenders is usually an exploratory technique to probe the opponent. Their following moves would be crucial for both contenders.
A loud buzz vibrated in the surrounding air, and it seemed like the whole heaven and earth shook violently. The situation on the stage changed abruptly.
Against Teng Teng’s Shadow Clones, Yuanen Yehui had taken countermeasures at the first opportunity she got. She did not react like most opponents who would be mesmerized by the figures moving at high-speed when they were faced with such a situation. Instead, she just stood there. Then, she took a step forward with eyes focused.
She made a lunge, simultaneously balling her right fist tightly. She had retracted her fist at her waist, then unleashed a punch in front of her.
With that, the second soul ring on her body shone brightly!
That was the source of the thunderous buzz.
The moment she made the lunge, Teng Teng had made his countermove. Amidst those swift swiveling figures, two of them suddenly leaped from behind Yuanen Yehui. The pitch black daggers stabbed straight toward the sides of her body.
For a person in a standing posture, it would have been easy for the person to evade the attack. However, if the person made a lunge, evading the attack would be much more difficult.
Hence, Teng Teng seized this opportunity and launched his counterattack without hesitation.
Among the Eight Heavenly Kings, he was well known for his ability to seize opportunities, and his decisiveness was his greatest virtue.
Yuanen Yehui had no way of doing an about-face while she was making the lunge. However, it appeared as if she had no inkling of the sneak attack behind her back.
Had the battle’s outcome been decided? Was this the capability of a Shrek Academy’s team member?
Just when those thoughts occupied the people’s minds, Yuanen Yehui threw a punch.
There appeared a hole in the air in front of her. The entire space was violently twisted. The clones and afterimages that had surrounded Yuanen Yehui were instantly affected by the contorting spatial wave and fell into the warped space. Many afterimages disappeared and Teng Teng was finally exposed.
The two clones which launched the sneak attacks from behind her were also affected by the distortion in the space. Their attacks did not hit their intended target. Instead, their daggers shot past Yuanen Yehui’s sides.
Yuanen Yehui’s pair of large hands swung outwards and struck both the clones. The two clones vanished instantly like soap bubbles popping.
A figure flickered. Teng Teng had retreated more than ten meters away in the blink of an eye. Currently, his clones had vanished, so he was alone.
“You have the ability to control auras?” The initial confidence Teng Teng had was gone as his face turned grim.
Yuanen Yehui’s mindless punch appeared simple, but in fact, its impact overwhelmed Teng Teng. It was not easy to create a spatial distortion, not to mention a pervasive one, with the force of a single punch. To achieve this, one must not only control the changes in the surrounding aura, but one must also be able to break the connecting points of the aura. Only then would such a phenomenon occur.