The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 659 - Suppression

Chapter 659: Suppression

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Initially, even he was at a loss. How could a four-ringed soul master possess a battle armor core? However, when Yuanen Yehui released her twin martial soul, he understood.
The soul power of a soul master with a twin martial soul was much greater than another similarly ranked soul master. That was the key element that enabled her to craft the core component for her battle armor.
She had most of the abilities of a one-word battle armor master, and she had the enhancement from her twin martial soul. Consequently, the difference between her and Teng Teng was not as great as they had predicted. Moreover, her martial soul was clearly more powerful than Teng Teng’s.
Within the Curtain of Darkness, Teng Teng’s immediate reaction was to start moving at high speed. He activated his soul skill, the Hiding Shadow, and dashed away at maximum velocity. He first had to break free of the Curtain of Darkness or else he would remain on the defensive throughout the fight.
The Curtain of Darkness hindered his speed significantly, but the bigger issue was that it interfered with his sensory organs. He could not accurately observe his opponent. How could he fight like that?
Of course, he was not worried in the least. After all, he had donned his one-word battle armor. As he retreated at blinding speed, the barrier attached to his battle armor was activated and protected his body.
“Bam!” came a loud sound. Teng Teng felt his body shudder. However, this was actually exactly what he wanted. He had crashed into the arena’s soul barrier. This meant that as long as he stayed at the barrier, even if his opponent had some confusing abilities within this Curtain of Darkness, it would be impossible to throw him off. After all, her Curtain of Darkness could not possibly envelop this entire five hundred meters wide competition stage, right?
Teng Teng started moving again. He zoomed along the edge of the barrier at incredible speed. At the same time, he heightened his senses to the best of his abilities. He kept a vigilant eye out for the movements of his opponent. Once there was any sign of an attack, he would carry out the appropriate countermeasures immediately.
But just then, the crowd could see something new arise from the Curtain of Darkness.
A figure shot toward the sky, flapping its pitch black wings as it appeared in midair.
Unlike her ordinary appearance before this, the sight of Yuanen Yehui’s true form took the audience’s breath away.
Her long crimson hair fell freely behind her, and her body was covered in black armor. Her tights only reached up to her knees, leaving her long, slender legs exposed.
There was a sinister glow within her eyes. With a flash, she had reached the edge of the Curtain of Darkness.
The audience then saw the second and third soul ring on Yuanen Yehui’s body light up.
A dark purple demon double-handed sword appeared in her grip. With the enhancement of her battle armor, this demon sword had stretched to six feet in length. The blade of light emitting from it was as long as three meters. It exuded a heavy aura of darkness.
At the same time, the wings behind her back suddenly enlarged. Her appearance also continued to change. The pitch-black battle armor she wore slowly took on a faint purple hue. Her entire body grew, stretching until she was two and a half meters tall.
A beautiful lady of gargantuan proportions! These words seemed to describe her perfectly.
This was her third soul skill, Fallen Angel’s Descent!
She gripped the Shadow Demon Sword with both hands. The dark element enhancement brought by the Fallen Angel was surging wildly into the Shadow Demon Sword.
The slender blade of light which extended from the Shadow Demon Sword retracted swiftly and turned a deep purple. The blade had a final length of a foot or so. However, even outside the soul barrier, the audience could feel the ominous energy radiating from it.
Her wings spread out, and there seemed to be countless black dots in the air swarming around them. In the next instant, Yuanen Yehui descended from the sky. The Shadow Demon Sword oddly seemed to slash at an empty spot.
Teng Teng was moving at high speed. Suddenly, his field of vision cleared up.
He had broken free!
Teng Teng then made an error on instinct. Having managed to escape from the immediate danger, he had let his guard down for an instant. However, just as his heart and body relaxed, he was hit by a torrent of purple.
All he managed to do in time was to raise the daggers in his hands defensively in front of his body. In the next instant, the Shadow Demon Sword, full of the formidable dark element wave, struck against the pair of daggers.
A scheming person preyed on the unsuspecting. One of them was well-prepared, while the other had relaxed.
Between the two, it was apparent who was stronger.
Yuanen Yehui had poured all her strength into this single slash. In order to create the opportunity for this attack, she had deployed a series of controls in the Curtain of Darkness.
Power, agility, and energy erupted perfectly in that instant.
Her entire body glowed with violet light. Teng Teng was sent flying backward by the force of the slash.
In terms of power, even if he had five rings, even if he had a complete set of one-word battle armor, he could not possibly be a match for Yuanen Yehui!
Moreover, there was also the infusion of that terrifying dark element.
Teng Teng felt as if he had fallen into the depths of a dark abyss. Amidst the effects of that awesome power, his pair of daggers had been pushed backward and stabbed into his own chest. The Shadow Demon Sword had also hacked mercilessly against his body.
The grey battle armor burst out with a bright glow. Beams of silver light patterns seemed to have come alive. Nevertheless, the collision was too powerful. It was so violent that fine and closely woven crack marks appeared on his pair of grey daggers, as well as his breastplate. The primary battle armor barrier even broke under the sudden impact.
When they saw that Teng Teng was sent catapulting back into the Curtain of Darkness by Yuanen Yehui’s slash, the audience broke into an uproar.
If it was said that the competition between the students of Monster Academy and Shrek Academy had failed for the latter because no party had completely unleashed their battle armor, then there was no room for such excuses now.
He had unleashed his complete one-word battle armor, taken the initiative to attack, but was left in such a state. It was clear that the circumstances did not bode well for Teng Teng.
Yuanen Yehui’s slash was free from all inhibitions. It was so wild that her body shined in midair with a purplish light.
She did not follow up with another attack. She simply continued floating, relishing the aftertaste of her previous attack. She dared to say that this was definitely the most devastating slash she had ever performed.
This was the capability of the Fallen Angel’s Descent and the full-scale explosion of the Shadow Demon Sword, plus her own strength, soul power, and the enhancement of her battle armor. This was the most powerful attack she could utilize. The erosive and destructive properties of the dark element were thoroughly unleashed.
She could even feel that her understanding of her martial soul had deepened. After this battle, her own abilities were bound to increase.
The Curtain of Darkness was recalled instantly, exposing Teng Teng lying on the floor.
He managed to support his own body weight and got to his feet. Then, he quickly put some distance between him and Yuanen Yehui.
But what had shocked everyone else was that the pair of daggers in his hands had shattered completely and were reduced to short blades. From his left shoulder to the right side of his abdomen, a huge crack appeared on his battle armor, there were even faint blood stains within it. Even more foreboding was that this crack was completely purple in color. The terrifying force of darkness was still penetrating his body through this breach.
How had it come to this? Teng Teng desperately tried to collect his soul power to suppress the force of darkness within him so that it would not explode. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead. His battle armor was not well equipped in terms of defensive abilities. Its main functions were the enhancement of his attacks and speed.
That was why his battle armor did not fully block the attack just now, leaving his arms and body numb. He could still not believe that he had lost. He had been defeated by an opponent with a cultivation base far inferior to his and did not even possess a complete set of one-word battle armor.
Yuanen Yehui unfurled her wings and raised the Shadow Demon Sword in her hands again. This time, she was in no hurry to attack. Instead, she closed her eyes.
A light purple mist was released from her body and rapidly gathered around the Shadow Demon Sword she held. The footlong blade of light started receding again. The aura around Yuanen Yehui’s body was also intensifying exponentially.
‘I can’t lose! I can’t just lose like this!’
Teng Teng bit the tip of his tongue. He used the pain to make himself think clearer.