The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 660 - Winning Strongly

Chapter 660: Winning Strongly

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Infiltrated by the power of darkness, he no longer held any advantage despite his agility prowess. If he wanted to defeat his opponent, he would have to fight fire with fire.
He took a deep breath. The fifth soul ring on Teng Teng’s body lit up. Then, a spectacular phenomenon occurred on the stage.
Many overlapping shadows appeared with blinding speed behind Teng Teng. There were dozens of these shadows but they were illusions.
The last shadow to appear merged with the shadow in front of it. The merging of the shadows continued forward with shadow after shadow coming together.
The shadow slowly took on a solid form. When they finally arrived behind Teng Teng, a duplicate copy of Teng Teng appeared.
Teng Teng gripped his broken blades with his hands and he raised his arms abruptly. His eyes were gleaming coldly. In the next instant, his confidence appeared to have returned.
“Hundred-fold Shadows!” With his yell, he slashed outward brazenly with his pair of broken blades.
A beam of greenish-grey light instantly froze over in the air. It formed a crescent moon and flew toward Yuanen Yehui like a boomerang.
Each and every shadow possessed five percent of his abilities. With the merging of thirty-six shadows and his primary body, this assault had close to a three-fold increase in its attacking power. This was his most powerful attack.
The only problem with utilizing Hundred-fold Shadows was the preparation time required for its execution. However, this skill was suitable for countering Yuanen Yehui who was storing her energy for her next attack, .
Anyway, the next unfolding turned out to be another surprise.
In midair, the Fallen Angel who had been storing her energy for some time was surrounded by a gloomy, suppressed aura which suddenly turned illusory. Like a phantom with her body wavering in midair, she appeared behind Teng Teng in the next instant.
Teng Teng’s all-out attack practically shot through her shadow and landed on the faraway protective light barrier. An extraordinary explosion erupted.
Simultaneously, another explosion erupted behind Teng Teng. Although the force had decreased due to Yuanen Yehui’s sudden movement, it was still an all-out attack after the Fallen Angel’s Descent!
Her sword slashed the back of Teng Teng’s battle armor. The battle armor of Teng Teng was dyed purple. Streams of silver light were scrambling as all his defensive powers were brought to light.
In any case, Yuanen Yehui had the support of her battle armor. In terms of martial soul, she was superior to Teng Teng. She possessed the strength to fight against a one-word Battle Armor Master. In addition, it was her all-out attack that landed directly on Teng Teng.
Thick red blood sprayed from Teng Teng’s mouth. His battle armor let out a deep wail. The crack which had appeared only on his front previously was now on his back too. He was sent flying by the force of the slash. After the Hundred-fold Shadows erupted on the Soul Barrier, he had a severe collision with the barrier on the rebound. Following the collision, he crashed onto the ground.
He was lying motionless as he was unconscious!
She flicked the Shadow Demon Sword in her hand. Yuanen Yehui’s expression was stoic as if she had done nothing extraordinary. Her long, dark red hair fluttered in the wind. She looked like a witch who had just arrived on the scene.
“How’s this possible? This… this is incredible. Contestant Teng Teng had remarkably committed a fatal mistake at the final moment. When he launched his attack, he did not lock on to his opponent. That was how his opponent managed to dodge the attack. An expert with his skills should not have committed such a mistake.”
It was not purely a matter of strength that he had lost disastrously. The crucial point was that he had failed to lock on to Yuanen Yehui prior to their collision. However, failing to lock was apparently not a mistake, it was a deliberate act on Teng Teng’s part.
Usually, if a soul skill had locked on to the opponent, it would trail the opponent automatically which would make it difficult for the opponent to evade. However, if one had unleashed one’s soul skill in such a manner, the force of the attack would be reduced because a portion of the soul power would be channeled into locking on to the opponent. This was inevitable.
Throughout the battle, Teng Teng had been fighting with Yuanen Yehui at high-speed. Considering Yuanen Yehui was bold and unconstrained in her fighting, her attacks were mostly frontal assaults.
Just before the final collision, Teng Teng was hoping for luck to be on his side.
He instinctively thought that Yuanen Yehui would not dodge his attack. Both of them had been storing their energies. Accordingly, they would resort to an all-out collision.
He did not expect Yuanen Yehui to be experienced in battling. The moment Yuanen Yehui realized that she was not locked onto, she immediately ended storing her energy.
Teng Teng had not anticipated Yuanen Yehui to have such agility. He was not aware that the Fallen Angel had both assault and agility capabilities. Moreover, Yuanen Yehui was a Tang Sect disciple. She was also familiar with the Shadow Ghost Perplexing Track.
Although this sequence of events happened in the bat of an eye, the outcome was doomed to a tragic ending. The Shadow King Teng Teng lost! He had unfortunately lost!
Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui had defeated their opponents in their respective matches. Furthermore, they were complete victories.
In the waiting area, Long Yue had turned gloomy. He could see the mistake was not the only reason Teng Teng lost to Yuanen Yehui. Their strengths were at the same ranks. Yuanen Yehui might even have an advantage.
Before today’s match, they had no idea that a twin martial soul existed among the ranks of Shrek Academy’s team. Perhaps, they would not have lost tragically.
The two top-ranked martial souls, the Titan Giant Ape, and Fallen Angel had amazingly appeared on a single person. This, in itself, was beyond belief.
However, the facts were in front of their eyes. They had to accept the truth. Teng Teng had lost his fight.
Yuanen Yehui spread her wings and got off the stage. The moment she landed, she retracted her wings and returned to her initial appearance. She switched back to her usual look of a common teenager wearing tights. She returned to the waiting area.
Tang Wulin and Xie Xie had stood up. Xie Xie’s eyes were beaming. He spread out his arms wide and walked over to welcome her. “Yuanen, you’re truly wonderful!”
When she saw Xie Xie pouncing on her, Yuanen Yehui raised a hand and pressed on his shoulder. She pushed him away. “Keep your distance.”
Xie Xie chuckled. He was not bothered.
Tang Wulin raised his right arm. Yuanen raised hers as well and did a high-five with him. There was no word of congratulations. Just this simple gesture of celebration.
“Smack!” The hitting of the two palms gave off a crisp sound. However, it was like a slap that had hit the face of Monster Academy’s team.
The other contestants within the waiting area were either worried or took pleasure in the misfortune of others. For a while, the faces of the contestants from the two academies were a motley crew of expressions.
In Star Luo Coliseum, the current situation was a mess.
They had lost. Monster Academy had lost again. This was truly…
How did it turn out like this? It was a balanced match. In the end, however, they lost again. Could a one-word Battle Armor Master not defeat these visitors from Shrek Academy? Su Mu had lost. Hua Lantang had lost. And now, Teng Teng had lost as well.
Among the Eight Heavenly Kings, three of them had lost to the team from Shrek Academy. This was not a matter of luck, this was a difference of strengths!
“Let’s go.” Tang Wulin led the way and walked out. They had finished all their matches for the day. Xie Xie’s solo match would take place tomorrow. Today, he had come with the sole intention of accompanying Yuanen Yehui.
“Looks like we’ll have to re-evaluate the strength of Shrek Academy. This Yuanen Yehui isn’t as plain as she seems,” said Dai Yueyan with a grim expression.
Long Yue nodded slightly.
Dai Yun’er said with a frown, “This Yuanen Yehui is clearly more powerful than Tang Wulin in terms of strength. Why’s she not the captain? Is he a guy or a girl?”
A smile of interest appeared on Long Yue’s lips, “Are you sure that Yuanen Yehui is stronger than Tang Wulin? I don’t think so. Whether it’s on Douluo Continent or our Star Luo Continent, if you want an expert to revere you with heartfelt admiration, you’d first have to be powerful yourself. We still haven’t witnessed Tang Wulin’s full strength up till now.”
Dai Yun’er replied eagerly, “In the next round, I’ll definitely make him display his full strength.”
When they exited Star Luo Coliseum, Tang Wulin turned to look at Yuanen beside him. He could not help but said with a smile, “You’ve hidden it quite well!”
Yuanen Yehui chuckled, “It’s your fault for backing me into a corner! If I don’t work hard now, I’ll never be able to catch up to you. The breastplate was only finished yesterday. Fortunately, it was completed just in time. Coincidentally, that fellow was also suppressed by me. In truth, I fear agility system the least.”
As she spoke, she shot Xie Xie who was beside her a sideways glance.
Xie Xie said helplessly, “I fear you the most. Isn’t that good enough for you?”
Yuanen Yehui said drily, “You don’t have to fear me.”
Xie Xie said with a shy face, “Yuanen, I’m even willing to be a slave for you. Why don’t you accept me?”
Yuanen Yehui gave an emotionless reply, “Let’s talk after you’ve managed to defeat me. A weak person isn’t qualified to be in a relationship with me.”
Xie Xie was a little stunned. Then he was quiet. A faint light pulsed in his heart.