The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 661 - Tang Wulin VS Dai Yun’er

Chapter 661: Tang Wulin VS Dai Yun’er

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As he looked at them both, Tang Wulin could not help but showed a helpless smile. These two were true rivals! This was definitely to Xie Xie’s benefit. Because of Yuanen Yehui, his potential was constantly challenged and tested. He was no longer his former self.
Tang Wulin said to Yuanen Yehui, “I’m really thankful that you’ve become stronger. Let’s work hard together and compete for better results.”
Yuanen Yehui suddenly said, “Wulin, do you know how much pressure you’re subjecting us to?”
Tang Wulin was a bit stunned. Then, he saw the smile on Yuanen Yehui’s face. “I like this kind of pressure. If I don’t have someone that I can follow closely, I’ll be lost. Perhaps, everything won’t have progressed so well. However, don’t you ever let me catch up to you.”
Out of the sixty-four contestants, thirty-two remained. The solo competition had gone on for a whole day.
For a good part of the audience, the following matches were uneventful. Monster Academy had lost again. They were representing Star Luo Empire! This made the citizens dissatisfied and disgruntled. What they wanted was a victory. What they wished for even more was to see Long Yue being matched against an expert from Shrek Academy.
There was an uproar in public opinion. After the medical examination, Teng Teng’s injuries were tended to and was healed. However, he still needed some time to recuperate.
Nevertheless, the damage to his battle armor was more serious. It would take some time to repair. In the following matches, if he took part in the team battles, the power which his battle armor could unleash would be limited. If the armor was seriously damaged, then his loss would be considerable. The cost would be high to craft a one-word battle armor. Since he was at the five-ring cultivation base, he should have been working toward a two-word battle armor. At any rate, it was difficult to tell how much strength he could unleash in the matches to come.
If Monster Academy wanted to defeat Shrek Academy in all aspects, be it the solo, the paired, or the team competition, the team battle that initially warranted less attention had now become crucial. It would be a true gauge for their combined team strengths. The team that obtained victory would undeniably be the true powerhouse.
The competition continued. The second day of the competition for the top sixty-four contestants still drew interest. Xie Xie’s opponent was not weak, but under Xie Xie’s high-speed attacks, his opponent was crushed. The three contestants from Shrek Academy proceeded to the top thirty-two.
For Monster Academy, apart from Teng Teng being eliminated by Yuanen Yehui, the other four had progressed to the top thirty-two. Long Yue’s match was the finale. As was the case for his previous matches, he had defeated his opponents without expending much effort and ended among the top thirty-two.
There was no rest period in the final stages of the solo competition. After the first round ended, the competition where sixteen contestants would be selected followed immediately. All the matches were completed within a day.
Undeniably, the contestants who had their matches on the first day would be at a disadvantage. Nonetheless, this was how the matches were arranged.
They entered Star Luo Coliseum again. Tang Wulin had to change into a hoodie he bought in Star Luo Empire. He was considered public enemy number one of Star Luo Empire’s citizens at the moment. He was being treated like a rat which everyone wanted to kill the minute they laid their eyes on it. If he happened to be sighted on the streets by pedestrians, he would definitely be intimidated with death threats, not to mention being cursed at as well.
The security would protect their safety, but there was no way to stop all these threats. They were, after all, foreigners.
“Dai Yun’er!” Tang Wulin had known who his opponent would be.
The last of the Eight Heavenly Kings who was the unruly princess, also known as the Spirit King Dai Yun’er.
Undoubtedly, among the Eight Heavenly Kings, Dai Yun’er’s cultivation base was the weakest. Similar to Tang Wulin, she also had a four-ring cultivation base but did not have a one-word battle armor. Evidently, she turned out to be a worthy opponent for Tang Wulin.
The strengths of Yuanen Yehui’s and Xie Xie’s opponents were nothing to sneeze at. Fortunately, their opponents were not from Monster Academy. Naturally, they did not feel as stressed.
Following this round, the outlook would not be as positive in the upcoming rounds. Once they were in the top sixteen, Tang Wulin would be facing Dai Yueyan. If Xie Xie were to be matched against an agility system Battle Soul Master who was ranked fourth among the Eight Heavenly Kings, the prospects would not be bright.
Fortunately, Yuanen Yehui had better luck. She would not be facing any of the Monster Academy contestants in that round.
However, if everything went smoothly and Tang Wulin was able to make it into the top eight continuing into the semi-finals, he would then face Yuanen.
This was inevitable. Even the organizing committee could not possibly arrange the competition so that the contestants from the same team would not be paired against each other. This was utterly impossible.
Tang Wulin was still the one who would be facing the most difficult challenges in this competition.
The three of them walked into the waiting area together. It was only after they had entered that Tang Wulin removed his hood to reveal his face. The people from Monster Academy had already arrived. When she saw Tang Wulin, Dai Yun’er immediately jumped to her feet. She strode toward Tang Wulin and blocked his way.
“Tang Wulin, I am your opponent today.” Dai Yun’er looked at him with keen sparkling eyes.
“I know that!” Tang Wulin looked at the princess helplessly.
Dai Yun’er raised a fist toward him. “That’s why you’re dead meat! You better yield quickly. Perhaps, I’ll show you some mercy.”
Tang Wulin rolled his eyes, “Where’s your brain?”
After he finished, he walked around Dai Yun’er and straight toward his seat.
A chuckle escaped Xie Xie’s mouth. He and Yuanen Yehui also walked around the princess.
Dai Yun’er stood where she was. She appeared stiff.
‘Where’s your brain? What does that mean? He, he dares question my intellect? I, who am extremely intelligent. He dares insult me? I won’t put up with such an insult. He’s obnoxious!’
“Tang! Wu! Lin!” Dai Yun’er shouted shrilly. She was rushing toward Tang Wulin when she was stopped by Dai Yueyan who quickly stood up and grabbed her.
The audience could see the commotion inside the waiting area. They were not only representing Monster Academy but were also representing Star Luo Empire as well! Who was not familiar with this princess? If she broke into a fight with Tang Wulin in the waiting area, then the prestige of the royal family would be lost.
Even then, with Dai Yunyan pulling back his sister, her shrill scream had caught the attention of the spectators in the stands.
Tang Wulin sat down calmly. He grabbed a cup of fruit juice beside him and drank it. As expected, only eating and drinking could bring on the feelings of comfort! As for Dai Yun’er’s shrieks from afar, he ignored them like water off a duck’s back.
After all, this princess had a bad impression of him. There was no need to hold out the olive branch!
Dai Yueyan was speechless. Could this little sister of his and Tang Wulin be born nemeses? This was truly…
Fortunately, the competition commenced without delay. Dai Yun’er sat down grumpily. Dai Yueyan made a remark which managed to calm her. They would be fighting against each other on the stage anyway. So, she did not have to be so anxious to fight him now.
If one’s gaze could kill a person, Tang Wulin would have long been dead.
There was a total of sixteen matches in the round of the top thirty-two. The contestants would be paired against each other. At the end of this round, there would be a rest day. It would be the quarter-finals thereafter.
The competition would be starting soon. Everyone was getting tense. Today, there would also be a battle between Shrek Academy and Monster Academy. Furthermore, it was a fight between Princess Dai Yun’er and the team captain of Shrek Academy.
How would this match unfold?
In fact, not many people knew about the strength of the princess. Nobody knew the extent of her powers.
Outwardly, Dai Yun’er only had a four-ring cultivation base. She was not even a one-word Battle Armor Master. She was ranked the last among the Eight Heavenly Kings. Besides, Tang Wulin had defeated Su Mu before this. The circumstances did not allow much room for her to be optimistic.
With that said, there were also tales that claimed that Dai Yun’er was a rare genius of the royal family. Her natural endowments were said to be superior to that of the fourth prince’s. She had even inherited some magical abilities.
As to what the actual situation was, they would have to watch this match. If Princess Yun’er could defeat the captain of Shrek Academy, then she would be promoted as the people’s goddess.