The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 663 - Tricked

Chapter 663: Tricked

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The three skills Golden Dragon Body, Domineering Golden Dragon Body, and Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth consumed a large amount of blood essence power which were unlike Dai Yun’er’s Hell Rush, Hell Hundred Claws, and Hell Slash.
Dai Yun’er floated onto the ground. Her charming face bore a proud smile. “So much for your reputation.”
Tang Wulin looked at her as he frowned. Her Highness’ power was extraordinary as anticipated! She was qualified to be one of the Eight Heavenly Kings not because she was a princess, but because she was truly competent and well-trained. Judging by her battle tactics and timing, she was at least stronger than the few other Heavenly Kings who Tang Wulin had met on previous occasions.
There was something wrong with her eyes. Tang Wulin looked at Dai Yun’er anxiously as he became increasingly vigilant toward her.
She was certainly not an opponent to be dismissed!
Tang Wulin’s lips formed a faint smile. He stretched out his right hand and gestured Dai Yun’er to go ahead.
This skittish gesture of his infuriated Dai Yun’er promptly. She was akin to a tempestuous female kitten as she rushed toward Tang Wulin at lightning speed.
Dai Yueyan who was smiling initially in the waiting area suddenly knitted his brows together.
Dai Yun’er’s earlier performance was perfect in that she lured Tang Wulin into using a few soul skills. She even scored a hit on his body. She had performed flawlessly. However, the assault before his eyes seemed to be different now. Her mood was clearly affected.
He had a deep admiration for his sister’s skills and perceptive power. At the same time, he also understood his sister’s weakness in both her cultivation base and temperament.
She was a princess who had been pampered since young. There was always her pride and temperament which proved to be her Achilles heel as she had a low tolerance.
It was apparent that Tang Wulin’s skittish gesture was meant to upset Dai Yun’er. If a soul master was incapable of remaining calm in a battle, then he or she would not be able to perform at their peak. Tang Wulin was a crafty opponent! Not only was he powerful, he was also skilled in observing and exploiting their weaknesses.
It was still the Hell Rush, but this time, the radiance emitted from Dai Yun’er’s gaze was stronger. The blue light turned into two streams of blue needle-like radiances abruptly. Tang Wulin felt a piercing pain radiating from his brain. Even his Purple Demon Eyes were incapable of blocking her spiritual assault.
He stumbled backward twice, but his hands remained in front of his body to act as a block.
Dai Yun’er walked to face Tang Wulin. She skidded and circled around to his back. In response, her pair of cat claws clawed desperately at both sides of Tang Wulin’s waist.
Tang Wulin’s spirit was greatly disturbed. His body was stiff and straight that even the Golden Dragon Body was weakened a little. Without any spiritual control, it was impossible for him to unleash a skill such as the Domineering Golden Dragon Body. He could not do anything except to allow the pair of cat claws to land on his waist.
Just as Dai Yun’er’s cat claws were about to rip into his body, an unusual change happened to Tang Wulin’s body. Blades of thick and huge Bluesilver Grass suddenly surged out of his body without any warning.
Dai Yun’er’s claws tore into the blades of Bluesilver Grass. Soon after, the Bluesilver Grass streamed out like a pit of wavering snakes and wound around her body.
There was a golden Bluesilver Grass that was most striking. It zipped past and wound itself tightly around Dai Yun’er.
Everything changed in a flash. Due to the close contact, Dai Yun’er did not have time to dodge despite her swift reaction.
In truth, the Bluesilver Emperor was not within Tang Wulin’s control. Dai Yun’er’s spiritual assault earlier affected him greatly. In any case, he managed to protect his spirit from being severely injured, although he was rendered incapable of controlling his own body.
Anyhow, he was not fighting alone, for he still had the spirit soul Goldsong.
Goldsong was the first spirit soul that had followed him for many years. It was cultivated by Tang Wulin little by little. It had progressed from a defective spirit soul and was elevated by the fusion with Tang Wulin’s bloodline. Since then, it had undergone continuous subtle improvements.
Tang Wulin reckoned that there should be a fail-safe trick hidden within Dai Yun’er’s spiritual power. Thus, he issued an order to Goldsong as Dai Yun’er was charging toward him so that Goldsong would help him to maneuver the Bluesilver Emperor and launch the first soul skill – Bind.
Even though Dai Yun’er had an astute aptitude, she did not expect Tang Wulin to utilize such an ability during a critical moment when his spirit was assaulted. She struggled under great stress for a brief moment. Simultaneously, a white figure emerged from her body and flew to the top of Tang Wulin’s head at lightning speed. Her pair of claws enlarged without warning to grab onto Tang Wulin.
The Soul Assault’s effect had ended, and Tang Wulin regained his consciousness. The two golden soul rings on his body were replaced by three purple and one black soul rings. His second soul ring glowed brightly as countless Bluesilver Grass blades unexpectedly pierced out from his body as the center and covered a circular area of ten meters in diameter.
The white figure in the sky was immediately blown away by the blast. It moved sluggishly in the sky like an adorable white little kitten. Meanwhile, Dai Yun’er who was wound in the Bluesilver Grass was similarly impacted by the Bluesilver Impaling Array. Even though the Hell Civet martial soul’s powerful resistance had dispersed a major portion of the impaling force, she was still affected by the Bluesilver Impaling Array. Dazed by the force, she felt sluggish and just stood fixed to the spot.
Tang Wulin turned around and he was upon her. He raised his hand and placed his Golden Dragon Claw valiantly onto Her Highness’ head.
The horde in the waiting area and His Highness the Emperor leaped up immediately at the same time.
Everyone had witnessed the power of Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Claw during the earlier match. Even a battle armor could not block his Golden Dragon Claw’s attack, let alone Dai Yun’er’s puny head.
Dai Yun’er’s head was about to be crushed when the Golden Dragon Claw suddenly vanished and transformed back into his palm. He brushed her neck gently to put her into an unconscious state.
The Bluesilver Grass faded away and Her Highness was placed onto the ground.
Dai Yueyan who had dashed out earlier witnessed the scene and heaved a sigh of relief. He was so petrified that it made his heart drop.
If Tang Wulin had killed Yun’er, there was no telling what would happen next.
Dai Tianling was displeased, yet there was a sense of relief somehow.
The match ended abruptly. Moreover, it was not an especially stunning battle scene. Only the knowledgeable portion of the audience could see through this battle of intellect and courage.
“Her Highness Dai Yun’er was tricked. She was influenced by the opponent’s provocation. Otherwise, it’s difficult to say what the outcome will be.” Fang’er made a fair commentary. The words ‘it’s difficult to say’ that was mentioned showed respect to Her Highness. After all, despite Fang’er’s frank commentary, she was still a citizen of Star Luo Empire.
In actuality, Dai Yun’er had taken on an aggressive role since the beginning of the match. With her special ability that was her second martial soul, she had been on the offensive throughout the match.
Other than the Hell Civet, she had awakened another form of a martial soul named the ‘Spirit Eye’. This martial soul that appeared ordinary was, in fact, famous because it was one of the two great martial souls that belonged to the legendary Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao who dominated a whole generation ten thousand years ago.
The Spirit Eye was purely a spiritual-type martial soul which had a potent effect in elevating the spiritual power. Although Dai Yun’er was still young, her spiritual power was close to the Spirit Abyss. At the same time, she was endowed with a Spirit Eye with four soul skills. The soul skills were Spiritual Detection, Spiritual Disturbance, Spiritual Assault, and Collective Weakening.
Tang Wulin faced the Spiritual Disturbance during the first encounter while Spiritual Detection enshrouded his body all the time. Dai Yun’er’s judgment of the battle was accurate all along.