The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 664 - Missing Him

Chapter 664: Missing Him

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During the second impact, she launched her strongest spiritual attack, the Spiritual Assault. If Tang Wulin had not been prepared, he would have been in real danger, especially after Dai Yun’er lost her emotional control’s effect.
This spirit-type martial soul was extremely rare and highly intriguing. Had Dai Yun’er constantly utilized her spirit-type ability to suppress Tang Wulin and consume his soul power, it would have been far more difficult for Tang Wulin to defeat her.
It was a pity that the princess’ willpower was not as great as her natural endowments. She had been caught by Tang Wulin’s scheme which brought the match to its conclusion.
Even as such, Tang Wulin could not help but have a deepened respect for her. The power displayed by Her Highness, the Princess during the battle and her intriguing spiritual power left a profound impression on Tang Wulin.
A chorus of boos echoed from all directions. The jeering continued as Tang Wulin returned to the waiting area. He used his soul power to seal his ears from the outside world’s disturbance. He was oblivious to the outside world if he could not hear it, yet his mind was constantly replaying the process of the battle earlier.
The battle earlier enlightened him, especially when Dai Yun’er had seized the opportunity to launch the Hell Slash attack.
The effects of spiritual power could be used in such a matter during a battle. His own Purple Demon Eyes had always been used as a spiritual attack, but in reality, there were so many other uses for it!
However, how had Dai Yun’er managed to release her spiritual power? Tang Wulin was curious because it was very clear that Dai Yun’er’s spiritual power was superior to his.
Another one from the Monster Academy was eliminated. There were only three of them left at this point. Tang Wulin had entered the final sixteen with ease.
The intense battle of the final sixteen ended.
Tang Wulin, Yuanen Yehui, Xie Xie and the Monster Academy’s team of three led by Long Yue entered the final sixteen in succession. The two great academies occupied the top six places of the remaining competitors.
The climax of the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition’s individual match was soon expected to take place.
The next round of matches would be an enormous challenge for the three from Shrek Academy. Tang Wulin was about to meet the Tiger King Dai Yueyan, while Xie Xie’s opponent was Monster Academy’s other agility-type soul master named Wind King Lin San.
The round from sixteen to eight would be the important confrontation between Shrek Academy and Monster Academy. Whoever was capable of gaining the upper hand in the next round would have an advantage in the individual match.
Those two matches would both be formidable battles.
The Tiger King Dai Yueyan was ranked second amongst the Eight Heavenly Kings, preceded by the Dragon King Long Yue. The Wind King Lin San was ranked fourth among the Eight Heavenly Kings. He was undoubtedly more powerful than Teng Teng, and his opponent would be Xie Xie.
It was apparent that Xie Xie’s overall power was inferior to Yuanen Yehui and even Yue Zhengyu. This coming match would be a harrowing trial for him.
“I refuse to accept this!”
This was already the sixth vase that Dai Yun’er had broken. Her charming face was filled with rage. She wished that she could look for Tang Wulin and fight him again if she could.
However, there were two elders seated calmly outside of her imperial living quarters. It was impossible for Her Highness the Princess to take a step out of her room with their presence.
“I refuse to accept this! I was tricked! That fellow was too cunning. Tang Wulin, you bastard. You—you wait for me!”
Dai Yun’er was infuriated the moment she recalled the wicked smile on Tang Wulin’s face, and his eyes that appeared to be gentle and clear but always appeared to be taunting her.
‘Bastard! How could I lose?! And in such an unfair manner?! It was me who occupied the upper hand obviously. The fellow was too cunning. He even managed to provoke me such that I became infuriated.”
How could she convince herself otherwise! Her original plan was to put on a great show in the competition and flaunt her magical girl abilities in order to receive countless applause and fresh flowers. Yet, she did not expect to lose hopelessly for nothing. How could this incident not oppress Her Highness Princess?
“Alright, Yun’er. Stop it. Brother Long will be avenging you later.” Long Yue and Dai Yueyan walked into the room together from the outside at that exact moment.
Dai Yun’er’s eyes immediately reddened as soon as she saw him. Her body flashed past as she pounced to his front and pulled at his sleeve. “Brother Long, I refuse to accept this! I shouldn’t have lost to that evil fellow. It was him who was too cunning! He tricked me. If I had been more careful at the time, it would have been impossible for him to catch me. How could he deplete less than me if I were to only fight him when I’m the one with twin martial soul! I can even defeat him just by using the Spiritual Assault to disturb him continuously.”
Dai Yueyan’s expression turned solemn. “Alright, little sister. Stop that. You have lost. Moreover, you didn’t lose to him but to yourself. Rather than blaming others, why don’t you think about your own mistakes? Why were you so easily tricked? If your temperament was slightly steadier, would he still be able to take advantage of you? Moreover, Tang Wulin is not as simple as you’ve imagined.”
Dai Yun’er pouted her little lips. “Fourth brother, how could you take the other party’s side! Are you my brother or his brother? I don’t like you anymore!”
Long Yue burst out laughing as he touched Dai Yun’er’s head. “Alright, my little princess. Your fourth brother will be avenging you in a moment. If he is unable to do so then Brother Long will help to avenge you. Why is there a need for our little princess to act steady, she won’t be our little princess anymore when she’s steady! Don’t be angry. Your performance today is already rather impressive.”
Dai Yun’er’s face remained defiant. “Brother Long, if we were to meet Tang Wulin again during the two-on-two match, you must help teach him a lesson. You’ll help me to pin down him and I’ll stamp on him ferociously to vent my anger.”
Dai Yueyan could not help covering his face with his hands when he heard her worlds. He could not stand to look her in the eyes. “Little princess, you’re a princess! How can you lose your etiquette as such?”
Dai Yun’er spoke rudely, “I don’t care. I’m going to vent my anger anyhow. Even if Father were to put me in solitary confinement, I’ll still be beating that fellow’s ass.”

“Achoo!” Tang Wulin sneezed as he prepared to meditate.
He had been feeling calm for the past few days. Or in other words, he intentionally ensured himself to maintain his mood in a calmed state. Ever since Gu Yue’s estrangement from him the other day, he had been maintaining his mood in such a state. He understood that as a captain, he could not allow his mood to affect the competition.
In the next room.
Gu Yue sat on her sofa. Her gaze appeared calm. She placed her crossed hands on her lower abdomen and seemed to be lost in thought.
Suddenly, the lighting in the room dimmed for a moment. A figure emerged in the room soundlessly.
It was a woman dressed in a long violet dress. She had an exquisite appearance with long lavender hair draping down her back. Even her eyes were violet. It was an extremely peculiar sight.
She waved her right hand. A layer of purple-colored glow immediately rippled in the room. Then, she walked to the front of Gu Yue with slow steps. She knelt down on one knee and spoke respectfully, “My lord.”
“How’s the investigation?” Gu Yue asked indifferently.
The woman in violet answered with a deep voice, “According to our investigation, Long Yue’s Mountain Dragon King martial soul wasn’t born inherently, but he had received some ability similar to an inherited ability which was then infused into his body and changed his bloodline. We’re searching for this Inheritance Land. There are some powerhouses from the Monster Academy with unusually remarkable powers. It shouldn’t be a problem for us to gather our strength and charge into the place by force. However, we will cause a great commotion so it’s difficult for us to stay hidden.”
“Don’t act rashly and alert the enemy first.” Gu Yue waved her hand. “We’ll look for another opportunity then. We’ll be seeing Long Yue flaunting his power later on. I can’t sense that Inheritance Land’s aura. It should be a place that’s similar to a breach in the space. If that place has the Mountain Dragon King Bloodline, perhaps, the item I’ve lost is there too.”
“My strength is sealed again. I’m tidying up everything step by step and I’ve already completed the initial step now. I’ll still need some time, but if I can find the item that I’ve lost in the beginning then it’ll speed up the process.”
“Yes, my lord. We’ll look for another opportunity. The Monster Academy President should be taking part in the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition’s finals. That should be our perfect opportunity. I’ll be investigating more by then to see if I can find some clues.”
“Hmm. Leave now.” Gu Yue waved her hand.
The woman in violet transformed into a stream of purple rays at the sway of her body and vanished without a sound.
Gu Yue stood up and walked to the front of the window. She gazed out into the distance and turned her head in the direction of Tang Wulin’s room subconsciously.

On Sea God’s Island at Shrek Academy, Na’er sat on a swing as it rocked gently. Her pair of little legs with fair complexion were revealed on the outside, while her long silver hair hung down her back and was blowing gently in the wind.
Her big eyes had misted up slightly.
“I wish that I could join Brother in the Star Luo Empire! She promised me that she won’t harm Brother before that day comes.
If I didn’t need more power to subdue her, I would have been there, too. Brother, you must return safely! I miss you so much.”