The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 681 - Extreme Disorder Splitting Wind

Chapter 681: Extreme Disorder Splitting Wind

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Tang Wulin used the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer technique whereas Long Yue unleashed a set of lancing techniques. Both of them fought remarkably well. With their head-on collisions, they truly challenged each other. Every intense explosion made the competition stage vibrate greatly. The situation was unlike two humans battling, it was more like two giant beasts clashing.
By means of his Golden Dragon body, the speed of Tang Wulin’s Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer together with its strength increased.
When they first began battling, he was sent flying like a spinning top each time he collided with Long Yue. Now, with the aid of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer, Tang Wulin’s strength had gradually and surprisingly become on par with Long Yue’s.
The collisions between the two opponents increased in intensity. The densely packed bumps on Long Yue’s body were like mountains constantly spattering rocks and other objects that turned into light before vanishing in the air.
En Ci sat at the platform. As he watched the scene on the competition stage, he felt out of sorts as well.
He had never thought that there would be a person that was able to fight Long Yue head-on in terms of strength. Also, the cultivation base of his opponent was lower than Long Yue’s.
Shrek Academy’s standing exceeded expectations, and it also had a reputation for nurturing monsters. For a fifteen-year-old to improve his strength to such an extent could only be described as a marvel.
“Nice, nice!” Long Yue broke into laughter. Ever since he was accomplished in his cultivation base, he had yet to meet a match in terms of strength. Even some seven-ring or eight-ring assault system Soul Masters were unable to firmly suppress him in terms of strength.
But currently, Tang Wulin was fighting him head to head. It was purely a collision of strengths between them. This match allowed Long Yue to fight without inhibition.
When one was strong, one would hope to have an opponent that was equally strong. Only then could one unleash one’s maximum power to constantly improve oneself.
In fact, even Tang Wulin felt that he could fight without having to worry about restraining himself. The tremendous energy in his body had, under the absorption of the Golden Dragon King bloodline and the cultivation method of Body Sect, improved to a doughty extent. Even he was unaware as to what level his body’s strength could attain. He had an inkling that his strength had exceeded five thousand kilograms of force.
Today, when he collided head on with Long Yue, he felt the magical effect of his strength. The Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer had stimulated his strength fully. With the addition of his two large hammers, he could feel the warmth of confidence that flowed through his whole body. The energy hidden within his bones, bloodline and internal organs were completely aroused.
His body, which was awakened for the second time through Body Sect’s cultivation, had unveiled his explosive energy perfectly.
In the waiting area, Dai Yueyan’s gaze was slightly out of focus. When he lost the match a few days ago, his condition had deteriorated much since then.
As the crown prince, how could he not have felt disappointed for losing such an important match? If he could do it all over, he would have donned his battle armor the moment he got on the stage, suppressed Tang Wulin with his greatest speed, and defeated him.
Nonetheless, when he saw Tang Wulin battling with Long Yue now, he understood that the Tang Wulin he faced the other day was not an opponent who had given it his all.
When Tang Wulin unleashed the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer strike after heavy strike, could he have blocked them even if he had donned his battle armor?
He, too, had many spars with Long Yue. However, throughout those sparring sessions, Long Yue had never used any weapon. But today, Tang Wulin had just got on the stage, and he had surprisingly forced Long Yue into using his double pointed lance.
So, Long Yue had such a weapon ability as well. Although the lance was not used for agile attacks, the intensity of its dominance was something that he had witnessed for the first time in his life. With every thrust, the lance would split the air, merge seamlessly with Long Yue’s own dominance and the soul skill Mountain, and together crash his opponent like a big crumbling mountain.
However, when Tang Wulin faced Long Yue, his weapons turned into mountain-breaking hammers. He shattered the lofty mountains that came at him ceaselessly.
‘Can I do this?’ Dai Yueyan asked himself. In terms of strength, even if he had worn his battle armor, he could not have accomplished this.
There was only a handful who learned Tang Sect’s Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer because of its strength requirements that were overly high. Many viewed it as a hammering technique that was used in forging only. Besides, it was too difficult to control. Even among the blacksmiths, very few would opt to learn this.
Dai Yueyan was also a Tang Sect disciple. Naturally, he had seen this hammering technique before. However, he never imagined that in this battle, the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer could surprisingly be used to unleash such a shocking effect.
This was a battle style that could not be mastered by humans! It was impossible for a typical human Soul Master to attain Tang Wulin’s level. However, what if it was a mecha? If one could control the mecha well, perhaps it would be possible to achieve it then.
As the prince, not only did he have to think about his battle strength, but he had to consider the Empire’s future developments too. Martial power was the most important factor among them all.
Tang Wulin’s battle style had created an opportunity for him. Many a time, there were areas in the military whereby miracles were created by modifying the battle techniques and applying them to the military.
When he thought about this, Dai Yueyan suddenly realized that he was no longer depressed. Instead, there was some anxiety regarding Tang Wulin’s performance today. After all, losing a match because your opponent was too strong or because of your own mistakes was different altogether.
“Boom!” Tang Wulin swung his hammers for the thirty-sixth time. He had made the Mountain Dragon King retreat for the very first time. Long Yue took two steps backward, the lance in his hands gave off a series of buzzes.
“Good, again!” Long Yue howled furiously. His body swelled up and he took another step forward. This time, he used his lance as a long stick. He gripped his lance with both hands and struck down as he aimed for Tang Wulin’s skull.
The dragon roar from Tang Wulin’s body sounded loudly, and the pair of giant hammers in his hands swung horizontally, his thirty-seventh strike.
When he swung both his hammers this time, Tang Wulin felt hollow inside. A feeling that he could not control welled up inside him.
‘Not good, I’m about to reach my limit!’
He who was intimately familiar with the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer felt that his body was almost at its limits.
Under normal circumstances, with his current abilities, he could unleash the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer until the fifty-fourth strike. But, what he had in his arms right now were not forging hammers! They were super warhammers that were hundreds of times heavier than forging hammers. Even though he was using this pair of warhammers with the Golden Dragon Body, it was still taxing on his stamina and soul power. His arms began to ache and were going limp with fatigue. Every strike of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer would drain his strength further. Tang Wulin knew that he was about to reach his limits and lose control.
“Boom!” They collided again.
This time, Long Yue was sent retreating backwards for a full five steps before he managed to steady himself. His arms were shaking. He raised his lance high and exposed his chest.
On the other hand, Tang Wulin’s body spun at high speed with the momentum he had built up. In the next instant, the pair of warhammers in his hands flew out of his grasps. Like meteors that chased after the moon, they flew straight toward Long Yue’s chest.
Currently, Long Yue was retreating at a blinding speed under the guidance of an immense force. He raised his arms and seemed to have no energy left to block those warhammers. At the thirty-eighth strike, their force was more powerful than before. If this pair of giant hammers struck true on his body…
The audience held their breaths. They had seen the overwhelming force produced by the collision of the two opponents. If Long Yue took a direct hit from the pair of warhammers of humongous proportion, even he would have a hard time bearing the brunt of it.
“Rivers!” Long Yue growled with a deep voice. The second soul ring on his body shone. In the end, he could not help but activate his second soul skill.
Huge torrents surged forth from the skies and the ground. The entire competition stage had turned into a place where countless rivers intersected each other.
One river washed against the giant hammers. Nevertheless, the strong flowing waters could not stop the hammers. The giant hammers passed through the water to appear in front of Long Yue’s chest.
“Swamps!” His third soul ring shone again. A dark brownish glow increased in size instantly. The forward charge of the giant hammers was finally slowed. Although they still passed through the swamps, by the time they landed on Long Yue’s chest, their speeds had slowed down tremendously.
“Boom!” Long Yue’s colossal body was sent flying like a cannonball by the force of the impact. He flew straight for more than a hundred meters to crash directly onto the soul barrier and rebounded off it.
The double pointed lance in his grasp stabbed the ground, and he did a somersault before landing steadily on his feet. By then, Long Yue’s breathing had become slightly ragged.
At the moment, Tang Wulin’s body had just stopped spinning. His face was slightly pale, and he was taking deep breaths to regulate his breathing so that his bloodline and soul power could be spurred into recovering quickly.
The collision which seemed short had directly brought the match to its climax. At least, on the surface, it seemed that Long Yue had taken many losses. He was surprisingly sent flying by Tang Wulin’s hammers. Although it was uncertain if he was injured, those giant hammers could still make an impact. It might be just a scratch, but it would still not be pleasant.