The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 682 - Difference

Chapter 682: Difference

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‘Is that guy even human?”That pair of giant hammers can’t be solid, right?’ Questions like these arose in the hearts of countless members of the audience.
Tang Wulin shook his arms slightly. The giant hammers and their thirty-eighth Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer had pushed him to his limit. Even with his incredible strength, constant pangs of ache and pain shot through his arms.
‘I haven’t even hurt him after all that. This guy is way too strong.’
Tang Wulin drew a deep breath. He suddenly took a great step forward and picked up his two giant hammers from the ground. With a flash, he returned them back into his storage bracelet.
‘I can’t use them anymore. My arms can no longer take it. Even if I used them again, I wouldn’t be able to recreate the same effects.’
For his part, Long Yue also drew a deep breath. His chest which was slightly indented by the hammers puffed up once again. He held his double-pointed lance in one hand and raised his other hand. He extended a thumbs-up toward Tang Wulin.
In the battle of brute strength, he had come up slightly short. He had to admit it.
Tang Wulin’s arms were killing him, but he was not exactly in the best of shape either. The enhancement of strength from the Mountain Dragon King was already extremely terrifying in itself, and his cultivation base was far superior to Tang Wulin’s, but he still lost in a match of strength.
His eyes gradually turned red. Tang Wulin’s power had aroused Long Yue’s fighting spirit. Initially, he was of the opinion that there was no opponent in this Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition who could fight at his level, which was why he lacked interest all this while. He started becoming more driven after the arrival of the group from Shrek Academy. Nevertheless, their age gap was clear for all to see. Even if the strengths that Tang Wulin and the others had displayed were truly outstanding, Long Yue had not taken them seriously as opponents. After all, he himself was no longer comparable to his own peers.
“I’m getting serious now!” came Long Yue’s deep voice.
Tang Wulin drew a deep breath. He extended his arms to his sides. Sparks of starlight stretched and spiraled around. Starting from his Golden Dragon Claws, they continued spreading upward.
The golden armor rolled over his claws, arms, and shoulders. Under the glow of the dazzling starlight, it merged with his body.
After the pauldrons came the breastplate. The breastplate protected his chest, but there was no sign of a core component. According to the design of this set of battle armor which Gu Yue made for Tang Wulin, the location of the core component was at the abdomen.
Yes, only a few days had passed, and Tang Wulin had another breastplate. He now had five pieces of battle armor. Although he was still a few pieces short of a complete set, he was getting increasingly closer to that goal.
On the platform, Dai Tianling looked at the stage with confusion. “Why did he let go of his weapons? Didn’t those hammers give him the upper hand?”
En Ci said drily, “Yes, I didn’t expect Tang Wulin to be able to gain the upper hand in terms of strength. I’ve forgotten how long it has been since Long Yue lost to his opponent in terms of strength. However, Tang Wulin was only able to achieve that with the pair of giant hammers and Tang Sect’s Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer after all. Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer and the pair of giant hammers placed a great burden on his body. If he continued to use them, his arms would have been done for. Besides, he himself could no longer control such an immense force.”
“I see.” Dai Tianling was only hit with a sudden realization now.
Elder Cai sat there, wearing a poker face from the beginning until the end. It was as if the current match on the competition stage had absolutely nothing to do with her.
In the waiting area, the team members from both sides were watching this match anxiously. When Long Yue was sent flying by the hammers, Dai Yun’er could not help but shriek. In her heart, Long Yue was undefeatable! But in that instant, her heart was already at her throat.
“Mountains!” On the competition stage, Long Yue shouted again. Lofty mountains rose from the ground.
“Rivers!” Great rivers formed a crisscross network among the mountains. It was like a classical landscape painting.
Tang Wulin felt that amidst these mountains and rivers, he had become insignificant. It was as if he had turned into a grain of dust in the world.
Long Yue disappeared among the mountains and rivers. There was nothing, but endless pressure from all directions.
This place no longer seemed like the competition stage. It now looked like they were in a different world, a world in which Long Yue was the overlord.
Could his soul skills really merge with each other to produce this otherworldly ability?
As Tang Wulin felt fear creep into his heart, the mountains around him started crumbling. Chunks of colossal rocks fell from the skies and crashed down toward him. On the ground, the great Yangtze River surged madly and rolled straight to where he stood.
Even if he knew that all these were only illusions, the immense pressure was not in the least fake. It was so powerful!
He inhaled deeply. The golden light in Tang Wulin’s eyes intensified. Shortly after, a wild roar sounded. A faint shadow suddenly detached itself from his body.
‘Since this is an illusory world, I’ll fight illusion with illusion.’
A huge figure appeared behind Tang Wulin, roaring furiously toward the heavens. It sent out a vibration so strong that the mountains and rivers rippled like water. The lashing force paused, then its huge tail swept sideways and instantly sent the mountain rocks around him flying in all directions.
This was a giant Overlord Dragon that was more than sixty meters in height. As soon as it appeared, it brought with it a pressure that seemed to bear down on the entire world.
Tang Wulin squinted his eyes slightly, and his body flashed with golden light. A golden vine transformed into a dragon. It carried his body and shot into the heavens. As it brought him into the skies, the golden figure increased in size and the continued merging with his bloodline aura. The golden dragon hovered in midair. Loud and sonorous dragon roars sounded. It shook the mountains and rivers so hard that they started crumbling.
Finally, everything turned into bubbles and vanished all around him. The Overlord Dragon and the golden dragon disappeared, along with the mountains and rivers as well.
A purple light flickered within Tang Wulin’s eyes. On the other side, the blood-red glow in Long Yue’s eyes was also extraordinarily bright.
But in the eyes of the audience, the two of them were just standing there as they stared at each other as if nothing had ever happened.
Long Yue had a cultivation base of six rings. Although he was already a Soul Emperor, he still had a long way to go before his power reached the true level of realms. The clash just now was a collision of spirits between the two opponents in which they merged their spiritual powers and their own personal experiences.
Tang Wulin was obviously weaker than Long Yue in his spiritual cultivation base. The Golden Dragon King bloodline suppressed the Mountain Dragon King, and this was what made the collision between their spirits evenly matched!
“Nice!” Long Yue shouted.
“Swamps!” The land turned muddy. This time, it was not illusory. Tang Wulin leaped into the air to evade it, but the swamp surged upward and chased after his body. It was as if it wanted to swallow him within itself.
Tang Wulin dared not slack off. His golden soul rings switched to his four soul rings. Tendrils of Bluesilver Grass were released and lashed at the swamp underneath him. Just like when he was fighting the Devil Soul Great White Sharks in the ocean, he ceaselessly whipped the swamp with his Bluesilver Grass. With blinding speed, he pounced in Long Yue’s direction.
Long Yue snorted. He thrust the double-pointed lance in his hands directly into the ground. He twisted it, and the giant dragon’s illusory shadow appeared behind him again.
His soul skills were more powerful than the previous ones. If it had been any other soul master with a four-ringed cultivation base, he would have already been completely overwhelmed by now, but Tang Wulin’s bloodline was truly unique. It was so unusual that Long Yue was astonished to find that he was unable to suppress him. His soul skills did not have the desired effects on Tang Wulin.
If that had been the case, then he would have crushed him with brute strength.
Tang Wulin was almost upon Long Yue. Bluesilver Grass vines swarmed outward like bees. His fourth soul ring lit up for the Bluesilver Overlord Transformation.
The enormous Overlord Dragon head appeared behind him. Every Bluesilver Grass vine had instantly become as thick as huge dragons. They flew toward Long Yue and coiled around him.
The shocking thing was that Long Yue did not dodge them. He allowed the vines to entangle his body. Tang Wulin’s pair of Golden Dragon Claws also arrived in the next moment and struck toward his chest.