The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 683 - The Horror

Chapter 683: The Horror

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“Unmovable as the Mountain!” Long Yue roared aloud. His entire person suddenly turned lofty.
Tang Wulin’s pair of Golden Dragon Claws clawed into his back, yet it felt like he was grabbing onto an enormous mountain. Although there were stone chips scattering everywhere, he could feel excruciating pain pulsing through his arms, and the intense reaction blew Tang Wulin away.
Tang Wulin felt horrified in his heart. Based on his experience, he immediately understood what happened. The so-called Unmovable as the Mountain was the product of Long Yue fusing himself with his first soul skill, Mountain.
Could this be done? It seemed soul skills could be used in such a manner. The Mountain could be used on the outside, but also on the inside. He was the mountain, Unmovable like the Mountain!
“Surge as the River!” Long Yue moved just then. The mountain grew larger, pushing away the Bluesilver Emperor vines. His right fist suddenly flung forward with a ball of piercing blue radiance. Long Yue seemed to have turned into a great surging river and slid out of Tang Wulin’s grasp.
The terrifying force charged nine times against Tang Wulin’s body. Tang Wulin could only summon the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens in a desperate attempt to withstand Long Yue’s barrage.
Despite his efforts, the force was truly too powerful, like the mighty torrent that crashed against the shore. Tang Wulin’s battle was emitting golden light with streams of starlight coiling around, yet the terrifying force of the impact still blew him away.
Fresh blood poured out from Tang Wulin’s mouth. He felt as if his body had been smashed into smithereens, and his internal organs were being tossed and turned about. He feared that without the battle armor’s protection, one blow would have been enough to end the fight.
Long Yue was too powerful! He was crushing Tang Wulin with his cultivation base alone. He had a six-ringed Soul Emperor’s cultivation base in addition to his powerful Mountain Dragon King martial soul. Was Tang Wulin completely helpless against his attacks?
Tang Wulin took a deep breath, and, with great effort, he aroused his bloodline’s aura to keep himself from falling to the ground.
Long Yue swayed his body. In the next moment, he had vanished in a ghastly manner. His entire person seemed to have fused into the ground.
Soon after, a pillar of dark brown mud surged out from below. It engulfed Tang Wulin’s body like a muddy geyser without warning.
Tang Wulin could only release vines of Bluesilver Grass to guard the area surrounding his body, but the muddy swamp’s power was pulling him in.
His bloodline source was powerful, but the huge disparity between his cultivation base and Long Yue’s was quite apparent.
Of course, Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King Bloodline was more powerful than the Mountain Dragon King Bloodline, but he did not possess the whole Golden Dragon King Bloodline. He had only broken five seals up to this day. Thus, he could only bring his imposing manner to Long Yue, but not substantial compelling force.
The terrifying attack produced from Long Yue’s own body fused with his soul skill was already similar to a soul master’s martial soul avatar. In fact, his was even more powerful than that. The Mountain Dragon King’s ability was vividly displayed by him.
He was completely surrounded by the mud. Tang Wulin released his soul skills one by one in an attempt to struggle free, but the horrible mud was suffocating him in darkness.
This was truly too horrendous. He could finally sense the enormous disparity of their cultivation bases. If he had six soul rings, six soul skills and had broken through even more Golden Dragon King Seals, perhaps he could really compete against Long Yue with his natural endowments. It was too late for that right now.
Just like how everybody else had determined, at the age of twenty Long Yue was almost peerless among humans.
“Boom!” The tornado-like swamp dropped from the sky and slammed ferociously onto the ground, pinning Tang Wulin down. Great blasts of mud pressed him onto the spot.
Soon after, a mountain suddenly bored out from below and pushed his body up. He was raised to the top of the protective shield at two hundred meters high.
Long Yue’s figure was revealed. The mountain and mud had all disappeared while Tang Wulin’s body dropped down from the sky like a stone.
That was an altitude of two hundred meters! Long Yue’s huge tail broke out and lashed onto Tang Wulin’s body just as he was about to arrive on the ground surface. He was hit so hard that he was catapulted skyward and crashed into the protective shield before he fell back onto the ground.
It all happened within a few short seconds. The entire process had utterly no transition from the moment Long Yue started fusing his soul skill with his body until Tang Wulin was completely engulfed.
Tang Wulin was completely overwhelmed such that he did not even stand any chance against Long Yue who started the attacks with all his power.
It was truly terrifying!
These were the words that were most suitable to describe Long Yue. Even the Star Luo Empire’s common people could not help gasping in fear after witnessing such a battle scene.
This was definitely not something that could be achieved by an ordinary person! The red glow in Long Yue’s eyes was turning brighter with time while the wild aura was beginning to burst out from his body.
Usually, He had rarely devoted all his effort to a fight. Not that he was reluctant, but he found it very difficult for him to control his emotion once he had entered the state of focusing all his power for battle.
It was just like the catastrophe that was unleashed when the Mountain Dragon King’s oppressed emotion burst out.
Hence, the Long Yue who usually appeared easy going was in reality, Madman Long. He was the person who would sink into madness when he devoted all his strength to launch his power.
Even the most formidable would have some kind of issue. The world was supposed to be balanced. Long Yue was strong but he also had this tremendous problem at the same time.
It was Tang Wulin who was about to face this problem of his at this exact moment.
His internal organs were burning and all of his bones seemed to have broken in half, but Tang Wulin still remained conscious. The intense agony made him clearly sense the surging of blood in his body. He turned over with great effort and slowly got up with his arms outstretched to support his body.
‘I haven’t lost; I haven’t lost yet!’ The idea sustained his body while a tinge of blood color made its way into his eyes.
Then, he saw an enormous figure was walking in his direction.
It was Long Yue, his body now filled with ferocity.
Tang Wulin raised his head and looked up at Long Yue. His gaze was indomitable and determined.
He relied on not only his power but also his companions’ help in order to come as far as he had. Ye Xinglan gave up her own match at all costs in order to ensure that he could become more powerful to resist Long Yue. She devoted all her effort to help him forge battle armor. Otherwise, how could he have three more pieces of battle armor in such a short period of time?
Yuanen Yehui took the initiative to give up on the match between Tang Wulin and herself, so she could give him the opportunity to fight Long Yue.
He held his companions’ hope and the honor of Shrek Academy in his hands. How could he allow himself to lose?
The intense fighting spirit aroused Tang Wulin’s body. He flung out his hands abruptly as he focused all his strength into his right Golden Dragon Claw.
Five streams of golden lights cut through the sky and had already slashed straight into Long Yue who was standing in front of him.
‘He can still attack?’
Everyone on the audience platform was shocked by witnessing the scene. ‘What sort of willpower was this?! How could he still attack after suffering from such severe injuries?’
“Oh no!” On the spectator stand, En Ci’s expression changed.
He understood his disciple all too well. The series of flare-ups earlier had already triggered Long Yue’s feral nature. After so many years of continuous cultivation, Long Yue had been attempting to maintain his emotions with great effort so that he did not lose control.
The red color in his eyes had already started fading away when he was walking toward Tang Wulin. This signified that he had already got his emotions in check. He should be able to exercise control over himself as long as Tang Wulin accepted his defeat or stopped resisting.
However, En Ci had never expected that Tang Wulin, to still be able to launch an attack under such circumstances after being so severely injured, what more such a powerful technique.
Long Yue raised his right leg almost subconsciously, using it to block the Golden Dragon Claw.
Five streams of dark golden light sliced five deep cuts onto his knee. His hulking ten-meter tall body shook involuntarily. The intense agony made Long Yue roar in rage. Then, in front of the entire enraptured audience, he raised his massive right leg of his to stomp onto Tang Wulin.
En Ci could have dashed outside immediately when he realized that something bad was about to happen, but instead he hesitated for a moment.
Tang Wulin came from Shrek Academy. There was no doubt that he was the most powerful student in the age group of fifteen years old. Moreover, En Ci could tell from his previous battles that his bloodline power was even capable of producing some suppressing effect on Long Yue. Under such circumstances, he would undoubtedly become a huge threat in the future if he were to grow. He could even possibly become just like that person and suppress the entire Star Luo Empire’s soul masters’ world.
Should this kind of person truly be allowed to exist in this world?
Thus, En Ci hesitated. In the end, he did not do anything to stop Long Yue. Thus, Long Yue’s went ahead and stomped onto Tang Wulin’s body.